World of Warships – More Fun – Fushun

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The fushun was the most fun I have had so far in the pan asian line.

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  1. Always enjoyed the Fushun, a great little seal clubber! However, the Gadjah Madha at T7 is even better.

    • I love the Gadjah as well. When I finally get YY, I plan to train up another captain to keep the Gadjah up and running. Definitely a fun ship!

  2. Hey Quicksilver. On my Harekaze should I get survive or torpedo reload first. Doing my own captain. Can’t handle Japanese girls yelling in my ear all the time. Plus I hate anime…

    • thebes56 I would go for the health and get the 100mm gun setup. Makes you a decent gunboat that can put most other DDs out of their misery. Though that might be because I just love the Akizuki XD

  3. conversation about low damage kraken: I managed one with just over 20k somehow. Anyone under 20k?

  4. It was quite fun playing this line, I’m currently at the hsienyang, and I’m having some troubles with her

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