World of Warships – More Nevsky more balans

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Here is another game where I didn’t with smoke-bot tactic and just duked it out with while staying in the open. my team on the other hand, had other plans but I’m showing you this match because of the ship and its capabilities, not because of win or lose.

Enjoy and have watching 😉

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  1. so when are these flavour of the month ships being released?

  2. Nguyen Johnathan

    Everyone screeching Op ship, Moskva got outbalans’d by midget Stalingrad.

    • Moskva is still OP. Stalingrad and the rest are just more OP since they are new ships, therefore they need to be better any every aspect than any previously existing ship.

    • @19Crusader91 Moskva is far from being op, she is absolutely okay as she is. She turns like a brick and does not take sustained fire well, the only thing se can do is tank for a while, but she has a very vulnerable HUGE citadel and an awful spotting range. She can easily be caught offguard. Quite honestly the only ship right now, that is really OP is the Smolensk. Nothing compares to that bullshit

    • @Gulaschiltis and 4 out of 12 people aim at you instead of ur teammates

    • Think that’s OP, have a look at Petropavlovsk

    • Nguyen Johnathan

      @mierzhen the “Midget Stalingrad” is Petropavlovsk (long short story is heavy cruiser variant of Stalingrad).

  3. Don’t worry they’ll nerf its AA HP by 10%

    • Sack Maggie but have you played chappy? That thing is a one shot waiting to happen. Same thing with schors. They die so easily you’d think you’re in a t7 or 8 omaha

    • @Big Boy Moskwa isnt nearly OP.
      Its a great ship with solid damage output, great frontal amor and a nice radar.
      But if u use 2 braincells more than normally its easy to outplay.

      Even a Stalingrad isnt OP against some ships.

    • Till Vater that’s exactly what I said. Moskva can be HE spammed to death easily and has a massive easy to hit citadel. It also has a very low dpm compared to some other t10 cruisers

    • @Big Boy Yeah sry didn’t mean you. Dzello is the bot here. 🙂

    • Till Vater lol

  4. 5:52 (chat and kill report) Ahhhhhhh, so many good memories of fun and engaging gaming experience at 2 or 3 min of the start of the game … I’m sarcastic here.

  5. As long as her concealment is under 40, she is not valanced at all

  6. Slawomir Chmielewski

    WG lied about this ship big time. They gave it 180mm guns to call it a light cruiser and excuse the high DPM, but those guns have range, ballistics and AP pen better than most 203s.

  7. I’m just waiting for the inevitable Soviet premium tier 8 carrier. Probably will have jets with antiship missiles.

  8. Being stuck with the Dimitri Donskoy right now, I feel slightly powercrept…

  9. Flamb: “stay alive, you are our only bb”
    Monkey: *proceeds to yolo*

  10. 13k damage no planes shot down? Yep working as intended 🙄

    Carriers in clan battles are going to be fun and engaging…

  11. you know the state of Russian ships is in a bad spot when youre able to justify the balance because it isnt completely broken OP

  12. Shouldn’t this game now be renamed World of Overpowered russian fictional warships? Not as catchy, I know, but more accurate I think you’ll agree?

  13. Le Chevalier Errant

    I think I get it guys, these russian op ships are this year’s April’s fools joke. Hahahaha.

    Right WG?

    (Sweats nervously)

  14. 2.7 million potential damage. That’s battleship numbers lol

    GG WG 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. “The only thing thats light about it is the gun caliber” Thats literally what a cruiser type is defined by though. Donskoi is gigantic, its still a light cruiser. Ijn cruisers are paper and low hp and maneuverable but theyre still heavy cruisers because of their gun caliber.

    • Manik Samaraweera

      Speaking about gun caliber, it seems WG has a different idea to navies how to class ships as light or heavy based on gun caliber, as normally, if WG was following the naval treaty rules, then all ships with guns bigger than 155mm would be classified as heavy cruisers, while for WG, its any ship with 190mm guns or more.

    • @Connor Piper Yeah and almost as much HP as the Zao, it and Furutaka are outliers of the line.

    • @e115x525 Zao also has great armor.

    • @Connor Piper Zao has paper armor that you either eat nothing but overpens or citadels with.

    • @e115x525 The citadel is a good design that tends to bounce waterline shells. Plus with rudder shift the HP is enough.

  16. The gun caliber is literally the only difference between a light and heavy cruiser though 🤷‍♂️

  17. Piyapol Phetmunee

    WG just invented a new class of cruisers: Medium Cruisers. This is to follow in the footsteps of World of Tanks with Russia having best Medium vehicles.

  18. that is prob the tankiest light cruiser I’ve ever seen

  19. Well the Russian Navy has always been worthless in real life so it makes sense to make it OP in a game. Its about the fantasy factor.

  20. My hype transfer to Manfred Richthofen…
    80mm penetrating AP Rockets! ^^
    RIP Cruisers!

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