World of Warships – More Shots, Mogami! Smaller Guns Only!

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World of Warships Mogami Japanese Cruiser – Fast Firing!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Man I really want a replay function for this game.

  2. slick thinks hes black

  3. キャー!最上サァーン! 艦迷彩かっこいいなぁ〜

  4. Learn to fucking target cunt

  5. dam fle

  6. Chase Salas (Loyaldk)

    How do you record your video’s? What program? What settings? and how much
    FPS do you lose also what is your GPU and CPU. I realize that is a lot of
    questions but i’m trying to optimize my recordings. UHD is retarded to run
    and record is even worse.

  7. People be hating my St. Louis. They see it and they’re like.. Aye I’m going
    to shoot that thing. Stop wrecking my pimped out ride.

  8. Why no Enterprise Baron? I thought you were magic!!

  9. slick: “He’s literally shitting his dick.” LOOOOL. Good thing I wasn’t
    drinking anything at the time, otherwise my monitor would’ve been covered
    in it.

  10. Pls someone take out the Amagi!!!!!!!

  11. Slick’s rapping is painful

  12. That generaldort kid in chat is a such a little baby. I devastating striked
    him in my Yamato when he as in an Iowa and he proceeded to send immature
    hate messages on how much he is “better than me” in the WoW DMs lol. Saw
    him teamkill a few people on his team before as well.

  13. Heads up: High suburban white kids trying to rap in this vid..


  15. How do you/does he have the nameplates from when you press alt permanently

  16. Really dude… how long have you been playing this game. My highest ship is
    a tier 4 and I know you have to lock on the ship before shooting them. You
    could’ve had a lot more shots on target had you actually locked onto the
    ship you were shooting at.

  17. gearing class

  18. SlickBee should really start rapping xD

  19. Baron you phly and slickbee should do an f4u-1c in rb because there are no
    vids on it

  20. The Alaska when it comes…..12″/50’s

  21. Listening to you guys murder the Fresh Prince intro was painful.

  22. you fired short because it was the Atago that was targeted, wows is stupid
    in that way

  23. Joe Dessert (Dezertay)

    Baron you have to target him

  24. barons crew was drunk.. they forgot how to range targets

  25. why do they give a press account to someone who doesnt know to target the
    enemy before shooting?

  26. Baron pls play csgo

  27. “loading ap”
    loads he right afterwards
    were you trying to pretend you weren’t HE spamming?

  28. Derrick Ng (A Banana)


  29. you fags gotts stop with the drake shit jesus christ, you arent 13.

  30. wanna be a firestarter? Play the Sherman tank. The Germans nickname for it
    was the Ronson after the Ronson lighter because they started on fire

  31. Play the Zao next please. :)

  32. What ship should I sail out next?

  33. hahahahahahahaha “shoot the guns!!”

  34. Just got my Mogami after taking Phly’s advice and getting the Murmansk to
    farm XP and credits; love the thing!

  35. you guys should be rappers, screw being a youtuber!

  36. hey Baron, I am wondering how you would do in a Lolorado (or….Colorado
    for actual name)

    I personally free xp’ed past that ship because of all the horrible things
    about it~ but I wanna see you play it just so I can see you suffer
    kekekekekeke (but more to see how bad the dispersion is…)

  37. One of my friends hot hit by a car today im here to say be safe when
    crossing a road

  38. Please, Baron, could you make another dual vlog together with Phly? Like
    if you agree.

  39. Please start doing tanks again baron

  40. Baron v 10, now they have a chance

  41. อัญชลี สุวรรณ

    St. Louis

  42. Baron! More vids. More vids.

  43. That was quite a shit gameplay there. Not honourableuuu. Bring dishonour to
    the famiri!

  44. is this pre patch?

  45. Should have made a smokey the bear reference

  46. I am so close to start a petition to stop slick from singing/rapping^^

  47. Worst rappers ever……ever

  48. 8:20 House burns down from Phly’s hot bars

  49. Baron, what do you use to record/edit your videos?

  50. do a cariers squad

  51. Why always forgot lock the target?(x key)

  52. Why always forgot lock the target?(x key)

  53. Baron, when you have a ship targeted, and the you try shooting another ship
    without targeting it, the game will automatically try and make your shells
    go closer to the one you targeted, which is why you couldnt hit that New

  54. What a minute, you sound just like DevilDogGamer, ninja channel?

  55. Everyone who’s asking about the Tirpitz obviously didn’t listen to the
    entire video.

  56. Baron make a video with TF2

  57. Baron have you heard that because the Cleveland is overpowered for its
    tier, the Cleveland is getting moved up to tier 7 while the Pensacola is
    moving down to tier 6

  58. Aye Baron! Play that SBD3 i just killed some P51 with it!!!

  59. USE AP (!!!!) in the Mogami… then it is OP as fuck!

  60. shots HE at atago which shows his completee! cant do better ?

  61. love that hydo search lol

  62. +BaronVonGames Did I get a Tirpitz?

  63. that game went BAD!
    seriously, I mean, by the end it was just baron against 5 other dudes. If
    he wasn’t killed, they would just get the max points by the end of the

  64. Hector Garcia (hecdudegaming)

    FIRST yayayaya

  65. does anybody know when will baron give the tirpitzs and the marbleheads to
    the winners it has been like a week

  66. still shooting at targets that aren’t locked. Have you not learnt yet!

  67. another great video bro

  68. Sergio Figueiras Pose

    did i win the tirpitz baron, give it to me for the first comment plz

  69. I am first like

  70. Wall “op'nWalrusRiderGa” ming

    Do you like cheese?

  71. fuck whoever wanted to say first

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