World of Warships- More Submarine Changes & Hotwheels

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Hey guys! Today we talk about a few more sub changes, Rogue Wave event, and Hotwheels, enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. The one change to subs that I would like to see is to have them appear only in their own operations.

  2. Subs can fall off the planet and they would not be missed. Hot Wheels event I will not go for.

  3. Savage battles will be renamed “Battle for Kiev”. I for one refuse to play WoW’s at the minute.

  4. NGL that Gneisenau and Hill looks sick

  5. man….
    if they put hotwheels themed camo on a ships, they should had put it on Fast DDs like Marceau, Kleber, Paolo

    because it match with their speed XD

  6. Ngl the new Gnenisenau skin looks like it just left FlavorTown-

  7. Missed opportunity to call the collab Hot Keels

  8. How did the Moskva not give you a dev strike

  9. I hope they do more than just three Hot Wheels camos (as well as Transformer camos). There are so many ships in the game right now the chance of one of your ‘main’ ships getting a camo is slim. Not to mention at $20 or more for a camo it really better be one you play a lot.

  10. Hello! I have watched some of your videos on some premium ships new players can purchase. I am currently around tier 6-7, and i want to get either a carrier or a battleship to play with, currently have an anniversary coupon that gives 30% discount. What should i get? Im looking at the Prinz Eugen or the Kaga rn. Any recommendations will be appreciated!

    • I just acquired my 500th ship and have nearly all of the carriers but, I am not really a fan of CVs. However, as far as premium T6-7 BBs go, I’d say Hyuga is probably the best. That’s just my opinion though. It all depends on what you like. Scharnhorst is fun too. Florida is a long range sniper BB that can be a lot of fun for someone who prefers that type of gameplay.

  11. I just want depth charge detonation area after deployment. Like vampire for example shoots it into the sky and bybthe time my second charge of depth charge is dropped in my mogador, the first one starts detonating.

  12. I like Fibuki and hill’s camo

  13. Not that I agree with the function, but essentially they’re doing the same code used for aircraft altitude, only in a negative direction at a fraction of the distance. After all, you have no control over flight level of your attacking aircraft, either.

  14. damn gneisenau camo looks rad and hill too

  15. Its not testing if you put them in the main game mode on the live server wargaming

  16. 4.13
    That moskva human shielding SLM like a chad

  17. ooo those are some NICE camos.

  18. Still don’t know what the damage radius is for a depth charge. How close do you have to be to hit a submarine with one? Why doesn’t Okhotnik have depth charges?

  19. I needed a break from this game, but now with belarus attacking Ukraine I uninstalled.

    doesn’t mean jack to anyone, but, I feel like its all I can do to not support Belarussin products and donate to the Ukrainian army.

    Love your content man, and I hope to be back watching your vids again soon!

  20. I’m looking forward to subs ,wg seems to be trying to make game play fair. .

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