World of Warships – Moskva – 3 Kills – 236K Damage

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  1. Russian Warships in a Nutshell:

    Khabarovsk = Light Cruiser
    Moskva = Light Battlecruiser

    Now I wonder what the BB line will be like, I can’t find too much
    information of Russian BBs. It would seem from that they never
    built a BB gun larger than 15″ IIRC …

    Zao guns were made, the ship was not by the time the war ended. And it was
    actually THOSE ultra high powered 203mm Zao guns that made US Naval
    Architects design the Alaska Class Battlecruiser, as they wanted to build a
    similar cruiser, one that could conduct independent operations as it was
    armed heavily enough to deal with pretty much everything on the ocean!

    The Hindenburg was NEVER even designed, same with the coming tier 10 German
    BB – but the guns were, and the Roon was actually designed with triple
    203mm turrets, but never built.

    So, I wonder if there ever WILL be a full Russian BB line, most of the
    designs I could find were WWI, the Imparitor Nikolai seems to be the most
    advanced BB design I could find, but the “Iron Curtain” does indeed make it
    hard to know exactly what they were working on or planning .

    WG has access to such information obviously, so it should be surprising
    what they find – IF there is even enough to find to make a full line…

    But then most people doubted there could be even a full Russian DD line!

  2. 5K AP salvos on a Yamato that is 16km Away? I WANT!!!

  3. Moskva HE is pretty damned good! definitely second best HE after Zao! And
    Second best AP damage – Though it seems to have a LOT more penetration than
    the German 203s on the Hindenburg.

  4. tier

  5. cruiser repair? que tiver?

  6. BIA World of Warships

    Thanks for using our video for the 2nd time sir 🙂 have a great day!

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