World of Warships – Moskva by wha2les

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Moskva by wha2les on North fights around the west side of the map. Long range work against some enemy battleships and cruiser. wha2les moves toward the center and engages enemy destroyers, he then continues to the eastern side of the map. The map moves into storm mode and wha2les gets some battleships to escort his vessel. They make a attack on the enemy base and encounter the last remaining enemies. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Cruiser Moskva Replay


  1. nacho426hemicuda

    CS:GO players would go nuts over his use of the minimap, well thankfully
    its just a game, and hopefully we can all learn more from defeat than

  2. Sick replay man. I’ll have my Moskva in a day. Can’t wait!

  3. こんばんは~^^ノ 素晴らしです。 参考にさせて頂きます^^v

  4. if he would have used the correct ammo he could have racked in a lot more
    damage. well played game but an annoying one,lol.

  5. OldSchool Gaming

    Is the secondarys so strong on the Moskva or is he really rockin the
    secondary build? It kind of felt like a derp game even tho he got great
    results. But he made alot of mistakes.

  6. wow, that was one of luckies game i watch. i never saw 4 close quarter
    badge in one game… if only he didn’t took damage from those random
    torpedoes, then he can easily have won the match….

  7. You’d think someone who’s grinded to tier ten would know how to select the
    right ammo type. If he’d preloaded AP and got the Mogami before he could
    launch torps and thus saved the Tirpitz and probably won the game.

  8. Of course, glorious Russian secondary crews are guided by Stalin himself
    and would never miss, unlike those drunk capitalist crews. ;)

  9. Why did he lose ??? Because he hade 2 noobs BB .The BB did not enof for the
    team.. They Sucked bad…

  10. I usually enjoy these random replays, but this player, oh God, where to
    start? – He plays utter shite. He doesn’t angle properly, he’s not paying
    attention to minimap, he obviously doesn’t know how the Moskva handles,
    considering his 3 torp broadside action early on in the game. Also his
    ammunition type usage. Oh God.
    He got carried hard by his team and still managed to lose the game. Wp!

  11. This is absolutely tragedy… I would have smashed my keyboard if the same
    ending happened to me….. I dont even know why he turned his head to the
    right when the enemy happened to be in the left….Everyone knew the last
    visible position of that Fubuki was in wha2les’s left, because the Fubuki
    was shooting him from the left before she disappeared…LOL….

  12. It is my understanding is that, if you aren’t detected when you fire, the
    bloom immediately recedes, and, thus, you can infer that you weren’t
    spotted even if you don’t have situational awareness.

    This also means that, if you aren’t spotted when you fire, you don’t get
    the bloom, even if an enemy ship pops out only two or three seconds later.
    This is a change from the prior situation, where you had the larger
    visibility range whenever you fired.

  13. MeKanism Lastname

    Can we use the replay email to ask questions?

  14. Kill stealing secondaries LOL

  15. If it wouldn’t have been for the friendly fire… :D

  16. Tried to send you a 311k replay with my NC but got no reply, oh well.. you
    can find it here though!

  17. all those kills are all luck xD

  18. jared angel nolasco angeles

    helppp ayuda despues de la actualizacion, el juego cuando lo habro
    y despues de pulsar cualquier cosa ( como un barco o ver la rama de
    naciones) la ventana del juego se pone en negro y ya no me responde que
    hagooo helpp

  19. Callum Nickless

    Is this ship bigger than a battleships as in size?

  20. Im happy he lost. His play style sucks. Ive played with him a number of
    times, never been impressed with him.

  21. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh jesus christ. I play my heart out and get 4 kills at most, yet a guy who
    plays like that gets a t10 and gets 6 kills. Grr!
    Well, at least the #fubukiwuki survived! Fubukiwuki stronk! :P

  22. Definitely a good effort and such a close loss.

  23. I really enjoy wathing your videos.
    A lot more than the bigger youtubers.Came to this channel by a little
    mistake but here i have learned a lot.I like the start where you show the
    skills etc and why you use them.That has helped me a lot.
    And you allways usually try to find something positive about things going
    wrong so its nice to watch even it is a loss:)

    Question:Myoko 13 captain points.What skills would you get with your
    (The last myoko video was so old so i have to ask)

  24. Des Moines has extreme rate of fire btw

  25. Do you accept replays with battle lost?

  26. Marttt1nek Is Here

    Entertaining game, but a lack of tactical skill on the wha2les’ part.

  27. clown fiesta

  28. seeing this guys skill level has made me really salty. like getting mag’d
    within the first 30 secs salty.

  29. Where can u find such noob like this North Carolina in the end?

  30. this replay was not impressive to me at all.. the kraken was all from luck.
    Bad aiming too :(

  31. how old are you notser?

  32. I don’t think he could have avoided the Torps at 4:30 by speeding through

  33. He had a good game but that fail squad on his team also gave the other team
    a 3 ship advantage just by virtue of the fact that at least 3 of his guys
    don’t know the difference between 7 and 8 and their scores reflected that.
    I’m sure I will catch grief for saying it but any time you mix tiers it is
    a fail squad if any one the ships is below tier 8.

  34. 1) i’m a moskva player too
    2) this guy in the video is just a noob with luck
    3) dont stay at distance to snipe battleships it will only go worse than
    you think , play it like a des moines and push only when you are sure you
    have support
    4) if at 2 km you dont know how to citadel a carolina then dont play at
    tier 10
    5) learn to switch ammo types when needed

  35. Giancarlo Gavotto

    Hey Notser i was wondering if you would be willing to go into battle with
    me in WoW
    let me know if you have the time. If not than that is okay i know how busy
    you can get with the awesome and extremely helpful videos you upload. Let
    me know either way thanks. Keep up the amazing work, oh and by the way your
    aim video really helped me out im still trying to figure it out 100% but im
    starting to rack up citadels lol
    if anyone else would like to team up with me in Wow leave a comment I enjoy
    meeting new players and am always looking for a squad mate. thanks all.
    happy hunting

  36. Daniel Jakubčík

    that was one bad player

  37. pinkyandbrain123

    Although a great play to watch the player got strongly supported by the
    fires his secondaries were starting.

  38. my Yammy secondary build cant even get 2 close quarters a match.

  39. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    Frankly. He’s lucky to have lasted to the end.

  40. That Fubuki has to be feeling good at the end of that game.

  41. Was that the Tier 7 Yorck in a Tier 10 game?

  42. Yamato secondary build?

  43. When you fire the detectability goes up, but if no one spot you after 3 sec
    of you firing with the larger detection circle, then the detection drops
    back to normal. Just try firing at the start of a match when no one sees
    each other and you’ll get what i mean (not in a yamato or something where
    basically ppl can see you 30 km across the map that’ll not work…)

  44. 5:28 yes in the patch notes it said that if you fire without anybody seeing
    it, you will not be spotted once you become visible again. Seems kinda
    logical, surprised it wasn’t like this from the start

  45. To sum it up, a rather bad game because of bad skill shown here. Such a
    game happens maybe all 20 to 30 games or so and the success is verified by
    pure luck. I am not happy with this game at all, but thank you for sharing

  46. wtf wha2les so unlucky with luck 😉
    great Job nice replay

  47. Not a bad game… but that was a MASSIVE choke at the end. That was HIS
    game to win with the Fubuki spotted. Not to mention taking 3 torpedoes
    early on in the game.

  48. The thing about ship detectability, your first statement is correct, it was
    introduces some time ago: if the enemy doesn’t have line of sight on you at
    the time you shoot, you won’t get any detectability increase when you fire
    your guns. From patch notes 0.5.5: “Now, the multiplier factor is not
    applied to the ship’s detectability range for 20 seconds after a shot from
    the main battery is fired, if at the moment of the shot the ship cannot be
    detected by the enemy, even with the potential detectability range increase
    being applied.”

  49. if nobody has seen your muzzle flashes when you fire ( as in being behind
    an island ) your detectability won’t bloom … I think it was introduced in

  50. where you can put the aa-range for the minimap on?

  51. 18:46 Wow, I knew they buffed the surface range of the Moskva’s 130mm DP
    guns, but I didn’t know they were THAT DEADLY!

    I mean, supposing he has not gone for manual secondary control anyway, it
    would seem that the Moskva had VERY accurate and damaging secondaries!

    They do have a higher shell velocity than the 130mm guns on the Khabarovsk
    (Khabarovsk has 900 meters/sec and IIRC Moskva’s secondaries have 950
    meters/sec) – I wonder if they ever fire AP, or if it is only HE?

  52. not a fan of this weather I have lost games just because we could not see
    each other

  53. Ádám Bereczki

    Dont know guys, it seems he hadn’t got the skill, but the luck. Or has the
    skill but still uncomfortable with that ship. Either of that, those torps
    shouldnt hit early game. Impressive match btw.

  54. Damn that ending. *Plays Adele’s Rolling in the Deep* We could have had it

  55. Damnit, whales!

  56. To those watching: Try playing this Video as background music on top of
    Notser’s commentary… Its really entertaining

  57. what a lazy ass kraken lol. Not caring about the right ammo, mini map etc.
    The team carried his ass through the match allthough the 4 cits salvo on
    iowa was very nicely done. You could just hear even the allways polite
    Notser grinding his teeth :)

  58. 1:05 Yeah, well what happened to your Press Account, NOTSER? That is why I
    requested it! I wanted to hear what you thought of the ship after several
    games in it on your press account!

    Oh well, this is the next best thing…

  59. Cornichon Privé

    its works like when you fire your guns ,your detection does increase but if
    no one is present to spot you at that detection ring then you revert back
    to your original detection. when you fire over mountains or invisi-fire
    your detection debuff reverts back since no one spotted you firing but if
    you were spotted the detection debuff stays for like 25 seconds.

  60. Did everything wrong and luck gave him the kills…


  62. …that waterline shot at 11:59 – wish he hadn’t zoomed out so quickly…
    he seemed to be aiming well below the waterline, much lower than one might
    normally aim… I’m thinking dispersion put a round in the right place?

  63. wow that is amazing, i would be a salty SOB after that on.
    great game.

  64. Simon De Meester

    He made some dubious ammo choices,and I think he panicks sometimes, he
    always pressed the defensive AA button when trying to repair. Nevertheless,
    it almost worked out for him. Monster of a game, such a shame it’s a loss.
    Keep up the great work Notser!

  65. sooooo close!!

  66. Aidan Hutchison

    Yooo that was me in the mogami, cool!

  67. Hey quick question.. at 15:23 ish, How did you know what cal. of gun the
    enemy Mogami was running?

  68. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The great Moscow! Laser guns with amazing HE and AP!! Buuut i dont like the
    tree so im going to the sneakier Hindenburg

  69. Not first!

  70. Eating Flashbang

    Playing russian cruisers is something I dont really understand.

  71. Hey – my first ever

    Watch while I play 🙂 I know I shouldnt’ but those wait times…

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