World of Warships – Moskva Preview

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Moskva on North moves to attack at long range near the 7 and 8 line. We have great velocity to hit targets all the way out to 19 km, for the first few minutes we can just rack up damage. The game slowly goes against our team, I give ground to both protect the carrier and attack any destroyers going for it. We fight off all the enemies as they approach the base. Unfortunately, we can’t fight them all off. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Cruiser Moskva Replay


  1. Yep, nothing worse than playing a high tier game with a team too afraid of
    failure. Especially when no one communicates. Maybe one of these days
    wargaming will open up the public test server before the release. I would
    love to test these before doing all the grinding to get them on the NA

  2. Brian Lock (神通)

    Current tier 10 Ca, which one do the CA job best?

  3. Brian Lock (神通)

    why not rush shimakaze

  4. TheGameFilmGuruMan

    Man, that quad cit on the Yamato, though. I was in that game 🙂 Also,
    Moskva is irritating to try and kill with Khabob, as we both discovered.

  5. Not surprising that someone on the team actually has to tell the CV player
    – in a Tier X match, no less – to pay attention to the situation and use
    it’s aircraft for scouting an imminent threat to the east so that it can be
    dealt with.

    I don’t mean to sound insensitive or callous or anything, but I don’t like
    CV players at all in this game. I know there are some good ones out there
    that know what they are doing, and kudos to them, but they are very few and
    far between. The rest are utterly clueless and it shows. More than anyone
    else they are a liability to the team.

    Carriers – and to an extent, battleships – seem to appeal to the worst

  6. I think that one of the big reasons that ships in tier 10 games are
    hesitant is because of the ridiculously high repair costs and the fear of
    not being able to break even in many cases. I know that this is deliberate
    on WG’s part to keep the population in lower tiers full, but lower repair
    costs might help to fix how people play in high tier games. If people
    wouldn’t have to worry much about high repair costs, then playing passively
    would not be as much of a problem for players.

  7. Hey, Notser. In your opinion is it worth getting the Artillery Plotting
    Room Modification 2 on the Iowa, or is it better to get the AA Gun
    Modification 3?

  8. Not easy to play this russian pride. However, i like the German no armor
    cruisers so i will also level the Russians.

  9. mockba sux dick

  10. The most ironic part is this vid is one guy from enemy team call that
    r_basaraba good player lmao, while as a shimakaze he never scout nor used
    his guns to fight dds. Average players just don’t understand. For those who
    complain about repair cost, first the high repair cost is part of the
    ingame economy, aiming to keep mid tier populated. Second high repair cost
    is not an excuse for passive bad gameplay. We all know that “passive play”
    or idiotism lead to defeats, and a defeats not only cost ur credit and draw
    ur wr and avg damage KD down. Any intelligent person should understand
    rather have boring tierIX tierX games all the time, the combination of a
    few hardcore high tier and relax credit farming mid -tier games is better
    experience. In fact if someone is going to grind multiple lines at same
    time, it’s inevitable to farm credit at mid-tier.

  11. Holy crap that opening clip shows us just how fucking awful the Montana is.
    But more so the tier 10 meta is broken because the destroyers. Invisible
    tanks was a shitty mechanic in WoT, so much so that they have actively
    started to reduce just how well tanks can hide, and yet some how they added
    invisible ships into this game thinking that was a good idea? But wait!
    I;ve got it, lets also make their primary munitions invisible too, and
    capable of erasing a ship in a single salvo! Meanwhile cruiser and
    battleship guns which can shoot out to over 15km have visible muzzle
    flashes despite that fact it would actually be beyond the horizon!
    Nevermind the fact that destoryers can stay invisible up to 5.9km which
    would be well inside the effective range of anyone with a battle rifle and
    an eyeball. Strong game mechanics are strong! The game is shit and the
    quickly dropping population reveals just how terrible yet another World of
    title actually is.

  12. unlucky getting stuck in game with wows chickens gg notser m8

  13. HEY NETSER love your work . i have a request can you make an amagi build
    video plz it will be super tnx mate and keep the good work.

  14. The issue is, again, with Wargaming’s profit model heavily punishing
    players for taking damage the further you go up tiers. While it is *not*
    supposed to do this — merely encourage players to buy premium accounts to
    constantly run Tier 10 ships without losing credits — it’s just
    reinforcing passive play.

    I don’t think even with premium accounts you can break even sometimes in
    Tier 10 matches.

  15. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to to play game after game with
    possible the WORST teams I’ve ever seen. I can’t do anything without a good
    team. The cruisers are terrible, they don’t kill the DD’s so i end up dying
    to them, and the Battleships, just try to snipe. The DD’s are the most
    competent out of all of them. Its really putting a hurting on my funds. :(.
    Btw Gg, and damn that thing turns like absolute shit.

  16. Hey Notser, if you have a moment could you please check out this thread I
    made on the NA forums about the Atlanta. Any feedback would be greatly
    appreciated. Cheers.

  17. shame on ur cv and most of ur team:) but like every time ur the best in
    game :P

  18. Basically it comes down to in-game economics. Players are so afraid of
    being aggressive in tier 10 because should they lose their ship and lose
    the battle they lose an incredible amount of credits. It is not just this
    game that has this problem, you will find it in WoT too. I’m sure it is the
    same in WoWP too. I believe this is the single most influencing factor at
    the upper tiers (8+) that dictates how the battles go and why a large
    majority of the players play so passive. WG’s reasoning is “it is expensive
    to use these high tier ships.” Ahem, it is expensive to use ANY ship in
    battle. This will never change until WG decides that they need to reduce
    the cost of after battle repairs. Until such time they do this, players
    will do exactly what you showed in this replay.

  19. Man, so true. Within the last month I have bought the Udaloi, Baltimore and
    Ibuki. Tier 10 players are afraid to take damage and end up at the bottom
    of the leader board while the tier 8s are at the top of board ending up
    with a loss. It’s not every round but many times there’s at least one ship
    that gives up and sails to the corner while the game is still winnable.

  20. You would think that high tier players would know about spotting with cvs
    and team play ..knowing when to push when not to …and where is the
    communication with the team …smh..

  21. CynicallyObnoxious

    People feel t10 isnt worth the money spent on the repairs on playing the

  22. You did what you could, and 160K is pretty good. great game and I have a
    good impression of the Russian cruisers.

  23. feels like all the high tiers have paid to get there. I’m only at tier 8
    and its still hard to find a game where I’m not on top of the leaderboards

  24. 1912: “The Moskva is a great ship. The meta is just terrible right now.”
    No. NO. NO! The Moskva IS the meta. This ship is going to encourage
    long-range, passive play, or even force that play style. Just as you played
    it passively in this game,. while complaining about everyone else playing
    passively. It’s a super long-range sniper which even destroyers have to
    stay 12km away from.

  25. gezzus crist, that ship its masive….

  26. so frustrating notser. you’re a better man than me , i would be calling out
    that carrier making sure he knew what his I.Q. is. asking if his rich daddy
    bought him that ship. etc.etc.

  27. Jezze Notser you were hosed by a crappy team. Sadness. Even when you told
    the cv what to do he didnt do it. I hate seeing a chicken team. But i kinda
    blame your vids for someof it. All those crappy dd captains prolly thought
    they could carry that match. Cause of your vids…. But no sense of
    teamwork at all. But one hell of a match for you. Greatness in action yet
    again. Thanks man.

  28. Interesting comments below with hindsight being a wonderful thing.
    Great game play and commentary as usual…you are certainly setting the
    Looking forward to the next one.

  29. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    The Enemy Des Moines stood behind the island spamming ap rounds, he as the
    right to not face Noster 1 vs 1 lol

  30. Until now I have had love for all the T10 CAs. I don’t see myself enjoying
    this one. The T6 & T9 look interesting.

  31. The problem with high tier matches right now is that as the lethality of
    weapons go up as tiers go up, the ability you have to mitigate damage
    through maneuvering goes down. Especially for battleships (23 second rudder
    and 950m turning circle?!? What am I supposed to do with that?). When you
    close, you are reduced to relying on your raw stats to protect you, rather
    than any kind of active play. That just feels wrong, and so people increase
    the distance to the enemy so they can feel like they have some agency over
    their lives. I guess WG wants high tier games to feel more like a chess

  32. I suppose some folks just dont understand ‘concepts’. They may be decent
    technical players but they miss the concepts of recce, target priority and
    such. That’s why channels like yours Notser are so informative! Honestly,
    I’ve been a bit off the game lately, but I still love your videos!!

  33. I feel your frustration Notser. The same issues about the meta that you
    mentioned are reducing my enjoyment of the Mikhail Kutuzov quite a bit.

  34. People are afraid to fail at t10 because it costs 300k in credits when you
    do XD I can lose 100k in credits on my yamato if I make a wrong move, I
    will MAKE 100k in credits on an awful game at t5.

  35. More commie buff shit from WoWS. The Moskva was a Leningrad class
    DESTROYER, and in WWII fired less than 350 rounds before being sunk. Yet in
    game is a high tier Cruiser? Unless they mean the Atlant class Moskva which
    HAS 1 MAIN GUN as it is a missile cruiser? The DD Moskva had 5 SINGLE
    BARREL TURRETS!!!!! For a 5 MAIN GUNS TOTAL. What is the triple mount,
    triple turret shit?

    Shit game, and evidently the Russian devs have such small penis’s that they
    need to invent ships for their Navy to make up for the fact that they
    Soviet Navy was less than useless during WWII.

  36. no communication … try talking, instead of moaning … and I mean ‘talk’
    not mouth off.

    a bit lat in the game Notser asks the Carrier to scout … if he told him
    at the beginning of the game “I’m long range please scout” and “I can keep
    you in protection range” … well, hindsight is great after the fact

    just sayin’

  37. Completely useless DD scouting and CV play. Just shameful.

  38. Daan Suddaby (Pagan)

    Is it possible that people in Tier X fear defeeat, because of the insane
    loss of credits.
    I mean, I love my Yamato – but with the insane amount of tier X DD’s
    (Shima’s), I find it hard to play games and risk my ship as people don’t
    scout. You have to play a descent game in order to not make a loss of

  39. What is the fire % per shot with the Pyro captain skill on this ship?

  40. How did that CV player make to high tier…

  41. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    You need to use ap more often and take advantages of the situational
    positioning of the opponent so you can get out the whole potential of a

  42. Montana rekted by Notser

  43. Wow! What happened? 15 minutes of nothing, then the last 5 minutes your
    team collapses. I absolutely agree that the CV drivers was doing something
    else, maybe watching TV? Honestly, the you hit the nail on the head
    identifying the real problem with this match when you talked about how
    cautiously people play at the higher tiers. Guess this is on WG for setting
    up such a poorly engineered high-tier economy. No one wants to lose their
    ship and pay the repair costs. Actually quite a disincentive to play the
    game, if WG penalizes you for investing your time and money. Usually high
    tier play is rewarded, providing an incentive to grind through the various
    lower levels. Hmm.

  44. God Tier X just sucks. I hate getting dropped into T-X games in my T-VIII
    ships. It so passive and stupid. The vast majority of T-X games I end up in
    in my Atago or other T-VIII ships I am the high scorer on my team because
    all of the T-X ships are too scared to do anything. I only have a couple of
    T-IX ships and no T-X’s, but honestly I have no interest until they do
    something about the Shimakazes.

  45. i feel sorry For that dm its a great ship For pushing in close but you need
    teammates to help you and well. random battles nuff said.

  46. Well at t t10 the bbs are scared of the rep cost so both Teams are camping.

  47. And that shima did not fire lol. You used radar wisely to see where it was.

  48. A team is pretty much unstoppable if you have destroyers lead the way with
    a cruiser somewhere behind him and a bb behind that.

  49. Great game sorry your team didn’t help with scouts. Keep them coming.

  50. It’s this game mode…. This is a horrible game mode and encourages camping
    like cowards.They should just make every game domination. That way you make
    it a LOT less campy.

  51. Top tier battles are getting really boring. The Cruisers are increasingly
    weak, the DDs just keep spamming torps while concealed (even the gun DDs),
    the Carriers only care about fighting other carriers and completely forget
    about everything else and the Battleships just keep snipping from base !

  52. The reality of tier 10 battles, a shit, but, I still enjoy play my tier 10
    ship, I am a solo warrior in the Hindenburg and constantly relying in my
    hydro because CVs NEVER do de best for the team and DDs NEVER do de best
    for the team… how many times I see a Shimakaze spamming torps from our
    base!… but I still being successful in the Hindenburg, because is a
    brutal ship, but losing games, of course.
    I pick the Khabarovsk recently, in order to performs my objective, that was
    hunt and kill DDs, maybe with the hope to have better control in my
    battles, I can enter or out more easily than the Hindenburg in these
    scenarios where people do not want to fight, or are so passive. In a CA,
    every time I encounter me alone against at least 1 DDs, a couple of CAs and
    BBs, it’s not funny at all.

  53. The repair costs for these tier 9/10 ships are so high, with a normal
    account you’d end up losing more credits than earning them even if you had
    a carry game. This then creates a cycle of passive plays that leads to less
    opportunity for earning credits without premium account, so in the end it’s
    just Wargaming’s method of selling their premium products. Guess you can’t
    really blame them as similar business models are used in other F2Ps too

  54. You are super quick to research a next tier ships…i can’t do that like

  55. They are afraid of failure because ships repair cost are so expensive!

  56. I agree with sticking to HE against the Tirpitz, it’s the safer bet. With
    the troll armor on Tirpitz, fire is its kryptonite.

    This ship feels like it should be nerfed though and will probably get

    PLEASE do a Hindenburg video and compare the two. I’ve been going down the
    German cruiser line specifically because of the higher shell speeds.

    Thanks and great videos once again!

  57. suggestion for a possible radar rework: extend duration, but the detection
    buff activates in pulses just like how a radar interface rotates around,
    say, the minimap. What say you? too OP or not?

  58. you ever consider live streaming or having something like chases captians
    academy but for more advanced players?

  59. I found this video sad to watch, but its different. I got pulled into few
    tier 9 matches and lots of passive play. I feel like tier 9-10 needs more
    CV in order to balance the DD infestation. Great gameplay and it teaches me
    the potential of Soviet ships!

  60. I like Moskva from what I’ve seen…but Battleships will have an easy game
    with her.

    So I guess I’m going with the Hindenburg, still pretty good armor and

  61. If you only want to spam HE at long ranges, the Zao is a far better ship.
    Should have used AP a lot more, it has fantastic ROF to change anytime.

  62. Yeah I keep running into CV’s that refuse to use their fighters to cover
    the BB’s or scout for DD’s and instead just keep their fighters flying
    around over their cv or following their torp/tb incase they get attacked.

    As for the meta at higher tier now that I have 4 tier 8’s I am seeing the
    passive play a lot. I think it has at least some to do with most games have
    5+ DD’s on each side which makes it very scary to push up. I had one game
    yesterday with 8 DD’s on each side. I love DD’s but even I am getting sick
    of how many there seems to be.

  63. Are people afraid of the repair cost or something at Tier X? I´m thinking
    of the Vid you did about earning potential and are people simply playing
    passively to avoid the cost. Have reached Tier VII CV and BB myself and I
    feel it gets expensive at times especially when your teams are playing
    poorly and your team is absolutely wrecked! Pardon the pun ;)

  64. Quite a sad end, but a good thing that shows what the Moskva can do.
    In your opinion, what would be the “Karlsruhe” of the Soviet line?

  65. GJ Notser! But i think you should use AP more in those situations when an
    enemy cruiser is perfectly broadside to you.

  66. The majority of this team played like more and more teams I encounter on a
    daily basis. It is a strange malaise seeping into the game… and I wonder
    if it is based, in part or whole, on the ever-changing values used to
    enhance “game balance”?

  67. RIP BB’s. Long live Stronk Stalinium lol.

  68. thats the problem with the high tiers, people are afraid of losing their
    ships and they are right, people dont have the time to play 2 tier 5-6
    matches just for a single tier 9-10 match that might end in like 4 mins
    cause you get sniped from a yamato at 20k if you ask me since there is no
    progress after tier 10 repair cost should be relatively low like 50-70k
    credits so that people play like they are supposed to, not sniping each
    other at 17km

  69. Amaterasu no Mikado

    I think you made a very good point when you said that people are afraid of
    failure at higher tiers, and a lot of it has to do with the freaking repair
    cost at those tiers. It might be hard to enjoy a game when you know that
    losing your ship means losing a bunch of credits.

  70. Good job Notser!

  71. As usual, a fair and complete review, sadly there is still ONE thing
    missing…When will you start streaming ( live streaming is the next step
    of course lol) ???? FYI. Did you know that YOU, and Flamu,
    show/tell/discribe etc MORE than any other players?..

  72. The Mogami got buffed please play it again Notser xD

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