World of warships – Most BADASS tier with most badass teammates

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  1. I am a factory version hans

  2. That was just the funnest stream Flambass .. I was in tears lol well played and congrats on doing our challenge . Flambass OP Confirmed 🙂

  3. Yes, there are elite T1 players. And yes, they never miss. When you get into games with them you will have your hands full. Bring a good capt next time. Games down here can be much more competitive than you think.

    • After that game on stream just for the lolz I checked that Orlan, almost 4k games in it. Tier 1 is like a full time job 😀

    • Sgt. Frosty, he’s not alone with that many battles. Look up TheLaalaa. He plays a T1 Black Swan almost exclusively. Most of these guys play T1 w 19 pt captains, or they train captains with their T1 specialty. The games there can be really good at times. I love watching the popular streamers go down there. They either get their ass handed to them or they barely get out alive. They’ll poo poo it, but they learn quickly that T1 can be humbling. Lolz

    • Yeah, I went down there a couple of times in search of seals to club, but some of the seals have clubs of their own.

    • Sgt. Frosty 4k games in a tier 1? That dude needs a life… seriously. Way too much time on his hands

    • Eh, I dunno. Some people have played this game for years and have 6k+ battles under their belt. And like streamers say, Tier 1 is surprisingly challenging because you don’t have a lot of options and no HP to cover mistakes. Spending most of your game time playing a mode you find fun – sounds right to me.

  4. Laughed really my ass off when I saw this vid? Extremly funny! But tell me, where did you left HANS this game??

  5. runner was sending thoughts and prayers XD

  6. actually Flambass, there is a range upgrade in Tier I

  7. Are u divisioning up with swedes? Of course they turn the back to you! They did it in 1940 and they will do it again! No better to stick with the fearless norwegians 😉

    • LOL sweds talk about how good it would be for Norway, Denmark and Sweden to be united. Danes and Norwegians be like “hell no, fix your shit your selves!” Norway and Danmark in union might work though!

  8. This was hilariously epic

  9. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    MOAR TIER 1! …please….

  10. Flambass next time please bring Japanese T1 cruiser with Yamamoto captain for heal

  11. T1 is for the real professional only. No health pool to cover any mistakes.. 19 point captain is mandatory for pro sealclubbing though.

  12. More Please!!! Sooooooo Speshul!! My jaw hurts from laughing so freaking hard, the best ;).

  13. Hahaha, you have 237k exp with Hermelin!? You dirty seal-clubber! ^^

  14. Tier 1 most balanced tier. Even the seal clubbers can’t club

  15. holy f**k im in tears laughing!! 1 of your best ever vids sir!

  16. flambass,are you flamu?
    ROFL,ok bad joke sry 😀
    what resolution do you use?
    i´m asking because your 720p content has so many pixels in your videos and is so blurry or what the corrent name for this is,and im really wondering why 720p stuff has such a bad quality.
    when 1 see other 720 stuff somewhere it looks (mostly) really sharp and nice.
    sorry to say but your 720p thing looks more like 576 or something like that ,)


    I won the spiritual battle.

  18. Is both Runner and Hentai from heaven on earth, Sweden?

  19. This just grow to show that I’m the bestest T1 player ever

  20. Would have liked to have played against you.

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