World of Warships – Most beautiful & kinda deadly

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Here is a ship with one of the best looking camos in the game if not THE best camo, but it also stings, it’s not all just good looks.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass, all i can say about that light Cruise is “SPESHUL” and there are NO such thing as friendly torps.. Not in randoms…..

  2. アドミラルヒッパー

    I haven’t seen IOWA nowadays flambass.
    I wanna watch Sweet dispersion

    • Iowa dispersion can be very trollish, but sometimes oh so glorious xD

    • アドミラルヒッパー

      I know dispersion of elite sniper BB is like dice game.
      However,i can’t forget that Flamu kaboom Minotaur only 1 turret.
      That dispersion is higher than god tier…..

    • Oh yes, I’ve deleted some cruisers with one broadside, but managed to get shatters and bounces like that on enemy Yamatos and Montanas

  3. The sort of matchmaking from this game is exactly why I’m hesitant playing my Bismarck. Not all of us are Flambass good when bottom tier.

    • tier 8 is horrible these days,90% of games are as bottom tier.

    • Bismarck is great fun if you go full secondary build on her, stick to cover in early game while moving in, and then brawl it out with those t10’s xD remember that she has turtleback armour and thin deck armour, soo get in close and watch the bounces happen.

    • I’m a full secondary build Massachusetts. I usually get stuck in when bottom tier and fight dd’s with secondaries. Get an island between me and their big guns

    • Bismarck is probably the best equipped BB for being up tiered. Her armour is still great, guns still work well. Compared to FDG, she’s easier to play, small, fast and handles well.

    • MetallicaLife4 she has very thick deck armor

  4. I subbed to this channel bcuz you were practically the only wows contributor with entertainment value, insight in gameplay AND not being salty or complaining when things don’t go your way.
    Also you going on 10 line in a BB which you complained about when a teammate did it a few vids ago was kinda strange.
    Pls gimme the old flambass back

    • Except going 10 line when he was aiming to push that far forward was the entirely appropriate course. Furthermore, which of his higher tier team member BBs were ahead? Oh, of course, NONE. Even while he was tanking they were all in a blob behind the island behind him.
      Going 10 line when the idea is simply to stay as far away as possible is a potato move in a BB, especially a top tier one.
      Doing it so you can push into the enemy’s face without having to broadside is showing knowledge of the game and using it effectively.

    • Look at the caps. 10 line isn’t bad on this map (if you are in the north part of it). Also this game had 9 t10 ships. Anything else would have been stupid.

  5. “I came”, “I saw”, “They Died”

  6. Meanwhile in normal WoWS, games watch the GK players being speshul sitting at the back on full health.
    Wouldn’t want to get close in a German BB, would we.

  7. Saw on Twitch, but still delicious to see the Worcester final smooth move again. Never gets old.

  8. “The Massachusetts accuracy is horrible” *Tirpitz enters the battle* “Hold my beer”……

    • Yeah Tirpitz sucks.. My friend bought it for me and I got into this game few months ago. I hate everything about the ship. Now that I have Musashi, more I hate Tirpitz. I now know that my BB aim isnt that bad because Musashi actually hits something. I mean, I had a surprise butt fuck situation pushing behind an island and getting 8km broadsiding, sitting still cruiser and I get 0 hits. RNG can fuck you up but with Germans, its disgusting.

    • +jake yong Try the F. DER. Grosse. I also have a Tirpitz and it is much better than the FDG.

  9. Worcester with a range mod? Sorry, but I’d like my shells to land sometime _this_ match…

  10. I really do not like BBs with good secondaries but bad Dispersion. I am so glad i did not buy Tirpitz.When you start being effective with them, the game is usually already decided. You try to flank them and do not impact the early game; 1. Half of your Team dies on the other side of the map. 2. Your Team does just fine so they can also win without you. A well placed salvo (for instance with a IJN or US BB) early in the game impacts the match a lot more than brawler BB which is effective after 8 mins in the game.

  11. Na dear Flambass. IJN Cruiser for sure have the most beautiful Hull (wich is the part up to the 1. Deck). The excess width those big BBs have ugly af 😛

  12. All those players at one cap and they were too scared to push 3 ships out of the way. I played 4 games all week and they were all losses just like that-at this point with the horrid player base even premium consumables are a waste of money. GG WG for wrecking a once promising game.

  13. Hey Flam, I hit rank 5 last night without even realizing it, that being the highest I’ve ever been. Considering I won probably 5/7 games to get there, I attribute some of my success from the strats you use in your vids, especially aiming at the water line for more consistent cits. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  14. Hp perk GK and a captain retraining HP perk Yamato 0.o

  15. Triple Shima division… 🙂 That was fun.

  16. 11:09 flam…..FLAM He wanted so desperately to be in your video.
    “Hi mom, I’m getting killed by an awesomely famous Youtuber!!!”
    “WEeeeeeee……” BOOOM!
    What’s that emoji face that means “Worth it”. XD

    Love these vids.

  17. I love my Mass B, but I gotta admit… I am truly surprised, that you survived that moment when you peaked out o.o If I learned anything about this ship, its gotta be that it burns like nothin else + the unreliable main guns.

  18. You CAN take a light cruiser in front of a BB, just not for long 🙂
    GG, wish you were in my teams so I could just go wherever I like and show full broadsides and get ignored 🙂 Amazing magnet you have there 🙂 It was as if someone lifted the match board and tipped it towards your corner lol.

  19. Darth Devious Watch One

    Definitely a gg..loved the Mass..have had good games in it.

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