World of Warships – Most disgusting division in WoWS???

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A lot of ppl often try to imagine what most OP division in WoWS would look like…well…here…we have a candidate.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Fubar-division <3

  2. •_Lumia Art_•

    You smoke he smokes. ? contact high hahaha

  3. Flambino thanks for that, now I have go take a shower after watching that filth division. ??

  4. OldSchool Gaming

    11:55 Gotta love those Pepa-Smokes!! 😉 Thanks for another great video guys. Had the pleasure to be on your team the other day when you guys pulled you Speaashual tactics on Two brothers. Keep it up boys, GG! Did Smolensk receive a nerf yet?

    Also which sight are you using Flambass? Doesnt seem like you need to lead much even at range. Me I have to lead 15+ for thos ranged shots.

  5. This filth makes flint and belfast division look as dustless

  6. Intellectual Pig

    That gearing must be depressed because he only got 2 torp hits off of 3 ships in 2 smoke puffs

  7. You guys are Fing hilarious, thanks for all the vids and streams, keep up the good work <3

  8. I don’t know, triple Belfast divisions are pretty incredible too.

  9. “Two DDs”. Plus one or two for Mino and maybe Smolensk.

  10. * i see video title
    *then i see the ships in that divi
    *laughing malicious*

  11. only 998 main battery hits dude? You should work on improving your aim…

  12. Yo Flambass, Triple Lyon is calling to you. Let’s see it happen!

  13. You should try tripple USS Somers torpedo cancer division.

  14. Wargaming: we need new players pls recruit

    Also Wargaming: have fun tier eights

  15. IIRC, Jingles made a video featuring a triple Lyon division sometime last year…that was digustingly epic in the same way.

  16. georgia: I´m gonna have a nice and easy game
    Creed nibbas: sure bro “starts the daka daka”

  17. Most evil division is a flint, atlanta, and belfast.

  18. I want to see a Wooster, Colbert and a Smolensk in one div

  19. Even Orks would probably agree that while this certainly wasn’t _enuff_ dakka, it was at least a satisfactory amount for the time being.

  20. Stronk Soviet Bias Shield
    Deflects 93% of incoming damage to nearby capitalists

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