World of Warships – Most HILARIOUS match of KotS EVER

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This was BY FAR the most hilarious match I have ever seen in any KotS so far which was also the last match of the day.
The amount of crazy that went in here, from ship picks to map mode over tactics and gameplay is INSANE.
Oh my God, I hope you have as much fun watching this match as I did 😉


  1. It’s always fun watching super-unicums go full potato xD. So many derp moments.

  2. King of the Sea ?? maybe you pick wrong tornament – King of the Pond 😛

  3. Oh my god this game xD
    I think a bot team might have won against either of these teams 😀

  4. Thanks for that loved it, absolutely hilarious!

  5. 😀 Very fun match to watch.

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    wHat was that POtato fest???
    Broadsides for days…
    I guess ive discovered why Shima torps are still useful (even if they are spotted from the moon) – cause potates turn into them – even if they got spotted from kms away.
    was hilarious.

  7. Both teams were mindbogglingly bad. Teams on a normal random match are better than these clowns.

    Always amazes me that Jingles always lashes mid tier players for incompetence when there are plenty of TX muppets like these guys.

    • You cant play very well when your opponent is doing unpredactible / unreasonable things

    • +Kridge Ummmm…yes you can.

    • Normaly you cant… when you apply your strategy you’re expecting to block ennemies… when unbelieviables
      actions just break out your plan… it remains 2 options
      – You play for your own
      – You wait for orders

      For both the game generally became a slaughterhouse

    • +Kridge Or you adapt, use your initiative, and use your skill. Your approaches to be passivity or yolo. “Oh no, they’re not doing what I expected? Who is going to tell me what to do? I had better charge forward, ignore torpedoes and sail broadside on, that should fix it.”

    • +Kridge
      So because your opponent is bad, you automatically forget how to angle and sail full broadside to their entire team, you forget how to manual drop with CV, you forget how to dodge torps spotted kms away from you (that just killed your teammate) and deliberately sail into a massive crossfire, etc.

      Yeah… I wonder how people manage good games all the time in randoms. By that logic…

  8. that some really Bad day when you’re doing shit like that and got posted on yt X) meh had fun we didn’t even had à strat on this one.
    welp hope you had fun 😉

  9. PotaTAO VS FRFries

  10. Is this really kots? These guys are worse than the weekend warriors infesting randoms…

  11. Watched this on the stream yesterday, but just have to watch it again 🙂

  12. lool, thx for sharing this awesome funny game 😀

  13. Was that the Potato Finals?

  14. watched it live and am wondering .. Hows your voice Flambass soooo much OMG and laughing your socks off .. so so funny and your commentary just made it . Thank You had a brill afternoon 🙂

  15. this is like Carry on Warships lol, the level of buffoonery is amazing.

  16. Kudos to you guys for putting the fun back in to KOTS. Normally so static and a chess match but this was well full on potato and fun to watch.

  17. The IQ is strong with the Red Moskva and the Blue Zao

  18. This.. has turned into a difficult situation.

  19. Clearly the Pinnacle of expert gameplay in World of Warships, watch and be in awe!

  20. Well, I must admit I had fun watching and there were a lot of misplays there. But, these were the qualifiers. Also, ship picks….not all the clans have members with all T10s. Everyone is allowed to participate and I would say congrats to both teams for having the guts to go in the tournament. I’m sure they knew their level and to be streamed by Flambass may also have been contributed to some of the mistakes. But as I saw no positive comments so far on those poor fellows I will say this: Congrats boys for having the b*lls to participate, hope you’ll learn more, get better and I’ll be honored to meet you in battle next season in KOTS. So a thumbs up for both teams and another one in case they will learn from this experience. Cheers

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