World of Warships – Most Intense Match, Japanese Cruiser & Destroyer Gameplay!

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World of Warships Gameplay – Most Intense Match Ever!
WOWS Minekaze and Aoba Gameplay – Destroyer & Cruisers!

The Aircraft Carrier has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; , cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to World of Warships.

Thanks for watching!


  1. i hope this game will NEVER die.

  2. Jonathan Tinsley

    are there subs?

  3. Damn that was really intense Baron, very well played. Can’t wait to get my
    hands on this game. Really good vid this one. 

  4. well with that kind of speed. it looks like speedboat or rcboat than real

  5. how can i play this game

  6. DEWEY…….. MAN THE TORPEDIS!!!!!!!!

  7. Michiko Priestley

    With each video mounts my desire to play DD and torp them foes!!!

  8. wow…. that destroyer battle was awesome and so intense. nicely played

  9. Holy shit the clutch of a lifetime right there.

  10. The Little DD That Could…

  11. its like none of these streamers watch ichasegamings how to torp videos.

  12. Fantastic 

  13. SeniorChief OSCS SW

    Nice work the destroyer battle was awesome.

  14. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    Baron Von Boss!!

  15. Well done Baron!

  16. That was epic play bro gj

  17. If you pop smoke and fire guns, your smoke cover disappears temporarily. Is
    that different for torpedos?

  18. Barón you turn into a legend! Wow! Epic game

  19. Haha.. nice job

  20. when you load HE and then switch to torpedoes the game switches you back to

  21. very nice the 2 bb intence nice

  22. trading heroes of the storm closed beta key for waorld of warships beta key

  23. Hi nice finsh ty

  24. PixelKnife Niffy

    its not Aye Oh Buh – its Ah ouh buh

  25. Since both destroyers and cruisers (japanese) have torpedos whats the main
    difference then? just the speed?

  26. That game was intense! Well played sir.

  27. well played baron o7

  28. to bad..there is no listing ship now..hope they’ll fix it

  29. Holy crap what an ending. Clutch torpedo for the win!

  30. Im in this game with you. Lol im BreezePark lol

  31. Baron can you make a vid of the Atlanta class cruiser? Thanks

  32. baron clinching your but much XD 

  33. Hell game’s right there good sir keep up the awesome vids bro!

  34. CLUTCH!!!

  35. BaronVonTorpedis

  36. I have no more nails after that video

  37. MrImpossiblyBlack

    That f–king tense!!

  38. nicholas davidson

    Baron, I’m sorry to inform you that you only have type two torpedis,
    however, you can live a long life

  39. officialplayer18

    whats wp means 

  40. Niemand Bestimmtes

    5:30… broken ruder, not able to steer only but left… who else reminds
    that of something bigger?

  41. bernardobiritiki

    I just came from one of barons bettleship games and whend i come here i
    look a the screen and im like “where the hell is the ship”

  42. That first battle gave me a rager! 

  43. Awesome game Baron

  44. That was some David and Goliath on the high seas!

  45. I have a suggestion you could give to the games creators and its to do with
    ramming, they could also add it so when you do ram you can put a hole in
    their side or cut them in 2 

  46. BaronVonClutch

  47. nice work on the first game buddy……….just wish i could play too and
    find a key. Ah well im off to Ireland for 3 days so no Pew pew anyways

  48. Man Baron Rules!

  49. Fletcher

  50. Well played 

  51. When you got that last torpedo hit I started clapping in front of my
    screen, Great work man lol.

  52. That’ll do, Baron. That’ll do.

  53. GG

  54. OMG THAT FIRST GAME!!!! If #PhlyDaily was in that match he would be like:

  55. TheCommunistColin

    Sounds like you had a good time in your pants after that first one, Baron

  56. Hey im a 100% new to World Of Warships and Right when I try to purchase or
    open the game for the first time it says insert invite code so any of you
    guys got invite codes?

  57. anyone have an idea when Open Beta is out? 

  58. Im not the guy who likes everything and you are not my favorite youtuber by
    this deserved a like.

  59. “Did we win?”
    Best quote NA
    I literally lmao’d

  60. GRATS ON 150K!!!

  61. Sensational orgasm 

  62. How do you get this game

  63. 12:40 ”o7”? what does it mean? :O

  64. I don’t know why, but after you hit that Kongo a burst of excitement hit
    me. Lmao

  65. good game man…110 health….superb

  66. sebastiaan prins

    shiiiit that was intense

  67. Some intense round that was! Really nicely done and lucky on your side :-D

  68. Wow Baron, some nice gameplay! This may be the most serious I’ve ever heard
    you sound. :)

  69. GrayAndAnime OwO

    you bring honor to your country Barron

  70. Wow… Well played with a pinch of luck there Barron. Good job.

  71. Epic play Baron

  72. Hey Mega

  73. very nice gameplay Baron keep t up

  74. Awesome 

  75. wow that destroyer game :D

  76. Baron, you GOD!

  77. wooooowwwww that last torpedo with the Minekaze, truly awsome!!!
    plz some saint lou

  78. barons channel got verified? how long ago did that happen?

  79. Could you do an Amagi gameplay please?

  80. Nice baron!!!! 

  81. Resurrected Eagle

    Baron you are awesom :D

  82. I literally played Mount and Blade with this guy Yesterday didn’t even know
    he had a channel.

  83. 26:47 Lol did they implement dud torpedoes into the game? I thought I saw
    one hit your Aoba.

  84. baron as a heads up when playing Japanese destroyers always turn off your
    AA stealth is your best weapon 

  85. Damn, that’s a fast little ship

  86. that first match was intense how much hp did you even have left Baron? i
    was rootin for ya! 

  87. i can imagine what kind of epic play that a shimakze is going to pull with
    its high speed and lots of torps. plez unlock it quickly. cant wait to see
    its gameplay

  88. ShenanigansAndStuff

    please tell me open beta is coming soon

  89. When will that game be in open beta?

  90. warre vancompernolle

    EPIC!!!! Nice destroyer game play

  91. what happen to war thunder woo never play it

  92. That first fight was jizzy. Gotta love those.

  93. Bob The Builder Dupstep

    with your torps you should aim a bit further like with the st Louise you
    aim on where he is so with his speed he dodged his torps so try aiming a
    bit further then you could of killed him +BaronVonGamez 

  94. Definitely a “Hold my beer” Video ! Well Done !!

  95. BUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  96. U clutched that that was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  97. THE PLAYS!

  98. Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery HONORABRU. -_- Our emperah is pleased.

  99. TiberiousThe Labrador

    lovin the world of warships, i have waited sooooo long for a good WW11 ship
    game, keep up the good work :)

  100. What do i put here?

    This is amazing! Finally found a good youtuber to watch!! GG my friend!

  101. Nice work Baron ! Give your self a beer.

  102. With the Japanese destroyers you can always stay out of visibility range
    because of the long lance torps.
    Won’t work when you fire main guns / AA though so keep it silent! :D

  103. Definition of pwnage… 2 torp kills ang game won with 110HP meaning a
    stone thrown at you is lethal… that’s a GG…

  104. Pls do the Fail Montage pls

  105. I’m in this game going by the name of Joelio. The torpedo snipe tho.

  106. Gosh damn it that was a really epic shit dude I loved it 🙂 

  107. Great Game dude

  108. Oh Tits can u do the Ostwind Flakpanzer pls pls

    For the sake of The Mighty Werhmacht

  109. How can I got world of warship I try but I do not have code

  110. all i ever wanted was a code for the beta, but once again santa never came
    too me in my sleep and gave me one :C

  111. Some intense s##t there :D

  112. that pressure in first match…awesome Baron! :)

  113. Best. Play. Ever.

  114. Wish I could play but they closed the beta. Plus the companies games have
    problems on my computer. 

  115. Such sneaky victories. You have been very lucky, Sir, very lucky indeed.

  116. lucasin catwalker

    war thunder is batta

  117. You got so lucky at the end there.

  118. Hey baron your voice man….are you tired? Or are you sick? Or maybe you
    just drunk?

  119. Now, that’s how you play cruzers!! Do me a favor and send this video to Ply
    and eNtak.

  120. holy shit that was intense O_O

  121. christopher morris

    that hurt my heart, wow gg

  122. baron OP

  123. wargaming says this shit we cant add submarinnes cus we cant balance them

  124. cant wait for the open beta

  125. good video 😀 

  126. Pnice keep it up

  127. Do submarines next!!!

  128. Hey baron love ya vids from Marley long time sub, Love from Australia !! 

  129. Nice another Baron video :)

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