World of warships – Most OP division of ALL TIMES

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If you can come up with a better idea, of how to get better combo of players and ships in 1 division to make it more OP….be my guest but it’s gonna be a hard one.


  1. Lol I’ve seen it in streaming? I was just waiting for you to load it on YouTube

  2. Man that’s the T10 version of Belfast, Atlanta/Flint and Kidd…

  3. If you want to win badly enough, just put your GF in the opposing team.

  4. No Flambass. Bad Flambass. I’d smack you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper if I could reach…

    • Its the whole meme of the erection and being smacked by the owner saying “its bad”. That’s one way to keep me down at tier 4 to stay well away from radar and you lot

  5. I think you mean most cancerous division

  6. I was just waiting for someone to ask is Flambass Flamu XD

  7. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Both you and Flamu should be embarassed and send your selves to the salt mines. I just loved the replay. Seal clubbing at tier 10 at it’s best.

  8. Now imagine this division on Two brothers map all going down middle …..

  9. Good lord this was epic as hell! This dream team…please do more!!! 😀

  10. what can I say but… Dream Team. you guys could’ve taken 2 Aobas and a Mutsuki into that game and carried, so fun to watch…really!!!!

  11. Watch this one on Flamu stream originally, still hearing that music even though it was your feed. Any chance of a “Cancer Division Triple Threat” like the 3x Nelson vid? They still crack me up.

  12. Flambass, Flamu and Izolate in one division? That’s not fair to the other team at all!
    Also, Croatia – Argentina 3:0? What in the world?

  13. DermitdemHolzbein

    Tell my mommy i love her… The c..c…cancer is growing too fast.. i wont make it home….

  14. #platoonmatesmatter . I think the rest of your team could have been afk and you still would have won the game with that division.

  15. There should be penalty in number of ships on your team, if you have division like this…

  16. Meme Merchant Freddy


  17. Damnit man, I just got out of the shower!

  18. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Hey Flambass. Why you don’t play music on your streams anymore?

    • There’s very limited amount of songs available that are not copy right protected that suites my taste so I got bored of them, so taking a break with no songs on a lot of streams

    • Flambass some time I’ll be watching you’re stream later in the day. And you’ll be talking about something interesting. Then all of a sudden the sound cuts out due to copyright. I hate that they do that.

    • Yeah that’s what happens with VODs but in YT it’s even worse, that’s why I play no copy right protected music or no music at all on most of my streams. Sometimes I play normal music but than I can forget about putting it on YT or having audio in VODs

    • Play the music through mic – YT won’t recognize it.

  19. Al lthat AA, no carriers to troll.

  20. John Chucky Tomlinson

    I love seeing when Flambass and Flamu division together you know its about to be something good ready to happen.. Like those good old days of the Cancer Division.. GG…..?

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