World of Warships – Mountain Mama, take me home

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You know the words, you know the story, sing along as we “steam” through this SUPER AWESOME match in West Virginia, the USN tier 6 premium BB.
ItR;s slow as they go but boy oh boy does it pack a punch.
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. Richard Hutchings

    The Slow BB fanclub reforms

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Ah yes, premium stock Colorado

    I still has PTSD when I think about this ship ._.

    • When i was playing Colorado i saw only one disadvantage and it was speed.

    • Russian Bias always protect.

      @Xing When did you played she? I was grinding a US bb line right after beta tests and it was a tragedy. 50k health, no armor, average AA, painfully slow, 16km range on non-consistent guns 😉 Currently you can mount a range mod, to get extra 2 kilometres, but Colorado will always be a piece of trash in my heart.

    • 29.06.2016 That was the moment when i bought her. About year later i sell her.

    • @Russian Bias always protect. i enjoy the colorado tho

    • @Russian Bias always protect. She has decent armour…Technically better than the N.C tier 8 you upgrade to! Colorado has one weakness speed. If she did 25kts base she would be one of the best Tier 7 BB’s.

  3. That silence when you missed that cv ?

  4. Country roads, take me home, West Virginia!

  5. Loved the reaction, when that dumb carrier died xD

  6. how to CV 101
    stay out of shooting range 🙂

  7. Premature playing of Country Roads, I would see a doctor about that.

  8. Look at that ship, it’s insanely… *dead*

  9. Gets into a match with four CVs and one of his friendly CVs basically suicides.
    “Almost Heaven… West Virginia…”

  10. I thought they were going to nerf the carriers by not letting them send out planes in the first 30sec?

    • WG determined it was unfair that carrier players would have to wait 30 seconds before doing something other than movement.

  11. _Country roads, take me home_
    _To the place, I belong_
    _Mountain mama_
    _Take me home, country roads…_

  12. Still waiting for the ACTUAL Colorado we all wanted….West Virginia 1944 refit when WGing?

  13. False advertising.
    I had the misfortune of playing stock Colobado TWICE in this game. Once in closed beta and again post release. It remained the only ship I ever used free exp to escape entirely (in beta your free exp really was free). Played 10 games and said “**** this, I’m going to NC”.
    If WG offered to PAY me to play this thing I’d still refuse. Asking me to buy one with real money is insulting and next-level galling.
    p.s. am surprised you didn’t notice what the Ranger was doing. I was looking at the map and thinking “oh, it’s another of those doubly speshul CV players”.

  14. Ah yes. Let’s just put Colorado, a decent T7, at T6, but remove the AA. I’m sure that ship won’t be overpowered at all!

  15. David Chrysostom

    “So, what’s the AA like on the W.Va.?”

    Flambass: “Smacking piggies from 21 km away”

  16. This video was just so entertaining for multiple reasons. Thank you for putting a smile on my face especially after the rough morning I’ve had ?

  17. meanwhile me playing Normandie, shoot at almost stationary broadside cruiser 6 km away, hit waterline, 11 overpens and 1 ricochet meh

  18. Flambass level Trash Talking @ 9:20 ingame.. priceless

  19. How about them Friesland gamplay flamino

  20. great it when you play lower teirs. and really good content.made me grin most of the way through. rimer106

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