World of warships – Mrs.Flambass at the helm

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So after the incident with the Minotaur my chat came with the idea to give my lady a chance at the game, so we did.


  1. title of this Vid : thats what she said!

  2. We all had our first time. Better than my first game.

  3. “It’s a boat, you drift every time you turn.”

    Hrmm.. *holds D*

    *Queue Deja Vu*

  4. Mr. Flambass, don’t be an Admiral; Mrs. Flambass, you did great, better then my first time lol. Played 20 games before I figured out I have to lead my aim.

  5. Odlicno za prvi put.. 🙂 pogotovo sto je mali.msm brod ;:P

  6. would have been a real scream if you had webcam

  7. You know what left is, right?

    Left? Right? Make up your mind….

    • Watched the mino vid. You’re russian? Doesn’t sound like a russian accent, sounds more scandinavian….

    • That’s cause he ain’t Russian. I also watched the vid and could not understand a single word when they were talking in the other language.

  8. The Red Crossdrop: Lannister plot

  9. She needs to appear more that was classic. Just be thankful she still let’s u play games

  10. I see a bright future for Mrs. Flambass! Great work! So much better then my first game. When i heard “small and fast and russian” i thought you were giving her the Khaba!! ?

  11. My gf ger mad if I talk to her about this game ?

  12. All this time I thought Runner was his Mrs…..oh well ?

  13. AA- Anty Aircraft…… Not anty air, you arent going to kill any air with that. 😛

  14. See not even the one that have to live with him likes his horrible taste in music… :p

    Elevator rock is just the worst music.

  15. “left, left! you know, what left is, right?” Flambass giving directions 🙂

    • not everybody is such superskilled like you and finds the black hole in under 1 second,right?
      ahh not this hole
      ahh not this stick

  16. minotaur with +2% more firechance skill is much better.
    my best ochotnick dmg was 162000,and after so many ochotnicks out there this ship is useless now,because nobody absolutly nobody comes any close to can use torps and the guns turn and fire way way to slow.

  17. well she got one thing right, blame everyone except yourself!

  18. Don’t pull a notser. Well Flambu, did someone say divorce? xDD

  19. great vid as always, i’d love to see you both in action in one division, that would be something new and funny ,teach her master Flambass 🙂

  20. Hey Flambass, where can i get a chick that likes to play WoWs???:)

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