World of Warships – Murphys Law

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Never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake. Based on this performance I think it’s pretty clear that Gnartung here is a big fan of Sergeant Murphy.
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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Damn this is early. 4th

  2. Ey, last time I was this early, Harambe was alive

  3. RIP Agir – “Beloved booty cruiser killed by wargamings nerf hammer”

  4. It’s funny how in about thirty seconds there’s already four people claiming to be first

  5. Quarantine now allows me to catch Jingles early. So that’s a plus. Now that I’ve hit like and posted a pointless comment for YouTube engagement, it’s time to actually watch the video!

  6. Might be 4am but I’m always ready to watch one of your vids jingles !

  7. Oh we do say that about the JB in legends 😂

  8. “But nobody stared at the battle loading screen and said ‘Oh no there are 4 Jean Barts on the enemy team’ in the way that you do when you see a number of smolensks you have to fight.”

    I’m pretty sure carriers hate both of them equally, Jingles. Or at least, they’re supposed to, the bloody things.

    • Incidentally, Ive noticed in recent times ever since the JB was announced to be removed from the armoury that there are a lot more JB players.

      Not only that, but they also seem to bring along their HE spamming tactics and think that they are in a Thunderer or Conqkel.

  9. 4:14 was waiting for it!! and “That’s a Paddlin” and surprise only double citadel? Still a lot of fun to play and watch, and I believe Flambass taking the Jean Bart up the Channel on Two Brother’s is also a huge factor in the popularity of the JB. 4:54 and another double Citadel on Georgia and still no catch phrase!! 7:57 and only nice? where is our Gnome overlord?

  10. Dammit Man. I was just about to go to sleep then this popped up. It’s just OP when Flambass plays it. Peace upon you and Rita. D

  11. The halland captain said, “No problem were going to win” and then proceeded to lose. Love it

  12. *Insert “Last time I was this early…” Comment Here*

  13. Perfect time while I sip on a cup of vodka at 4 in the morning, good show

  14. Last time I was this early, “last time I was this early” jokes were still fresh.

  15. “Nothing overpowered about it”

    (One main gun build later)

    My 8 second reload would like to have a word with you

  16. Always comment for the jingles. (Atleaat when I remember) love the content!

  17. “all good, were gonna win” said the enemy halland XDXD

  18. JB has just been what Richelieu should be:
    accurate guns, rapid firing guns, reload booster consummable, great AA, easy to bowtank due to all guns forward firing

  19. “The destroyer will be fine, after all, it’s designed to shoot down aircraft.”
    You must be new to world of warships….

    • Actually fighting a tier 10 halland in a tier 8 kaga or a shokaku is not easy. If the jean bart wasnt there halland would of gotten the cv

  20. 13:53 – I loved how someone on the enemy team said “All good, we’re gonna win.” And then they went on to NOT WIN. I wish Jingles had called attention to it, but it was funny all the same.

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