World of Warships – Murphy’s Law

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Never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake.

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  1. That start was amazing, game has dissapointingly low ammount of flying ships

  2. Mornin’ Jingles!
    Just out of curiosity: How long does it you generally take you from capturing the video, doing the voiceover and editing to uploading? Is there a noticeable difference between, say, a Mingles with Jingles episode and a regular WoWS video?
    Thanks in advance and thank you for the great content!
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    First rule of warfare:
    the first rule of warfare may be a set of rules consisting of one or more rules

  4. Jingles, Murphy’s Law didn’t coin the saying Never Interrupt your Enemy while they’re Making a Mistake, Napoleon Bonaparte did. Another way of saying it is “When you start to suck, stop.”

  5. “wtf? My ass is literally inside an island.”
    Me: _Totally not making any funny imagination about a ship’s ‘ass’ being stuck inside an island._

  6. I can’t help but notice the extra salt being thrown at Russi…. cough…Wargaming. Just buy more premium ships or time and bugs disappear, Comrade.

  7. Hey Jingles, I literally just pulled a Jingles landing in Elite Dangerous about 36,000 LY from The Bubble. I took my hull down to 56%, but for once, my wifi cutting out saved me, because when I relaunched the game, back up to 98%. Jingles landing denied, despite being landed when I relaunched.

  8. That Salem literally could have won the game singlehandedly had he been even a moderately competent player.

  9. I quite love the heavy doses of sarcasm that Jingles is now free to unleash against Weegie.

    Lootboxes can’t buy your reputation back, scumbags.

    • The Great Gnome Overlord has been a little saltier than usual and I have seen him in the Salt Mines more!

      Loot boxes aren’t supposed to bring back reputation just loads of profits! WG no longer cares about reputation over profits because, they are money grubbing fascists that are in it only for money and will screw anyone to get it!

      That was dark! Hope you have a great day!

  10. I love this new Salty Jingles.

  11. As a software engineer in a previous life generally speaking code changes require rigorous testing, parameter changes (a value in some XML file, for example) generally don’t

    • “Generally”? I agree. However, if that XML file is defining parameters that the software is operating against, rigorous testing is needed. When in doubt, test.

    • not quite the point … despite “rigorous” testing over months they still make a dogs breakfast of it.

    • True, a parameter change is usually very low risk. However I believe the other side of the point was even AFTER all the “rigorous testing” they missed the fact that their fix introduced ANOTHER bug. But, testers being testers, I’m sure they tested what was going wrong, “Happy Path’d” it and called it a day. Coders being coders, I’m sure they were given a stupidly short time frame to make the change, possibly gave it to a dev that was relatively new, and had no idea the code he was touching affected other parts and broke something while fixing something else… which of course nobody had a test plan for.

  12. Never interrupt your Gnome Overlord when he is making a mistake….

    It’s likely to be friggin hilarious.

  13. 5:30 “You don’t really seem to understand how radar works, do you?” That’s okay, WarGaming doesn’t either…. ****cough**** radar through solid rock ****cough****

    • Probably thinking of Sonar because, Radar can pick things up from the air and can bounce around on rock but, yeah, I know they have Ground Penetrating Radar they use to find tombs and stuff buried underground.

  14. Immediate props to Dave, who loaded up the HE to fire at the destroyer.

  15. Jingles: you don’t seem to understand how radar works, do you?

    DD: yes I do, WG seems to have problems grasping the concept, however…

  16. I absolutley love that you are now taking great care to showcase the many annoying gamebreaking bugs WoWS has!!

    People need to realise just how low effort their management of Wargaming titles is and seriously just how much Wargaming gets from copy pasting ships.

    Can you please showcase the torpedo bug in some capacity? (maybe it will finally get WG to take it seriously? maybe?)

    • Add to that the fact that W.G. upper management doesn’t know or care what the actual coders and others that make the game do as long as they are making them money! Guaranteed that when W.G. starts losing money, it will be toast!
      Also, when was the last time anyone actually took Jingles seriously? XD We love you Old Gnome!

  17. Well, in the first clip, he had a faster acceleration because of that island XD. It’s not all bad.

  18. The Ohio is ‘free’ in the same way that the Puerto Rico is ‘free.’

    Technically true, but realistically not true for any but the most hardcore ‘World of Warships is my job’ players.

    Also, that Ohio is running a special captain…with adrenaline rush buff…so his reload at the end is nearly 15 seconds. That Thunderer couldn’t have returned fire on Ohio in time even if he wanted to do so.

  19. @mjxw To be fair, he might have expected the Ohio to load HE for its next salvo, since the only thing he could see at the time was the Fantasque.
    Obviously, the Salem could have just waited a couple more seconds before pushing out, but it’s a somewhat unlucky coincidence for him that the Ohio didn’t switch its ammo type.

  20. Shhh!!! They/them will get you for speaking truth! XD

  21. W.G. Belief is in doubt! Things are not as you see them. XD The U.S. Government tried to get us to believe that last year, I still don’t believe it! XD

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