World of Warships – Murphy’s Law

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Murphy’s Law of Combat #62 – Never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake. Sometimes,it’s not all about how well you played. Sometimes it is. And then sometimes it’s about how dumb the enemy team were.

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  1. Who needs sleep definitely not me

  2. Up at 1:12 AM MST, who tf needs sleep?

  3. Who watches a world of warships videos at 3 am?
    The mighty jingles has uploaded a video
    OH BOY, 3 AM

  4. its that bloody long, hard, full of seamen game again

  5. 49 seconds, no views, but 14 likes? Lets make a joke.

    Jingles playing PUBG.

  6. Ahhh 9pm with a science exam in the morning…

  7. Jingles Law, If you’re about to fall asleep Jingles can and will upload a video.

  8. Actually, in Sweden it’s “Jylland” and the battle is called “The battle of Skagerrak”.

    Go around naming naval battle after landmasses,. The nerve!

  9. valentine’s day, and once again, I can’t get the door open. I’ll find my key sooner or later, though.

  10. 2:35 am for me lmao

  11. Shadow of the colossus

    Why are those big ass islands not visible on the minimap???

  12. Jingles you are going to the danish salt mines for that!!!! “Best Regards” (because you British sailors are so polite) from your Danish salt mine worker. Andreas Rechnagel.

  13. ParissssssssssssssssssssssWell, we, french say “Londres”, so…. :p

  14. The Khabarovsk was dodging the torps from the friendly Shimakaze. As British AP hurts far less than Japanese torps, he made the correct choice.

  15. FYI, while these guns were nominally 114mm, the actual bore diameter was 113mm. The same is true of all British “4.5-inch” guns, including the ones currently in service on the modern Type 45 destroyers and Type 23 frigates.

  16. Naming a destroyer after a battle you didn’t even win? AND pronounced incorrectly!? How very British indeed, sir!

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