World of Warships – Musashi and French BBs

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Discuss Free XP cost of the Musashi and French Battleships, they were suppose to be showing up with CCs but balance is a issue. 920, 000 Free XP for the Musashi is really high compared to Missouri, share my thoughts. French Battleships are getting some adjustments before CCs get them to share, seems secondaries are getting improved along with other stats. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Replay


  1. so i will never get that ship

  2. Thanks for the christmas container code! 🙂

  3. Man Notser you have become rare. We don’t hear from you much. I hope all is well

  4. 920, 000 free xp this is not a reason to put this ship in place of Missouri.

  5. Secondary gun range improvement won’t change the average battleship playstyle. A friend of mine insists on sniping in German BBs and says the guns are totally accurate simply because he has no comparison to, say, American BBs with their beautiful accuracy.

    • sniping whit a german BB is like sniping whit a shotgun… that line need to brawl… but then you stand alone, becourse no one support you in the prossess.. i switched to american BBs becourse i wanted the more accurate aim… goood damn that line is a dream… XD i do brawl when the moment is right……. but that is rare…

  6. code has been redeemed……poop

  7. See i have the GK as well but i have this terrible glitch that happens.

    Where every time i get close to any kind of center line of the map my team disappears completely.

    • Vermillion-Tea are you sure there’s no Strom in play cause that’s a wacky bug.

    • Vermillion-Tea yeah I have that glitches too when I’m pushing to cap point all my allies disappeared too, I think it’s kind of global glitches I don’t know!.

    • Yep, a BB driver decides to push and the possible results? 1. Teammates on your side all switch from Green Team to Yellow team.. 2. Everyone on your team(floating or sunk) is offering you their opinion & zero help. 3. That DD/CA AFK’er that has been idle for 11 minutes? Suddenly wakes up and goes ham; giving you a full spread of torps to dodge. Finally(although I’m sure this one is just a myth: 4. The stars align with RNG and the Red Team manages to out-derp the Green in the final minutes of play.

  8. they should implement a system that greatly reduces the XP and credits you make for just sitting back at extreme range and doing nothing but farming damage.

    • “Tanking” is such a bogus concept. It’s not the job of a BB to take damage. Taking damage is NEVER a job of any ship. The job of a battleship is to do the maximum amount of damage and kills it can, while using its armor and overall toughness to continue doing so as long as possible. Battleships are offensive weapons, not god damned damage sponges.

    • the problem is WG game the guns historically accurate penetration, the ships historically accurate armor…then negated all that by artificially making us fight at closer ranges than our ships were designed for. IRL Battleships were meant to engage at the maximum effective range of their guns.

      I don’t mind the brawling….in fact I love it. and I hate every idiot who takes concealment on their German BB instead of manual secondaries and AFT (I’ll admit I have the concealment module on my Bismarck but that’s just because I like using it to pop up unexpectedly on the flank if the moment arises). But frankly most BB drivers are cowards…and I say this as a BB main.

    • +crucisnh
      BBs have the highest hp pool, strongest armor and the ability to heal in every tier for a reason. It IS their job to take damage, even if you don’t like it. No other class can survive long enough under fire to be effective. Just like how heavy tanks are supposed to draw the enemy’s fire in WoT, BBs have to draw the enemy’s fire here too. That is to ensure other classes can survive long enough to support you. Just because you have tools to deal massive damage, that doesn’t mean it’s your only job. Area denial, tanking, dealing damage all part of your role. If you think it is not, I demand 60-90k hp for my DDs and cruisers too + heal + the high caliber guns to 1 shot anything in all tiers and then we can have a shootout with your migthy BB.

      Also. Don’t mistake reality with an arcade game. They have nothing in common.

    • Gummiheng so map size is the reason Battleship players sit 20+ km away from what they are shooting at? LOL how much bleach did you drink before posting that?

    • Frozenstein he probably hates close range brawling cause he sucks at it. Hiding in the back while your teammates are getting shot to hell is not playing smart it’s called playing cowardly.

  9. I don’t want to firing at max range too, but every time I try to play aggressively, I burn to death in a mere minute
    and… that’s not fun.
    I rather stay at max range and snipe than get aggressive and burn to death.

    • Not to mention that your support ends up ditching you when you push and then complain about you when you do end up dying to the HE spam

    • Have fun brawling in your lightly armored French BBs!

      t. WG

    • Don’t forget the wall of skill all dds will be constantly sending your way

    • @Jaden Zhou 100% this. If you push you die because no one will come with and you end up fighting 4 enemy ships who also just stayed back together. So if you don’t want to die right away you have to hang back, use islands for cover and just take pot shots until a player or two get inpatient and push your team resulting in an easy kill for someone.

    • This has been an issue for ages, and a lot of it comes down to many players not knowing when to support each other. I honestly think the best solution is to limit the number of BBs per battle to 3 and reduce the fire chance of cruiser HE across the board/reduce the damage you take from being on fire. This will make BBs more valuable for the team. It will increase the CA/CL populations (something the game seriously needs to do), and hopefully reduce the sniping gameplay of many BB players. If the French line is more brawl focused, even better! But it’ll be pointless to put another brawl focused line in if you don’t address the core issue in the game at the moment – too many sniping BBs.
      Another idea might be to expand the captain perks to allow players to take an extra, 1 use consumable (eg: hydro, damage control, etc). Might help encourage pushing in BBs if you know you have an emergency damage control for that unlucky fire…
      Just some random thoughts…

  10. This makes me sadder than i thought, I have the missouri and it cost me a mint. I am from australia, and the conversion rate really screwed me (i dont regret it, but still hurt.) To hear that the Musashi is going to cost more… well i wont be getting it, and that makes me sad. Anyway, thanks for the great video.

  11. And the musashi cost more than grinding for the Yamato welp might as well grind that yammy

    • Commander Deadhead You will not be disappointed : )

    • It’d be probably cheaper to buy the premium camo for the yammy as well. Still get that credit income as well

    • There are some people who played a LOT of WoWS since its been released
      I think WG is trying to get some of the free xp from players (like me) who are only missing The T10 ships they dont want to play. I got well above one million Free XP on my account now, so i am happy to spend those on things like a musashi.

      For people who just play every now and then i wouldnt recommend buying a musashi, neither would i recommend spending money on free XP, ever

    • But the VAST majority of players do not. I’d be surprised if WG came out with a ship only targeting the small percentage of players that have 1 million FXP laying around. They’d be losing out on a lot of money. As the Musashi stands, I won’t be buying it. I love my Missouri and GK. Yamato simply is not my play style. GK feels like a nimble fairy compared to the Yamato lol

    • Ok the amount of xp needed to freexp ur way to the yamato would be exactly 884.875 xp from an spaded Myogi with 7500xp (what I have currently…yeah I dont play BBs to much lately) 😀

  12. I found the secondary build on German BBs too situational. A tank/main armament build is better in my opinion.

    • I build secondaries on German BBs because I wanted to specialize in their strongest aspect, since their guns are too inaccurate anyway. Because of that, my German BBs often get more DD kills than any other type of ship, and I’m swimming in secondary flags.

    • forgive me but you’re an idiot. secondaries are the PRIMARY armament of German BBs. Bismarck rules the waves if she’s top tier, and I don’t even fear Yamatos or Montanas in that ship (unlike just about every other high tier BB I own).

    • I’d argue that Bisko and FDG (to an extent) do best with secondary builds. Their main armament is just too shit to be worth buffing.

      But the GK just simply excels with a tank build. Unless you eat torps or AP DB bombs, you just won’t die with less than ~2-3 minutes of continuous bombardment.

    • Sawyer AWR forgive me, but you’re the idiot.
      Secondary build is nowhere near as effective as full tank build. That goes for all 3 high tier german BBs. Tank build works every time you get shot. Secondary build only works in some situations.

      I will say that secondary build is way more fun to play though.

    • @Fatso_Jesus Hahaha, well said man.
      I was going to ignore the smartass idiot but u put him in his poisition.
      You are right, you may actually gain the profits of secondary built in 1 out of 3 battles, you lose way to many points for arma/tank build.
      Happy New Year dude

  13. It’s not about getting Free XP out of the game, it’s about getting money out of your pocket. They will EA it up until the community has had enough and quits. WG always does this stuff, the occasional very poor management decision, slowly destroys the goose that laid the golden egg, WOT Rubicon anyone? Why not put resources into a good game tutorial that is ship class specific and teaches the rudiments of how to play the damn game, that would make life better for all the players? Nah lets make more premium ships, loot crates etc until the community has had enough of WG….

    • Tutorial for ships irl lasted 3-4 years. There is a coop battle to get a feel, but true experience is gained playing against people.

    • In a way, I think they are trying to prevent an issue, but going about it the wrong way. Nobody wants to see a player fresh from tier 4 or 5 (or even to the game) sail out in a Yamato. That’s what they are trying to avoid, but instead of locking it behind a wall of free XP (and 1 credit), lock it behind the tier itself. Make a requirement that to have the ship available for research/purchase you need to own and play one battle in (for example) the Yamato or Izumo.

  14. Happy New Year Notser and all captains!
    Love your videos and learned a lot from them. Keep on the good work!

  15. I dont see why we cannot have a check box on elite and prem ships so xp can go into the captains – like tanks

  16. Me: **looks at the Tier X french BB**
    What? 2×4? Seriously?! At least 3×4 in a A, B and Y.
    Or a A B 2×4 like dunkirk

  17. $150+? Are people seriously that stupid?

  18. WG should give us at least 3 months, not 1-2 so players can grind a reasonable amount of free xp. The promised Missouri would be permanent, why WG breaking their promise? Not Like Missouri can train French captains.

  19. Notser, I profoundly disagree with you on a number of things here.

    1. I love Standard Battles. I prefer them to domination because I hate being forced to fight in specific spots on maps. I prefer the more free play style possible on Standard mode because I’m not forced into tiny little spots on maps. Domination also sucks for stealthy torp boat DDs like IJN DDs, because everyone’s screaming at you to brawl on cap points, which I absolutely *loathe*. IJN DDs are stealthy hunters that need the freedom to roam hunting for their targets, not gets forced into brawls with DDs that clearly superior. IMO, standard maps are in general superior to domination maps for this reason.

    2. I HATE brawling in any ships. It’s not exciting to me. Not in the least. It’s boring as fuck. All it does is turn the game into more of a twitch response game than a game that encourages using your intelligence to defeat your enemies. If you want to play twitch response games, go play WoT, with all those damned light and medium tanks ruining the game. I prefer a slower, more thoughtful play style. And I prefer a more midrange combat play style.

  20. There is only one thing they need to change in the game to make it more interesting – remove all islands. So many people have honed the sitting behind an island and pew pewing their way to wins that the game is suffering. Unless we are playing pirates, hugging the shore and playing hide and go seek, no none should be near an island. Perhaps they could increase by a factor of ten the grounding zone. Still get islands but you get near one and you will ground, even if your in a DD and get inside a set limit. Skill would come back and players would have to work for a win instead of phoning it in captaining a wallet warship.

    • And while you are at it, rename the game to World of Battleships. Also remove all the other classes, because why not. Make this game even more snipy than it already is, just for shits and giggles.

      Get real dude. Before you talk shit again, go play a cruiser with bad concealment on the Ocean map and come back when you survived for more than 2 mins actually fighting.

    • I play all classes and I did it on Ocean before it was removed and now that it is back I look forward to it. I do just fine out there and anyone with any real skill does as well if not better. The pimple crowd wants to be uber and have a game over in 30 seconds so that they can rock about their stats and drool over their $100 virtual purchases their parents paid for. Yeah, I am not in that crowd.

    • Ocean was never really removed. It was just at such a low chance of appearing that it felt removed. It should really be returned to full usage and to hell with all the GD whiners. There are already more than enough island infested crapholes. Having at least one nicely open map would make for good variety.

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