World of Warships – Musashi Explanation

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I released a review of the Musashi and then unlisted the video after learning there were some inaccuracies that weren’t apparent until the developers got involved. Discuss my point of view and just what has been going on in the background. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Japanese Musashi Replay


  1. so the CC is the advertaising bureau to Wg.s ship game, u do all the content and does not get the creds or the payment for it then what would happen if all CC just happend to take time off and just skip making ship content to the audience watching YT, i imagine the ship game would get hard time to even reatch 30-40 % off its players .i might be wrong but if u kick the dog to often it will bite ,trow em some bones now and then.

  2. Did I see 3 die-hards in that match??

  3. that desmoines -_\ the unluckiest! and also fool for shooting AP at a shimakaze. btw even us know the Musashi 30s reload since a long time. why they chanced probably because of many people saying bullshit comparing it to Missouri, inclusive me.

    • 460 mm with 30s reload seems too much to me. Especially vs tier 7.

    • t9s will barely face t7s. WGs MM is the worst of the universe! Specially for t5, t6 and t8. t7 will mostly face t5s min and t8s max.

    • Whimsical Pacifist

      Thing is just based on points it was impossible for the Shimakaze to win. Notser’s team made an emotionally-tinged blunder by encouraging the Des Memes that cost them the match.

    • Probably the poor Des Moines player had AP ready to shoot and did not notice; its easy to criticize but there is no way he did not know he should have been firing HE. But AP or HE, doe snot matter, hat mattered was to avoid torps and he almost did it and he moved his ship very well for that.

  4. Even 750K was too high for me, the ship doesnt give any kind of interesting things, but yes ofc you can bring it to T7 match but the question is why would you ? Its not like its useless, its pointless, in this game Musashi is not a proper Yamato sister ship, she is just a downgrade Yamato

    • Well it kinda needs to be a downgrade Yamato because it’s also down a tier.

    • Nova Ichsan Best I can tell is Musashi is modeled on the early version of the two Yamato class ships while Yamato is based on the 1944-45 version of the ship. The two big giveaways are the fact that Musashi still has the two 155 mm wing turrets that were removed from both ships later in the war and she has a much lighter AA battery.

    • Christopher Colasurdo

      The thing is if you want Musashi it’s literally cheaper to just free xp up the tree and get Yamato. There is nothing unique or special that sets it apart.

    • There’s nothing unique and exceptional except the fact that it’s going to print credits like a maniac.. 🙂

  5. Oh Dear Notser . The Devs just want to hang on to their baby’s …. Ahhhhh …….. while you CC guys work your socks off doing Awesome vids for us . but if the ship is not quite right I can see why they are stalling … ( cough Graf Zep cough ) so we will all have to patent and wait 🙁
    it’s a shame that the communication between every one is poor or is it the translation of languages ???? still we all know they will come at some point , just think of it this way it gives us more time to gather Free XP and save up the money for the premo ships ……
    Thank you for the update Notser 🙂

    • Grease Monkey i fought a graf in my lex last night. 3 db and one shotted everything it tought. There fighters are garbage and easy to kill at least for usa fighters. She is interesti png because of the db ap briliance.

  6. I understand your frustration with the date slipping. Concerning the stat changes, these were made public on the WoWS Dev blog on facebook on December 30th. I don’t know when you did your commentary of the Musashi, but if the NDA dropped on the 12th, you had 12 days to adjust your commentary based on these information. I guess thats how WG sees it. No need to tell the CCs, they can just read the Dev blog. If the information on the Dev blog are not viable (why shouldn’t they, it’s thier Dev blog after all), you could have mentioned it at least. I don’t know how much effort it takes to alter an already made commentary, but i think, just recording a voiceover and squeezing it in shouldn’t be that hard. Might screw with your timing tho. Anyway, have a nice day ;D

    • The stat issue comes from all the CCs knowing about the supertest changes but when seeking confirmation that the Musashi will be 30 second reload versus 35 seconds, we get whatever is the version on live. Okay, that means it is 35 seconds but then we hear it should actually be 30 seconds and will be in 7.0

  7. Need some help. Should i go for the montana if i have the missouri?

    • MicroGFX if u want to it’s a much better ship now I have Iowa and I’m grinding but it’s different from the Iowa’s so it’s all personal preference

    • Montana is a very solid t10 BB. You loose some speed but you gain much tougher armor and a lethal broadside. Yamato is my favorite t10 BB, but my Montana is a close second. She was awful before they lowered her citadel, but since then shes a blast to play.

  8. Sounds like a job, hope they listen or they will eventually lose all of you contributors

  9. Incoming banned from CC for questioning the devs?

  10. Almost 16 minutes of Notser lamenting that WG is largely incompetent in such basic areas of release scheduling and communications, let alone customer/comm. contributor management.
    I could write you 10 pages of their fuckups, failures and lies I encountered from 2010 in WoT beta then through WoWS Alpha to release.
    We saw iChase and SirFoch as pretty good illustrations of their behaviour, didn’t we? When you piss of Jingles enough for him to drop your program you done fucked up; he’s hardly a firebrand.
    No, the only thing I find curious in this is that you bothered to make the video; that they treat their comm. contributors with the same incompetence, arrogance and disdain they show their customers doesn’t surprise me at all.
    I understand it must drive all of you nuts. To be blunt, however, that’s what you ought to expect when working for free for a poorly managed, frequently unprofessional organisation.

    • After so many years in the industry and related fields, I’m surprised that you can still say “I can improve MM”, MM is an insanely complicated calculation and honestly, I’ve met only one or two people who can say “I can make MM better” and actually believe them. I’m glad you had a positive effect on the game, even though it may have taken a while. As a consultant, you should understand what you suggest may not always be done, or may take a really long time due to other complications you may not actually know about. Being in the industry for so long, I’m sure you know there are many reasons why things don’t get done the way someone wants, none of these reasons will ever be shared outside of the company, or as you may have experienced yourself, even inside the company (for many, hopefully obvious to experienced people reasons).

    • I was answering the suggestion I had nothing positive to say, and that it was all about “negative rants” being a thing to get attention. I was never suggesting everything everyone writes ought to be acknowledged and have serious consideration, or that it’s worth the time and expense always to make improvements. But I’m sensing from the tone of your reply you don’t believe anything I write anyway, lol.
      As to improving MM, I suspect it isn’t difficult at all to make a potentially significant improvement without changing any other aspects of the existing system they use (they’re still using a real-time playing population ‘roster template’ refreshed half hourly such as they used in WoT?). I’m equally confident you’ll think I’m talking out my arse, which given this is a YT comments section I can’t entirely blame you for.

    • Though your first comment does read a little like rant, but given the medium, I’m very presently surprised you’re so well informed, structured and can be quite construtive.

    • The irony about my “rants” are that they stem from disappointment. It’s an occupational hazard when you can see potential for improvement and try to suggest it and are met with indifference. And, yes, of course that happens plenty of times professionally. I’d hardly be any good at my profession if I quit every time someone showed resistance, however. As a consultant often the hardest part of the work is having to overcome employee and organisational inertia.
      When it comes to MM specifically, I have little doubt it could be improved, and have some fairly simple to execute ideas that could be tested without difficulty (simulated). I did quite a write up of MM back in Alpha specifically drawing on experience from WoT and saying “here are a few things you ought to avoid for MM in WoWS”. The only comments the thread got (in a pretty active forum) were variations on “nothing to add as you’ve covered it all”. This isn’t a “aren’t I great” point, merely one about how many people have been constructive for many years and WG has done an abysmal job of any sort of engagement.
      I suspect the real issue with MM is, to express it in terms of a DMAIC approach, WG doesn’t agree on the “D” part, i.e. to their minds there isn’t a problem to be fixed. They did the same for WoT for years until even they found through their own analysis (including the numbers of accounts that dropped off after ‘x’ games) that it was a HUGE problem in the minds of their customers. Funny part about that was they ought to have known that from beta, as so many threads and commentaries said so. I had a laugh reading a review from what was then a reputable site that went to the trouble of pointing it out. Despite it all, WG didn’t want to know.
      Written tone can be hard to grasp. Just as you were inclined to make some assumptions about me, I could equally surprise you by saying your tone might be seen as quite condescending and you might wonder why (unless that was your intention). Yet I’m happy to ignore that and have a discussion.

    • To paraphrase … Notser  stfu or quit being a WG CC but mostly stfu.

  11. I dont mind they pushing shipss back thats expectet but to not tell you guys is wrong.

  12. Jingles left WG CC program, grew his subscription base, and now pulls in over $3000 a month in Patreon support. He also seems to be enjoying life, making content of his choice on his own schedule. Doesn’t seem to me that he misses his WG CC status or the BS that went with it. You make great videos, too. Don’t be afraid to move on.

    • Jingles has a larger base than Notser, though. I wouldn’t risk it, for a while. *edit: Pension too.

    • he is one of the biggest WG youtubers so he can do that with ease, but smal and medium YT need the acces to new ships to attract new viewers.

    • well, keep in mind, Jingles does still get preferential treatment from WG despite not being a CC.

    • And Jingles published what he wanted not like Notser sounding like its a unpayed job were he is required to publish a Vid. WG made ist crystal clear that a ship can change till it hit the live server after the german DD desaster. misscomunication to the CC happens as seen. Is it frustrating? sure but you know what you have sighned up for when you entered teh CC program. I would sugest Notser to take a step back and relax becasue it sounds like he didnt enjoyed making WoWS vids for a time. More produce the Vids he likes and not be bound by some scedules. and allways treat any preview under the work in progress asumtion.

  13. Please don’t stop making video’s, I’ve learned so much, I don’t even get any new ship until I find your video on it. I can’t tell you how much better my playing has gotten, I’m now constantly the last alive on a losing tea, which never used to happen. More importantly I’ve learned to deal with incompetence and work around it, except the guy who spoiled my attempt to ambush a BB, and got me killed 🙂

  14. Why do you even care? Testships are not final anyway, so if you do a video after the ship comes out, it would be way more valuable. I often don’t watch testship vids, because they are pointless.

    • Paul Plus watch the video. WG marketing pressures the CCs into releasing content at certain times. Notser is tired of being on a deadline with inaccurate source material. Wouldn’t you be?

    • How about you consider I watched the video. Ok? Can you do that for me? And the answer to your question is no.

  15. Musashi Explanation? Most of this video was bitching about Wargaming’s horrible policies and horrendous communication. This could’ve been shortened down and told in next weeks Untitled.
    Also, stop being so dependent on WoWs when you are so clearly unhappy doing it when this stuff happens. Branch out and expand, gain other fans.
    Sticking to 1 thing, and that thing will eventually stop being fun, have backups and feel more free.
    You are dedicated, you always have been, and I think I’m talking for many of your subs when I say… put that dedication to other things as well. It cannot hurt you.

  16. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Thanks for sharing. It explain a lots on recent premium unreleased but clearly ready to release.

  17. I smelled something afoot when I saw your Mush video up, and before I finished another vid it was gone. I have the cure in four parts: equal measures of gin, lime juice, green chartreuse & maraschino liqueur, shake w/ ice serve straight up. Now you will have “The Last Word” cocktail, that is.

  18. Just a few days ago there was the final version of Musashi I think the feedback was do negative and anti mainly due to the price of 950k that WG were going to be left with a premium no one wanted.. At 750k its still expensive but more reasonable I’m still not sure if I will bother as I have Yammy and the MO.. Depending on the credit earning potential if it is as good then maybe

  19. Seems to be WG has the attitude that CC’s are “just youtubers for us to use as we see fit” and not professional marketing partners which is what they really are.

  20. When I first heard the 900k price for it I said f it and went and picked up the Nelson and Kerfers. This Musasi BS is already pissing me off after the Graf Zeplin. Theres just been so much of this over the past year.

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