World of Warships – Musashi First Impression

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We take a look at a new tier 9 Battleship that will eventually replace the Missouri as the free XP ship. It plays a lot like the Yamato, Japanese Battleship. Enjoy the first look and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Battleship Musashi Replay


  1. I think I pick this one up xD

    • Pick up the Missouri instead. Seagal’s better than Yamamoto and Missouri > Musashi.

    • +Whimsical Pacifist what if musashi is a better money maker??

    • Unlikely. Musashi would need a better premium credit multiplier. The 18.1 inch guns are great in theory, but they’re only really worth vs Tier 8-10 CA/BB armor. Against DD’s/CL the Missouri’s 16 inch guns are less likely to overpen. It’s one of the reasons why MegaZao’s 16 inch are more popular than the 18 inch (not the primary reason, but still a driving factor).

      Moving on to special captains it’s Seagal vs Yamamoto and Seagal has always-on specials while Yamamoto is dependent on Kraken and First Blood.

      If they gave the Musashi Yamato’s CBT heal or maneuverability (rudder shift and tight circle) it might be worth it.

    • nah I am not intrested in another Iowa 🙂 dont play it that much

  2. Well,it will be He spammed to death+killed everytime there is an Essex/Taiho and higher Cvs în the match.

    • If you’re worried about getting farmed by CVs, division up with AA cruisers.

      Or maybe division with a unicum CV player and offer your Musashi up as bait so he can farm all the enemy CV’s bombers.

    • All ship will be, unless US Cruiser population come back. And they are coming, en mass. 😉

    • Marth Edited:)

    • Бојан Павловић

      exactly Red like most ppl doing on EU server where almost every fkn game has 2 CV’s

    • You seem to think carriers are a regular, common thing to see in high tier games. I got plenty during the week or so after the USN CV changes but after that? lolnope.

      So, this ship’s one counter is basically extinct, and it can stomp all over every other tier 7 and 8 in game. yeah…why was this added again?

      If they wanted an IJN Tier 9 Free XP sink they should’ve gone with a no. 13 class. 4×2 18in guns (which cant just lolpen the shit out of you like 18.1s can), somewhat slower than her counterparts but not by too much (and they can play with that obviously)…but its not this fucking thing. I mean they’ve ruined tier 5 and 6 already by making sure they’re almost always uptiered, now they seem bent on ruining tier 7 and 8.

  3. Musashi gets more 155mm secondaries 🙂

  4. I’m 50k free xp away from the Missouri… should o get it or get the Musashi

  5. can you cit a belfast with musashi he with out ifhe btw

  6. my opinion is that missouri is FAR superior. Its almost a copy of Iowa+radar+bow protection, Musashi btw is a copy of Yamato-AA-5s guns reload, so it needs a gimmick, just like MOs radar, but not radar of course, something that makes this ship great and “wanted”. About Musashi and T7s, MM is not that frinedly. So it will basically fight T10s. Really seems to need something more, something spicy. Maybe 1 heal more? the less fire duration Yamato once had? I dont know, but I hope WG do.

    • Musashi have the chance to fight tier 7 ships, and its 460 do a lot more damage than 406mm guns, imagine you, in a tier 9 capable of overmatching the bow of t7 e 8 battleships, and all the cruisers at your “matchmaking range”, this is not enough? The sigma may be shit, but it will have a better dispersion than the german bbs anyway (german bb spam at tier 7 e 8 is really frequent). The bad thing about this ship are the bad aa guns, but who plays carriers in this game(above tier 4,5 e 6)?

    • iowa’s max dmg is 13500, compared to yamato’s 14800, don’t know where the lot more comes from, even t10 cruisers can already be autopenned by 380mm guns (with a few exception that only 406 can pen), don’t really get what is your point, t7 can be autopenned by t6 380mm guns, the only thing this adds is that it can bowpen tier8 battleships, and i don’t think that’s a good trade for being a heavily nerfed ship. (well i play, i statpad with Enterprise since most cv players are bad, and nobody builds for aa) and the minute carrier’s income gonna get buffed, and more people gonna play CVs, this ship is a -1 portslot

    • Oh and I forgot that the ship have more than 90k hp points

    • Lets compare it to the ship shes going to replace, Dispersion, AA, Armor Citadel Size, 90K HP can go down to 0 when broading a MO if you Broad an Yamato you are never gonna be punished by a Devastating Strike, seing that Musashi sigma is even worse hows this dispersion going to be any good? Since it doesnt have the german poximity buff. I’ll say again T9s will very oftenly find t10s not t7s, cause MM sucks, as mentioned Musashi is not diferent from all the others premium IJN BBs a “stock” version of the next tier ex: Mutsu, Akagi, Kii is ok, but they are not even NEAR as good as the US premium BBs ex: Texas, Arizona, Alabama Massachusetts and Missouri. Musahi trouble is btw an IJN trouble, cause WG give a shlt to them, as we can see have the Akizuki tree line ever finished? NOPE! 460mm isnt a gimmick cause its COMPLETELY out performed by 406mm AND german 420mm. That what I feel about WGs IJN navy. I feel sad cause I really like those ship that once were great but they arent competitve anymore what includes Musashi as well. I think I outbursted everything…

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Rafael Tait more overpens too If you hit the shots ofc

  7. they forgot to put a gimmick

  8. This ship looks stupidly overpowered, luckily I’m a CV player most of the time so I’ll enjoy my free 100K damage 🙂

  9. Will be researchable with free xp like missouri?

  10. /nice review.
    looks like the cruiser players are now shafted at T7. how do you survive? by not firing and not being on the same map? i have to wondering if you were not busting the cruisers for a reason?

    • mike henthorn yeah and when cruisers do hide and preserve their health they get ripped into in chat and got so many reports of playing poorly

    • Agreed. I’ve abandoned my cruiser lines once hit T7. Isn’t fun, isn’t interesting, no point.

    • mike henthorn I’m mainly a cruiser player, and I have no problem with the game right now, my favorite ships are t8 even if you always face t10 (and I am no unicum but I have around 59% WR). Sure, it is more demanding and requires more skill, better map reading, better situational awareness when you play in cruisers rather than BBs, but that’s why I like it :p

    • /i///’m glad you are doing well.

  11. How can people defend Izumo anymore? Haha.

  12. then Notser said tyhat you will fight tier 7 and 8 i stopped watching. This is worse Yamato – with not as near of his accuracy, zero anti air and you try to say that you will have tier 7 and 8 enemies mostly ? Sorry. By the way – nothing can beat battleship with radar as tier 9 stupid mega overprized spec premium.

  13. Oh boy…the gunsound of the Musashi does not even fit a tiny little bit to these guns >.< The first of all things Wargaming should do, is to give her the gunsound of the Yamato.

  14. Ship feels like seal clubbing to me. :/

    • i kind of got the same impression.. even with those nerfs from Yamato.. i cant even notice the 0.3 sigma downgrade to 1.8, most games I ve seen they get consistent lolpens and easily break 140+k dmg

    • Elgar7022 not really, players at that tier know to HE spam BBs. If you want seal clubbing play the Arizona or Texas

  15. Bringing that firepower to t7 matches. Well that’s not money grabbing at all…

  16. If this isn’t nerfed, the game is going to be 100% fucking pay to win. Don’t tell me it won’t, this is bullshit. Yamato at tier 9… cmon WG at least nerf its HP and torpedo belt or something this is an outrage.

  17. I have hoped for something special. In the current state its more like a copy paste Yamato.

  18. I really, really hope the Musashi will replace the Izumo.

  19. “Errrr, we don’t need a Yamato at tier 9, we need the new jersey!”

    “errr, it’s too OP! tier 7s have no chance now”


    that’s 90% of the comments here and I’m done with the majority of the wows community. The Japanese have a crap BB in the tier slot 9, the US have great BBs both in the line and as a premium, tier 7 CVs can easily do damage to the Musashi. Can I also mention that despite a Yamato class Battleship going against tier 7 Battleships, the current tier 9 BBs all can overpen tier 7s like its still butter?

  20. Hmm not ready for a tier 10 premium????? What about the Salem????

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