World of Warships Musashi Gameplay – 2017 a Year of Change and Controversy

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Let’s take a look back at 2017, a year full of change and for . In the end, the game made definite progress despite said controversy.

Also featured is . While there is no on the ship itself, I’ll let the gameplay speak for the ship. Musashi is every bit the sibling of the , but at tier 9.


  1. ayyyy lamo :3 also rip graf

  2. Did you win that round?

  3. Михаил Серафимов

    Musashi arrived a bit late for the Year Of the CV…

  4. What happened at the end of that gameplay??? Did you win?

  5. Nooo, how does that battle end?!

  6. matchmaking not mirroring teams and instead give radar cruiser vs smoke cruiser recently. same consumables on different ships binded by different keys should be fixed. open maps like okinawa, desert should be reworked. it would have been nice if my captain could saved its mastery of previous ship to use captains on 2 ship instead 1. hopefully 2018 be not drastic as 2017 in terms of changes

  7. RPF changed DD game. You can’t stealth cap ever. Skill level was lowered. It’s a crutch and it made the game worse. Single worst decision since detonations. Just like the conqueror it’s still a bullshit decision to have it in game. Just because people got tired of yelling about it doesn’t mean it went away. It’s still terrible.

    • Can’t remember which exact videos it was, just know it wasn’t that long ago he specifically said why he stopped using it. IIRC he said the only DD’s he still runs RPF on were IJN DD’s, which made sense. RPF I agree is just situational crutch. I laugh when I hear people says it’s mandatory.

    • The amount of times I’ve seen RPF in a random battle has dropped tremendously since it came out. Everyone thought it was going to be super-OP, and it really, really wasn’t. I’m more likely to roll a Natural 20 than see a ship with RPF in a random battle. It’s just not that good in the 15v15 setting.
      What RPF DID change was competitive play (7v7), and was a lot more powerful. But it is still a hefty trade-off: 4 points isn’t cheap, and you get much more general-purpose utility out of Concealment Expert (Most DDs), IFHE (some DDs, not all), AFT (Russian DDs and AA Gearing/Grozovoi)… than RPF gives.
      It can be very strong in the right situation, but that situation isn’t very prevalent. (Also… can’t stealth cap ever? Just don’t be the furthest one up! It works on the closest person, not everyone.)

    • I believe the wide spread of radar is a much worst decision. Today you have radar that travel 11 km away. DD are fragile, with low HP pool. Majority of them do not have healing. So radar is really dreadful. Now we have even Pan Asian DD with radar. It’s terrible.

    • Antonio Barone Only two to three ships in the game get 11km Radar: Donskoi, Moskvas, and maybe Chapayev (I don’t remember.) All of the other radars are between 8.5 and 9.9 km.

    • Yes you are right Chapa radar is 11. something and it hurts a lot because ship concelment is 10.2 KM. But my point is with all this radar is becoming very hard to cap. So what I’m watching are DD going around to torp instead of capping.

  8. You forget removing Manual or ALT fire for CV’s t5 and lower ..That single-handedly cause people stop playing CV .Imagine you are playing T 4 and 5 cv and then you meet t 6 strafing the crap out of you

    • he didnt forget and yea its really annoying without alt attacks but i guess it makes the game simpler for new CV players…but i think it shouldnt be dumbed down.
      it did make me stop playing low tier CVs as its boring and your skill is mostly irrelevant…u will never hit a good DD player with torps.

  9. Getting patches for SINKING ships, yeah, great. Even more incentives for killsteal – and then even brag about. Evolution started reversing, soon we will wear the skalp of a defeated enemy and be proud of it.

  10. Yeah, RPF is still OP as balls. The fact that it’s used by everyone in competitive games kind of shows that…

  11. Doesn’t kill dogtags mostly benefit people who can play for hours a day, vs highlighting specific accomplishments based on skill?

  12. French BBs… hon hon hon 😛

  13. collecting patches is totally meaningless…we have stats for e-peening

  14. I would like to fly state flags on your ships that would be cool

  15. All I know about 2017 is I play a lot less of WoWs now than one year ago today.

  16. I disagree with every single thing you say.

  17. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the shirt and badges I received today.

  18. You also forgot the US carrier buff

  19. Manual drops weren’t removed to help newbie CV players. They were removed because experienced players were sitting down at Tier IV and V and clubbing newbie BB, CL and DD players at tiers where there isn’t really any AA. Player retention was being very negatively impacted. Manual drops at low tiers isn’t coming back.

  20. #cureskycancer. Remove CVs from the game! This engine isn’t made to support that gameplay style.

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