World of Warships- Musashi Is Back!

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Hey guys, today we have learned that the next Lighthouse Auction will feature the Musashi as the ship being put up for auction. Along with some changes to how the auction works.

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Gustavo Cabrerea

    People are really about to spend more money than the Japanese spent on the entire war for Musashi.

    • I wonder who gave WG this idea. it’s pure capitalism, unlikely to come out of an Rus mind

    • I have the Musashi from way back. Used to live off of Tier 8’s and 7’s. Tier 9’s were fun as well. Now i see them like every fourth or fifth game now. Most games now are Tier 10 and Tier 11(Super Ship’s). With 18″ guns she is always formidable. You just have to get used to the wonky dispersion that Sea Lord mentions.

  2. Got Musashi in Xmas containers in 2021. Definitely approve of the new Auction rules, but usual suspects will try to do it down as they always do.

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      i think they want as many ppl as they can to spend dubs and get an injection of cash right now. i hope the price to be around 30k dubs but i doubt it , and with the subs in the game am not even gonna try for this low price.

  3. it is similar to West Virginia ’41, yes it is not as good as the t7 Colorado but I rather see t8 in WV than t9 in Colorado, even at tier 8 WV guns still bring the hurt.

  4. Alessio Bubbles

    It will cost more than sailing in the Pacific to grab a piece of the wreck of Musashi herself

  5. Tamás Kerecsényi

    This is the only ship i ever wanted from the ones that i missed before their removal by wg but sadly i’ll probably never get it as i just can’t justify spending 40k-50k on a single ship especially in the current sad state of the game. And i’m absolutely sure this cashgrab happened because subs are hugely tanked their sales and playerbase.

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      That’s what happened to me if anything. I was more than willing to spend bucks on the game, but after the LWM affair and subs and superships forced into the live servers I basically stopped giving them cash. And I reckon a lot of other players did that too.

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      same , i stop playing last summer cause subs i join again this december when they remove subs from testing , i bought some premium ships (keasarge,chakalov,bearn,weimar etc) and i was hyped for san diego as well and they put subs for testing again. I still play rank only to avoid the subs and super cv’s but i am not willing to spend since this game have an expiration date for me (when they put subs for good in all game modes). i will keep enjoying the game as long as i can. Btw i enjoy german subs cause they are super broken lutjens (ez 9-12k extra health) but the other end of the sub is very depressing for me (since i mostly play ca’s and dd’s).

    • sub’s aren’t that bad, right now… they nerfed them too far. T10 CV’s though… they can rip a Musashi apart within (3) x 3 torp strikes. Then again the Musashi can do the same to them, if a cv will bother to spot for you for about 3-5 minutes (which they won’t).

  6. We can probably rebuild Musashi from the money spent on the virtual Musashi hahaha

  7. Burçak Başkan

    As someone who already has a yammy with perma camo + legendary mod, I still think Musashi is a great ship and I chose to grind my Yamamoto to 21 on Musashi rather than the Yammy. I feel as if Missouri also secretly got nerfed in its gun performance, I can no longer have the awesome games I used to have on the Missouri but Musashi, it seldom dissapoints. Yammy is great but as you pointed out, if you’re grinding out credits/commanders, Tier IX offers more opportunities for great results.

    • WG no dought does silent nerfs at a flick of a switch ,faster than you can join a coop game. Nothing random In this game Christmas crates to what ever you get In game WG has no Idea what true random Is just look at drop rates for anything .WG can change anything and you would not notice it. I’m sure they did to the Missouri or make a ship payout less from less damage , I mean look at the beer can ship,try doing consistent damage like the Roma.

  8. This is actually a clever doubloon sale, not a Musashi auction. 90+% of the people who bid won’t win, but a large number of people will have to buy additional doubloons to bid that they would not otherwise have bought, and which they will be stuck with when they lose. WG even included an option to buy doubloons right on the bidding page.

    • YUP! No matter what WG wins, people who lose the auction will receive their doubloons back that they purchased, and WG keeps their money. Totally a racket to make sales at any rate, at the cost of diluting T9 with ultra premiums – no qualms here, but they remove ships for a reason.

    • heh… then added the Eagle and United States.

    • Why the hate? Just don’t buy doubloons or premiums and play the base game as I do. It’s a shit ton of fun for free

    • @Ph3NiX80 Hate is a word that is thrown around far too casually these days. There is nothing hateful about pointing the potential ramifications to the player of the latest WG sales promotion. And yes, there is nothing to prevent a player from never spending a dime on the game if he chooses.

  9. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I managed to get this ship back when it was free xp, though I haven’t played it much recently

  10. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I can see ppl getting Musashi for this ranked season.

  11. Good thing I received it during the High School Fleet event. Loving this ship.

  12. These ships slap in Randoms where they can sit back and keep the guns firing, but in Ranked they really are not amazing so we may not see as hard of a push for them in this Auction. They can still do the heavy damage, and one left alone on a flank with a decent team pushing can punish ships, but usually things get into brawl range pretty quick and she just isn’t great at that. She doesn’t have any consumables (hydro, etc) or the speed to make decent pushes and at the close range secondary ships and faster ships will mess her up.

    I’d still love to get her but I wouldn’t pay the dubs costs it will go to.

  13. I am really thankful for this video, I was really amped about the spend quite a bit on this ship. Mainly because I was getting a pay check this week. But after hear about all the set backs of the ship, I might have changed my mind. I have the ability to put the money into it, but if it doesn’t make as much as the the Missouri in addition to getting almost no aa and terrible dispersion changed my mind. Thank you for the wonderful video it really helped me.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      It has 106 AA dps, the same at the T5 New York, and it doesn’t have the credit modifier of the Missouri, it earns the same as any other T9 prem.

  14. It made me very happy that I’m the replay, after that carrier farmed you for a large portion of the game, you got to absolutely bitch slap that carrier. So satisfying from a fellow BB player

  15. Martine Aksnes Caulfield

    Nice video Sea Lord! Do you think 51k doubloons is a safe bid? I dont have neither a Yamato neither a Shikishima neither an ARP Yamato, so. Also I love it because of her history and she actually fought in war (Yamato don´t) 🙂

  16. it also has a 5km strike plane range against subs… which make killing subs, alone, pretty much impossible.
    It also using the old 3d model of the Yamato…. So, it’s torpedo protection is much larger than the Yamato’s

  17. Another reason to have it would be ranked with t9 being the highest tier

  18. I can see the whole historic vessel thing. My thing about several ships is they literally are failed footnotes that killed off their crews. I don’t want the Yamato, not the Musashi, nor the Hood. I do not want the Bismarck, even though I really like him. Maybe I am reactionary or just an old fuddy duddy. I cannot really justifying spending loads of real world money on something that is transient as a video game that will pass the way of all games. Yes, I have spent SOME money on ships, some even did squat, or never even existed. (Cuddles Kii and skootchies him behind the torp launchers.)

  19. It’s still one of the most broken ships in the game so the whales are going to dump whatever doubs it takes to land it. Even if the guns are a bit more inaccurate that a Yamato, it’s annihilates most ships in the game with a single salvo. Broadside, bow, stern, it doesn’t matter. It’s basically a tankier Slava with a tier 9 ranking that’s guns don’t require precise broadsides to do insane damage. It doesn’t matter what the angle, the guns will shred most ships, even Tier 10+. Sure if you have a very heavy armored BB, it will take some work. But for most of the other ships in the game, a single salvo of even a couple shells hits will either send you back to port or your down 80 to 90% damage and your match is ruined either way. Smoke um, if you got um in with this game, I guess. If you have one, it’s great. Every weekend, the NA servers are loaded with them.

  20. There are easier tier 9 premium BBs to get. They might not be as good, but they’re way cheaper to get

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