World of Warships – Musashi Review

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Final version of , discuss what it offers and show off a game in the ship. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Musashi Replay


  1. I want the USS Mass so bad.

  2. How did Darth get a Musashi already?!

    • You’re going to see many players who stocked up on Santa Gifts playing the Musashi. The Free Exp signal flags and camos make the grind less tedious.

  3. HSF collection gives you the Yamato camo

  4. The blue camo (you can earn with the collection) is for the Yamato. The orange/red one is for the Musashi and can be baught in the shop or with doublons in game. They give you better stats then the normal premium camo. THey give you -20% repair cost, +50% commander xp and +100% normal xp. The collection is available until Update 0.7.5 that´s suposed to be arround end of april.

    • Luke Skywalker what does “enlist for the collection “ mean?

      I just bought the HSF Musashi camo.

    • TheRobbiUno WG knows that not everyone is an anime fan, so unlike the other collections (hunt for the bismarck, isoroku yamamoto, battle of the north cape, etc…) the HSF collection is optional. You need to visit the page in your respective WOWS portal that details things about that collection, and you should see a “i want to join” button (make sure you are logged into the portal first). Once you clicked that and played a game, a HSF container appears, and you start collectiong HSF characters. You get additional characters from daily containers, or one time missions if you have hsf harekaze, hsf graf spee, yamato, and musashi. You can join the collection before patch 0.7.2, and you have untill patch 0.7.5 to complete it. The reward for each sub-collection are flags, and the final reward is prem camo for yamato, and a flag.

    • You’ve got time to end of April to collect portraits from special missions (for Hsf harekadze, hsf grafspee, musachi and Yamato) and you have time to get portraits from containers to the end of the September

    • Please , correct me if I am wrong or something miss

    • cjmpaja OK. I missed that. Thank you for pointing it out. Will join now.

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    – feels so fucking bad man – I mean its the only ship other than Yamato to carry the same guns… – I guess its wg way of preventing wallet warriors from experiencing the glorious gun sound of Yamato’s…

    • Indeed, i love yamato deep gun sound 🙁 maybe WG will fix them someday, lol

    • Well there are plenty of examples like that…
      An example are the Bismarck and Iowa class ships.
      Ships with the same guns have different gun sounds and some ships with totally different guns have the same sounds^^

    • Luke Skywalker But the fact is that the Mushashi and the Yamato are the same class of ships. And I don’t think the Iowa and Bismarck have the same guns, 15 inch vs 16 (Bismarck to Iowa’s guns)

    • DingoBling No, I think he meant that ships within those classes (Iowa & Missouri or Bismarck &Tirpitz) don’t have the same gun sounds.

  6. the yamato HSF camo is blue stripes
    Musashi is the Red stripes


  8. 6:31 – IT HAPPENED. Musahi CAN do it!

  9. aaah, finally someone notice her gun sound, lol, Musashi need Yamato’s gun sound

  10. Musashi should have been the regular T9 and the Izumo should have been removed or T9 premium
    ps. the credit income is pittyfull in comparison to the Missouri

  11. How do you opt in for the HSF camo for Musashi?

  12. Are the secondary guns at all worth investing into?

    • If the secondaries are in same location as the yammy. It will be rough. There is alot of blind spots for the aa and secondarys on the yammy. You pretty much have to be broadside for them to engage.

    • Eagle262 boosting Musashi AA? Sounds like trying to multiply 0.

    • Even with the blind spots on the yamato, it can get some good range with the secondaries for punishing cruisers and DDs thst try to flank/rush you. Are the Musashi’s secondaries similar enough to do the same?

    • If I recall correctly, Musashi has half the number of 127 mm guns which make up the bulk of Yamato’s secondaries. Yes, Musashi has 4x triple 155 mm guns instead of Yamato’s 2x, but they reload far too slowly and fire AP. So they’re not a good trade. Overall, I think it’s best to go with a full survival build.

    • Punkhunter25 if u want secondaries to do a shet u need a manual secondaries perk. And anyways it won’t be that effective. U just cant afford it due to the fact that perks are limited by 19 points

  13. The game definitely needs another BB that is best suited to “park here and move slowly back and forth nose on” playstyle.
    It especially needs a premium one that does it and gets LOLpen for good measure.

  14. Its interesting to see the win and damage rate of the Musashi, currently on the EU server it is 60% win rate and 99K average damage (which is 3k lower than the Conqueror and over 14k higher than the Yamato). Of course so far, I haven’t heard any accusations of the ship being over powered but having faced it in my over powered Super Zao, there is hardly any difference between Musashi and Yamato in a battle without a carrier around to stop it. The fact it is going to be in tier 7 matches, where frankly it is going to rip apart any BB it faces is quite an eye raiser and the current 60% win ratio shows that it is a game winner.

    Now whilst I guess the win and damage amount will come down, slightly, it is much more of an over powered ship to my mind than the Conqueror (that everyone still complains about) because whilst the Conqueror does do a lot of damage, it won’t win a game for a team, which is the same for any of the tier 10 BB’s (and the 51% win rate backs that up (other tier 10’s 48-49%).

    • Michael Laing It will rarely see tier 7. It will spend most of its time fighting tier 10

    • The difference between facing tier 7’s and tier 8’s is pretty large though and it has an average of 99k currently so tier 10 isn’t a worry for it. Also with the AA most tier 9 and 10 carriers will rip apart a BB easily and I include the Montana in that, unless it is a dedicated AA BB.

    • I think the WR is skewed, because you need to have quite alot of free XP to get the ship in the first place. So it will be bought by players who already played alot.

    • Yes, it is but so was the Conqueror when it first came out and people free xp’d there way to getting the ship. I am not suggesting the the Conqueror isn’t over powered (though I do suggest say it has a lot of limitations). I also play the Montana and that is a more rounded ship in theory. I have played against the Musashi a number of times now and it is a very strong ship, as is the tier 8 premium ship Roma.

      Now do I really mind either ship but what I am tired of is constantly being told that the Conqueror is over powered and more annoying that it is just an spam HE. A good captain shoots, what is most effective at the target, be it HE or AP and with different ships I will shoot different ammunition. You don’t hear people complaining about the Yomato or Musashi just shooting AP at enemies, and they shouldn’t because that is what the ship does.

  15. How is this ship fair for everyone else what does a T7 do against this? Its just a yamato at T9

  16. FrustratedNameSearch

    Those credits look WEAK compared to the Missouri. Big Mo would get you near 1 million in that game.

    • FrustratedNameSearch It’s due to the Yamato’s playstyle, aka shooting alot of BB’s. Where as the Mo is radaring dds, deleting cruises left right and center.

  17. hey Notser appreciate your videos, just wondering how do I get information ribbons on my mini map.?

  18. They should change Izumo to a different 16 inch battleship design with a normal turret layout. Two fore one aft triple turrets. Pretty much just Izumo with Yamato turret layout.

  19. 1:22 It surprises me to hear you say that the Missouri’s radar is a gimmick. You mean it’s not good for anything or you don’t like seeing a BB with radar? I think the radar is tremendous against DD’s and I don’t actually know anyone that doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Can you clarify?

  20. Why don’t they just keep both the Missouri and the Musashi? Everyone is happy then!

    • Yeah. I’d love to buy Musashi now, but I feel pressed into buying Miss just because it gets taken away. Which irks me slightly.

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