World of Warships: Musashi T9 Yamato premium review/First Impression! WIP Ship

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The Musashi is a new premium T9 battleship that is rumored to be earned through purchasing with free . Not confirmed though! But here is the quick view of what this ship has to offer and what it plays like compared to its T10 sister ship!


  1. This ship looks great and i really don’t see a point in grinding the Yamato now.

  2. Why does everyone say “IGN” ships? Isn’t it IJN or is it a pronunciation/translation thing?

  3. Don’t forget the fact that is has a much reduced sigma of 1.8 vs Yamatos 2.1 when comparing these two ships. That is going to change the accuracy quite a bit. Is it enough combine with the reduced AA, slower reload and reduced armor on the belt (Musashi historically had 10mm less armor on the belt) to bring it down to a Tier 9? No clue. Also without the increase earning potential like the Missouri has, Missouri would still be a better investment, especially now that the Citadel has been lowered.

    • Talking about the Musashi’s reduced sigma I saw Flamu get a double kill in the Musashi on Twitch with one salvo. Unfortunately, he killed both an enemy ship and a nearby friendly ship with low HP.

    • actually the musashi has the money bonus, watch notsers video on it he got a 1.4m credit game it in

  4. Why is your minimap so small ?

  5. don’t you mean  replace the Mo?

  6. They should really paint her dark gray and her deck black, as she was the day she sank. a true black dragon.

  7. Musashi, Roma, and Richelieu all coming soon! What a time to be alive!!!
    Question, is that her premium camo pattern? I thought she was getting the battleship grey paint without the rust.

  8. Reason the side looks bigger is that the entire ship sits higher in the water than the Yamato. Look at the Main belt’s between the two and you can see this.

  9. What is the best? Missouri or Nelson?

  10. Check out the Red writing at the Bottom of the page ( yes allll the way to the Bottom ) and you will find the Mighty Mo’s demise 🙁

  11. She should be fine as a tier 9 as it has its weaknesses.
    Though they should Nerf the Torpedo protection to be 45% instead of 55%
    And Maybe cut 8K off the health.

  12. The problem with this ship is it will be in t10 games… Lets not say crap secondaries compared to yamato so you cant made destroyers run away with ROF from secondaries! its going to get raped by aircraft carriers. But in t9 games with no CV this thing will be tough. But even against t7 CVs this thing is going to get rocked! As for the previous comments on yamato not being worth it… Not true… in as many t10 games that you will be in the Yamato “t8 level” anti aircraft fire power will be better than this ships “t6” level where you wont shoot down anything and get dropped!

    • With the release of Update 0.7.2, the Tier IX battleship Missouri will become unavailable for purchase in-game indefinitely. We are preparing to roll out a new Tier IX battleship that can be acquired with free XP. We decided that two ships occupying the same niche at the same time is one too many. Players will still be able to get the Missouri for about two more months.

      Dont miss out on the MO! you will be sad you did… she is a hell of a credit earner and she can Yolo with that radar 😉

  13. is there any news about new USN cl line?

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