World of Warships – Musashi vs Missouri – Which FEXP Ship is Better??

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Musashi or Missouri? Which one is the better T9 FEXP ship? I think both have strengths and both have weaknesses. I just wish WG gave people a choice instead of forcing the choice upon them. Don’t forget to leave a comment + like for CCT draw!


  1. Still need 300k FEXP for the Musashi, I feel like the grind is killing me.

  2. I suppose that vs a cv, Musashi will get obliterated if there is no aa heavy ships nearby, and relays very heavily on them to survive/finding the carrier and then having it nuked. Missouri on the other hand can provide a lot of aa fire, and with other aa ships(even rather average ones) can create a solid wall where all planes that fly into it dies.

    • General Cartman Lee

      On the other hand the Musashi has the lolpen guns that are very useful in those static tier 9-10 matches.
      When I’m driving around solo or someone wants to drive a DD in a division I take out the Missouri due to her better offensive capabilities. But if someone else already takes out a AA monster I enjoy taking out the Musashi, when you can rely on a teamate prividing AA the Musashi is a beast.

  3. Silent_Assassin_Gamer

    I’m glad I got the Missouri before she was taken off the shop. I don’t think I’ll get the Musashi; might as well just get the yammy. I think they made people rush and spend money to get the Missouri by taking it off the market like that but I was a sucker and spent money to unlock the free XP to buy her. I don’t really regret it though because I’ve made so much money from her.

  4. Really really makes me angry that Missouri was taken away after it was touted as always available. The Musashi earns far far far far less credits. The Missouri is always the better ship due to flexibility and utility.

  5. I hope i win CC container and get premuim ship.For all 3 years im playing WoWs i didnt buy single premuim think,bcs i just cant afford it .So im basically strugelling with my game income and make enought credits for T9 ship is taking me almost 1 month.If i get T8 premuim,it would be made things soo much comfortable,and if i would get anything else,im ok with it too.I love Wows,but man,its a hell of a grind game!

    • No i dont,im just casual.

    • Kuba Zetek I didn’t buy a single premium until after I hit tier 9, lol

      After that the only premiums I’ve actually bought are Atlanta and Harekaze, my other premiums (Shinonome, The ARP Myoko’s, the ARP Kongoms, ARP Takao, Vampire, Aigle, Katori, Graf Spee, Varyag, Duke of York, Okt Rev) were all earned through in game events

      And I’ve only been playing since October of ‘16
      Now I’ve got 4 T10’s, 8 T9’s
      And I’ve got 8000…? I think, battles under my belt

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      I’m casual player too.
      I have all the mentioned ships. +Missouri and Southern Dragon (for free) even Okhotnik Emden and Tachibana oh I forgot Arkansas. Yeah I’m played since Beta 🙂 … I don’t have the Harekaze and the Atlanta… Still, there will be a chance to earn free Atlanta/Kidd/Sims and the new premium T6 US DD soon so…..
      And I’ve 2 T10’s and 4 T9’s.

    • WG “pay-to-progress” mantra.
      If you’re like me and play with premium account, flags and camos, have a couple of premium ships, and are an above-average player, it’s just easy. 19 point captain and a tier X ship per 100 games? No problem.
      Tiers 9-10 are designed to make you pay, have always been.
      If I was a freebie, I’d probably stick to 6-8. AA environment makes for more convenient CV play, on top of that.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe is it funny that I use my nephew’s birthday to keep track of when I started playing WoWs? The weekend he was born, when the family went to visit my sister, was when I finally got the game to work x-P

  6. I don’t really like any of them but if I have to pick one I’d say the Mo over the Mu.

    It would have been nice if they kept the Mo in the tree but they didn’t so that works too. I have a feeling that she will comeback some day.

  7. Mattias Berggren

    This is a comment

  8. Started playing the game a month prior to Mo’s departure… I wish they’ll rotate both ships…
    I agree with you, keep the Mushy, and readd the Mo. Give players a choice. 🙂

    • They pulled Missouri because it made way too much Credits. It’s never coming back. However, they *could* do another FreeXP Iowa-class for Tier IX but without the Money Printer like Missouri had.

  9. Hia id love some CC crates ?

  10. Missouri is better for exp and credits but Musashi is is powerful

  11. here’s my comment.

    What did you expect? Some clever quip? Nahh, none for you today

  12. I think he Musashi is better if you want to live and do more damage: it has more health, armor, and bigger guns. I think the Missouri is better if you want more credits and to support your team more: it has a bigger credit multiplier, and the radar is great.

    Playing against the two, the Musashi is a bigger pain to deal with because it doesn’t care about your armor, and it’s harder to kill with that armor and health. The Missouri is easier to kill in my experience.

  13. Team play with radar or long range lol-penz. Hmm depends on how you feel when you log in. id just get both… which i have…

  14. I have both of them but i prefer the Missouri, i like to move a lot with BB!

  15. none of your business

    Here is my clever and witty comment desperately hoping for a crate.

  16. Hey iChase, do you think that WG should remove the ability to matchmake into tier 9 with tier 7 CVs? Time after time I get placed in a tier 9 game with my Kaga and Ranger/Hiryu and the gameplay is really quite brutal. The kaga is really darn fun when you play in tier 6/7 and some 8 MM but even then your planes can still get wrecked by Atlanta’s and other AA strong ships, so you do still have some relative challenge when playing. It’s not as bearable as taking a tier 8 cv into tier 10 because you can still be useful against weak AA ships and DDs. But earlier today I was in a tier 9 game with a kaga against a Saipan, and there was absolutely nothing I could do. Tier 6/7 planes get auto shredded at tier 9 which is why I wish I didn’t queue that high. What are your thoughts?

  17. Musashi is a beast. No tricks or gimmicks.

  18. Why would I want a crappy Yammo …… Mo money Mo money Mo money

  19. I really don’t see the advantage of Musashi over other battleships. Its just a big target for CVs, guns aren’t as accurate as Yamato, and it handles like a barge.. Really unless you just enjoy bullying Colorados its just a big meatshield, and lets face it; any ship can bully a Colorado.
    Also turns out Musashi for some reason gets boosted aircraft. Huh, never knew that. Might have been actually useful before catapult fighters got nerfed

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