World of warships – Musashi WiP (top tier)

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  1. You should post that video to Jingles’ “Why You Heff To Be Mad” for being creatively stupid.

  2. How in the Flying Fuck will Colorado deal with this thing?
    Musashi can outrun that ship in its sleep.

  3. I think there’s room for another Jap. Premium at Tier 9.
    Battleship No. 13 with quad Long Lance TT launchers on each sides.
    That ship would be TORPITZ on Steroids.

    But I doubt Wargaming will invest the effort to model a ship from scratch that has no history for a premium slot.

  4. I don’t understand why they insisted on making it T9 when the actual ship was literally a Yamato. They could have just made it a T10 free XP ship for 1,000,000 XP or something. Or made it a reward ship like the Salem.
    Still cool though, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • dont worry as cruisers will still get overmatched by BBs just like this one so it doesnt make a difference. also T7 BBs are overmatched anyway too

    • how she isnt copypaste? mutsu, kii and ashitaka are way more different to their counterparts (nagato, amagi) than musashi is to the yamato

    • its actually very similar to them as its basically an older hull Yamato…the one that doesnt normally exist

    • well yeah. it is basically yamto so i dont know which other ship would you call copypaste when hes saying that musashi isnt…prinz eugen maybe?

    • they are all copy paste just with some minor changes, like older hull. eugen is pretty much a complete copy.

  5. Actually secondary turrets were from Mogami class cruisers (on Yamato too). It was huge weak spot becouse lack of proper armor on them. AFAIR Yamato was destroyed by ammo explosion from fire that was started by dive bomber AP bomb that went straight to the ammo depot through the roof of front secondary turret.
    BTW Yamato and Musashi were the same size 🙂

  6. Don’t like this ship too much.
    If some of the testers bitch that this ship is OP for T9 they’ll nerf this severely.



    seriously though – I love my Missouri. The Radar makes for some hilarious YOLO plays.

    • I just got it I and I feel like it has an identity crisis, the Accuracy and mediocre armor beg me to play at range but the radar and speed always pull me close in, I’m considering Marc for Missouri for hitting the radared lolis when I’m rushing an enemy bb, any advice on play style to maximize WR?

    • I’ll take it back when she starts performing again for me 😉

    • Like any lady, She performs when she’s handled properly 😉

  8. Flambass, would you prefer the mushasi over the missouri?

  9. I like you sir. Not as I Love flamu. But u’re the hot Paul McCartney there.. really an adorable monster.

  10. Why this thing don’t have Yamatos gun sounds? I really like them 😀

  11. Why not both 🙂

  12. “The guns on the Missouri are malfunctioning when I am playing it”. Em, not exactly, you tempted fate yesterday when you faced the guns of my Missouri in your Kutuzov in the Estuary map. You were ahead on ships, hiding safely behind island in your cap waiting for me – last chance for my team – to commit and hit me. But I came close, then radared, saw your position, then came to your corner in angle where you could only back off slowly. You tried to angle carefully so you can torp me after my first salvo (if you angled for torps before my first salvo you were 100% dead)- if I missed I was dead. But in one salvo from my forward guns you got blasted away, even though you showed little side, I then moved in the cap, killed and damaged the other two ships and finished the cap and we won. Now those Missouri guns sure did not malfunction…

    • I remember the match that you’re talking about and that has nothing to do with what I stated. I knew I was dead when you came around there, I could have killed you if I wanted to trade but I was hoping to get away and not trade but you were faster and caught me mid maneuver and that was it. But my Missouri not performing is entirely different matter, besides I stated MY Missouri not yours 😉

  13. 13:44 Now I love you even more Flambass!

  14. Hope this pos gets nerfed to the ground. Complete garbage tactics shouldnt be rewarded like that.

  15. It’s just not exciting. It has nothing unique. May as well just play Yamato since I already have MO and tier 9 faces tier 10 half the time anyway. And it will be food for carriers.

  16. 10:18 WTF aim is that…….

  17. Do you use the standard default crosshairs when u play? Are those better then the dynamic ones?

  18. I’d resubscribe/watch your videos if you make commentary specifically for the video rather than listening to the live audio from your stream, etc.

    • Well I’m gonna have more time from now on so I do plan in future to make YT only content but there is still a lot I don’t understand about YT so it will take time, in the mean time I will continue to do it this way

  19. only a retard would label this tier IX… WTF WG

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