World of warships – Musashi

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A VERY powerful BB, it has way more HP than anything else in it’s tier and way bigger guns than anything else in her tier. There is no problem dealing with tier X if you end up there.


  1. Actually, you are doing damage with your Musashi faaaaaaar more consistently, then I do with my Yamato…
    I know the Yamato is supposed to be the “reliable hitter”, but to be honest: There are days when my Tirpitz is more reliable…

  2. LoL you beat my dmg record in Musashi by 13 dmg (also my dmg record overall lol)

  3. musashi earns less credits then missouri does, she probably earns about 60-70% more credits then a silver ship

  4. musashi can be cita from the front.
    also had this multible times.
    it´s a crap ship.
    missouri is MUCH much better in ALL ways!
    after shooting some shells with musashi you have a minimum of 100k credits costs,thats absurd for a prem ship!

    • Lmao.

      Ah, wow … sorry, but thats just a fail there. It shares the exact same armour as Yamato, she cannot be citadelled from the front, the only other vessel capable of overmatching her bow, is another Musashi or a Yamato. As for this obscene price you’ve blurted out, haven’t ran into that myself, but then again my salvo’s on average will do damage, I can make usually 800-1mil with Musashi, it doesn’t cost much at all to run her because … she’s a premium dude. Missouri however will easily run 1mil in a so-so match, even upto 2mil with a decent 180-200k dmg match, but then again if Musashi was similar, she’d make those figures all the god damn time what with being easily capable of doing 100k damage within the first 5 to 8minutes of the game.

      The Missouri is hardly better in all ways, she’s lacking in punch, considering she’s an Iowa with Radar – as such, will fall woefully short when it comes to damage output. A competent Musashi player can easily get upwards to 100k within the first 8mins of the match, the Missouri can struggle to do the same. But what the Missouri is far better at is ‘Flanking’ because its far faster than the Musashi, with far better turret traverse, allowing it to be far more mobile at mid-range.

      But have the two meet? all the Musashi has to do is wait for the Missouri to pass broadside and it’ll happily sink the Missouri. But here were are, pitting two very different ships against eachother, Missouri a fast, aggressive flanking battleship – against a long to mid range heavy hitter that usually goes half speed and supports its fellows with big chunking hits of 10-15k here, 21k there and 40k over there.

      Very, very different ships, for very, very different playstyles.

  5. 6:35 yamato pops up on minimap
    6:44 OH MY GOD WTF WAS THAT (he ded)

  6. That was enemy Yamato, you can recognize those shells from Yamamoto, he was shooting at You later from the middle. Almost all shells landed with minimal dispersion. He was first in exp on enemy team score.

  7. Funniest Division ever, 3 stooges does ships…lol

  8. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    I thought the most OP division was…Conqueror, Zao and Khaba??? 
    Where did Henri IV come from lol… Yeah Henri has the highest fire chance – but shells are so floaty…
    edit* – you got triple citadel’ed  by a Yamato from 7D at 6:44

  9. teach me the way to hit like a truck too Flambass senpai. I’ve been playing her since yesterday, did a bit more than 20 games, and the lead is not a problem compared to my first games in Nagato. But somehow, somehow, I can’t hit shit. The shells are either not connecting and splashing around, or I just do overpens on broadsides Yamatos…
    Also : what’s your module built on it ? Full main battery and survivability ? I read some people like to play it secondary but i honnestly don’t see how considering I usually lose most of my turrets in 2 salvos

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