World of Warships – Mutsu Review – Terror at Tier 6

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In the right hands the Mutsu with her 410mm guns will terrorize tier 6. However, in the wrong hands she will do nothing but frustrate her captain and create tons of salt. Also, be careful when you end up in tier 8 battles. Enjoy this review of the tier 6 premium Japanese , Mutsu.


  1. 3rd!!!! 3rd all the way!

  2. Jose Miguel Quilao Mahalin

    I can’t even look at Mutsu properly because I think of Snail Mutsu…….


  4. Ichase:
    When in the cinema, should popcorn be salted or sugared?

  5. Really sorry to hear she had complications, but hopefully they’ll fix
    everything. Stay strong.

  6. Best to you and your mom, iChase. I’m glad you pushed the local physicians
    for more testing. Everyone makes mistakes. Just glad they listened to your
    request for the MRI.

  7. I think that mentality adjusment is going to be neccesary for ANY teir 6 BB
    isnt it?

  8. How can you tell what shells a ship uses? Am I just an idiot?

  9. This is perhaps going to seem like a really weird question…;but does
    anyone else feel that some ships are consistently more accurate when chain
    firing, whereas others are consistently more accurate when firing one big
    salvo…? Like I’ve been paying attention to this for a long time and I
    think there could actually be something to that. Like the Nagato and the
    kongo are better firing in one big salvo, whereas the Warspite is most
    accurate when chain firing

  10. “Seal clubbi…, The Pengui…, and WG HAX R…” Interesting. Also, hope
    your mom’s getting better.

  11. Christopher Matarazzo

    how do we calculate how much armor your shells penetrate, I forgot

  12. Christopher Matarazzo

    what if we got ichase, notser, jingles, sneaky snake and aerroon to play
    together on the same team….. it would be devastating

  13. Good luck to you and your mom Chase.

  14. bwtter get the AZrina more guns=moar powarrr

  15. 7:25 Interesting historical tidbit: the older Type 88 410mm shells seen on
    the Mutsu were the shells that the Japanese Navy later modified into
    armor-piercing bombs and used at Pearl Harbor. Arizonas beware!

  16. crap my battle with you didn’t get used. but yeah many reviewers i have
    seen really hate this ship for inaccurate guns and squishy armor.

  17. Still, where is the ise? I would like a hybrid battleship sometime soon, I
    say tier 6.

  18. Chase who do you think would win in a 1V1 Arizona Mutsu?

  19. OH GREAT!!!!! THAT’S NOT GOOD!!!!!

  20. it seems that she also carry plane which was designed specifically for her
    by heinkel

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