World of Warships Mutsu Review

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The release of the is imminent. WG has authorized a lift of the NDA, so I have for you my first thoughts on this 6 . I was very excited for this. An IJN BB? What’s not to like? And it has torpedoes! Well… sadly the ship did not quite live up to my expectations. Especially when there are three other very T6 BBs in the game (AZ, and Dunquerke). As it stands now, the Mutsu lags behind both in my opinion.

Now, to be fair, the Mutsu is going to get several buffs prior to release. I have not tested the ship with those buffs. Its turret rotation, rudders and reload are all getting buffed, so it very well could make the ship a good ship when released. Because of that, I am urging everyone to hold off on purchasing for a week or so. Don’t rush into it. Give a chance for reviews to trickle out post release, let the performance be reevaluated, and then make your decision.

There are certain things that won’t get buffed that still hold the ship back. Dispersion and armor. The ship is squishy and the dispersion is not that great.

Anyhow, Thanks for watching.



  1. So I take it this ship has increased detonation chance for historical accuracy right?

  2. Poor Mutsu! She blowed up cause of the stupid ammo that was given to her!

  3. Zoup 1V1 Arizona or Mutsu?

  4. So she plays like a Nagato with A hull, and comparing ijn bbs to german or american for armour is not a fair comparison, ijn armour generally sucks compared to the other nations till Yamato, always has always will.

  5. Great video and when Zoup saying she’s super slug like squishy, one thing comes in my mind… slug or snail puns.

  6. Are those single shot torpedoes? You know the ones that WG said would only ever be on RN ships?

  7. Seems to be played oddly wrong ^^

  8. soooo its something that i will hate like i hate kongo and Nagato ill wait for changes but hmmm

  9. “It’s mediocre at best” — IJN Premium BBs true story.
    Ishizuchi — Not half as bad, but it’s an experienced captain’s ship. It does not forgive mistakes at all. It has same agility stats as the Mutsu (or 770m/~15sec rudder shift) and no armor.
    Mikasa — WG never fixed her since she went out in sept’2015. Supposed to have secondaries as her gimmick yet they have 3km range, and the ship only goes 18kts. Useless outside of Coop, and I do better with a stock Tier1 ship no contest. Tried PvP with her roughly a dozen times, absolutely atrocious.

    One day we may bet a IJN premium worth it’s salt. Today is not that day.
    Of all the reviews watched so far, the Mutsu is 2-in-7, or 28.5%… Poor thing.

  10. man every reviewer says its crap… look at it, 0 armor -_- everything you take is a high damage lol

  11. so its just Nagato stock with torps. Also all the whining in this video could be said about any IJN bb lol

  12. To me, it sounds like you’re complaining about average IJN BB issues because you’ve been playing the braindea- I mean German BBs for so long. Here’s a better question:

    How does she compare to the Fully-upgraded Nagato?

  13. Imperial Order Gaming

    I think we found the new Krispy Kreme (Krasny Krym)

  14. – Says the accuracy and damage sucks, and can’t hit anything at 13/15km.

    – Shows replay after replay of getting double citadels and 30k salvo’s at 15~ km….


  15. Instead of Mutsu, maybe they should’ve released the Hyuga… before the flight deck mod.

  16. why not just put her in with her ww2 re-fit and just make her a tier 7 premium instead of a 6?

  17. Hm…looks like WG’s new meta for BBs…make them easier to kill so the special snowflakes don’t have to work too hard. Geeze, this is one ship I won’t even bother to touch if they don’t do some major work on it.

  18. this ship is not for the newbs zoup :V

  19. This ship is a Sniping Ship Zoup not a pushing ship….

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