World of Warships – MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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Detonate me will you????????????????


  1. Southern Pacific Lines

    IChase you evil!

  2. Chase uploaded at a regular human being time? wtf…

  3. Isaiah Jennings

    its confirmed i chase has gone off the deep end the sea salt has finally claimed another youtuber

  4. Colonel Overkill

    Guess you had an explosive start to your gaming evening?

  5. nice sealclubbing! i am canadian so its my culture 🙂

  6. this cannot be legal to watch! oh the poor souls!

  7. CCTMAYCB-VXRPE-2ZARB code detected….

  8. airplanemaster1

    I’ma be honest, I’m gonna miss the Cleveland being at T6. It was like she was purpose built for me where she was; Tier 6, where I can comfortably play casually without constantly having to use effort meant for Ranked or top tier matches.
    Before 0.7.5 I had racked up about 757K exp from playing her. Now I have a Pensacola with 757K of unearned exp, a Cleveland bumped up 2 tiers so I have to put in real effort now, and she’s doesn’t feel like my signature ship anymore…

    • It’s fun at its new tier. 6.5 second main battery reload time, 9.1 km detectability with 9km radar range, hydro and defensive fire. It’s almost like playing Belfast, with Defensive Fire replacing Smokescreen.

  9. You’re starting to worry me iChase…flipping out because you forgot a det flag 🙂 keep up the “interesting” content

  10. Wolf of the Aurora

    I think we lost iChase…

  11. A Lexington turned Chase evil. XD

    still too late for code…

  12. Salt mode activated!

  13. I love my stock pile of juliet charlies :p

  14. Then : iCG = iChaseGaming
    Now : iCG = iClubGaming

  15. I will post a general warning in the section
    This video contains sealclubbing wich may damage your soul
    This video also contains crualty againgst little boats
    Viewer discretion advised

  16. I am gonna take a shower after watching this video

  17. “Because Kaga didn’t satisfy me”
    Uhm… i-is there something you want to tell us…?


  19. This video is not about any kind of revenge. I would say this is more like a message to WG. Sometimes you can explain things, sometimes you have to make a drawing.
    About the detonation, players still don’t understand that it still exists as a mean of helping balancing MM. If there’s not enough CAs for MM, some people playing CAs will detonate at some point. If it’s lacking DDs, detonate a few and that’s it.
    Otherwise how could someone explain that a “mechanic” that 99% of the player base find horrible and completely stupid is still there? The devs don’t want to end something that helps them balance MM and maybe even more important, some may not think of this, but WG LITERALLY MAKES MONEY WITH DETONATIONS. I don’t think I have to explain how.

  20. I feel dirty just watching this…

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