World of Warships – My 1st battle in the crazy new mode

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Here is my 1st ever battle in this crazy new
I have not seen anyone play this prior to this battle and I have forgotten most info about ships consumables.
While it may be fun if you’re into this sort stuff, it is very counter intuitive me which makes me not exactly enjoy it too much but I hope you have a blast playing it.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 0:29 Doing your homework in the morning on the school bus.
    A third of it…

    Still, Flambass videos usually make me laugh. This one, for the first time when he once again starts humming the Trollolo song.

    And of course on 3:12, when teacher wants to see the homework and wittle Flambass hasn’t done most of it.
    Not HIS fault that the bus ride wasn’t long enough!!1

    And just as in school, the lazy cool kid can rely on some nerd or other sharing his homework to suck up.

    And at the end, he passes judgement on the new stuff of today’s lesson, which builds on the homework he didn’t fully do and which therefore of course is “dumb” and “boring” #lol We never really leave school.

  2. That moment when you realize you have a test to study for but Flambass uploaded another video. Time to watch the video then study. #priorities

  3. Weird.
    Too many gimicks.

    • I only watch Flambass because he’s fun to listen to, like Jingles. Gave up on WoWS a few months ago mainly due to silly garbage like the Halloween skins/ships.

  4. Battleships are the way to go in this mode, thats why there are the most. Accuracy consumable OP

    • Exactly. This consumable is absolutely insane. I love it. I oneshot at least 1-2 ships every games with it. And you can hit DDs because you must not shoot them unless they are point blank. Because of all the healing options, chip damage on DDs is absolutely useless. Oneshot them or just dont bother aiming at them.

    • ]The accuracy mod is useless, nay harmful against DDs
      Except from up close, that’s when the accuracy mod turns you into a monster even against DD’s.

    • +Cancun771 That depends on your aim. It is very usefull on charging dds

    • It is unless your hunted by the Ghoul *And he knows that the 2.9km Stealth build against an inconspicuous BB, then torps in the water and they never see it comin’*

    • Even with the consumables you can’t get below 3km man, the point for radar is to deny that consumable and forcing the creeping DD to run away using engine boost or die a silly death. Leviathan exists to deny Octopus with that Accuracy consumable, Ghoul well yeah if you can do creeping maneuver then go ahead, without octopus around, that’s totally deadly.

      Also I’m looking forward for another batch with steel rat and razorworm.

  5. Totally disagree, I love the DD gameplay but you need to use the speed boost better. Get in there and fight. it is a fun mode, not to be serious

  6. More gimmicks to try and distract the player base from the real game’s issues

  7. The secret to this mode is to stay together! Why people don’t get that is beyond me.

  8. Flambass had homework to do before the battle.
    “Why r they not shooting?”
    Cuz they have no range.
    Way to go into battle w/o looking at the abilities of your enemy or your own ship for that matter.
    It’s one thing to add elevator (yuck) music to the background, but humming it yourself?
    Go back to streaming your clan battles!

  9. Just like a noob to go into battle with no Intel.

  10. Half your comment start with “What…” and a third start off, “My team…”
    Have you considered Silent Videos?

  11. So….. since any of us could have gone into a new mode blindly, what was your reasoning behind making this video?
    Was it to make the game mode look silly or you?

    • It was to show the game mode in case you haven’t played it, so you have an idea what you would be getting into, surely that’s not too hard to understand

  12. You should try 2 BBs in a division, firing at the same target, witht he consumable that puts all 9 shells at the target. Or even 3 bbs, now that’s fun, if it’s not done to you. You literally can Roflstomp evertything.

  13. you will never get the point if you don’t learn about these ships

  14. Akin to playing speed chess over a standard game of chess..

  15. Amount of battleships should slowly go down with the amount of asashio’s sold in black friday sale…

  16. I’m glad they are making game modes like this. I guess I wouldn’t be playing anymore otherwise. Random games are more frustration than fun, because of unbalanced MM (in player skill, not ship class)and a few of the game mechanics (like the way radar works; CV are finally adressed but still in the future)

  17. Watching Flambass and then he starts singing Twisted Sister 🙂 and I thought I could not like him any more ! Well had little interest in the mode before this and now even Flambass can not make it look inviting 🙂

  18. Turning on the invulnerability and ramming battleships to death is hillarious in this mode

  19. Speed Boost plus Cant receive damage exceeding your hp = RAM!

  20. ….toddlers wetting their pants in order to show ” how grew up they are ” i have told you …..WG is about eye candy and nothing more…..its a farce…..

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