World of Warships – My BEST Game Ever! Absolute Massacre!

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World of Warships – Myoko Tier 7 Japanese Cruiser Gameplay
WOWS Cruiser Gameplay – Killing One of Each Class!

Thanks for watching!


  1. +Sgt. Vodka If it does not open up with patch 0.4.0 of course

  2. +seanreaper2398 4 ships, 4 bases

  3. That’s a Myoko-class, not Takao. They are different.

  4. +Joe Ayres: Musician nah i like the flush – conjures up images of their
    fleet going down the toilet.

  5. Joe Ayres: Musician

    +Saladin1187 that or a full house

  6. +Saladin1187 Thats a great name for it! I was thinking the “Cycle”. But
    yours is better.

  7. +Stefan Kamzol sinkings for a cycle

  8. That’s probably the best idea, cuz you’re clubbing 4 different things.

  9. Totally agree.

  10. Eric “EriComic” Sjöström

    +cat videos FTW well if I am in a Fuso you could expect me to do some
    damage eyy? Btw I did do about 120k. But I can understand why you wrote
    that. There are a lot of people who brag over nothing after all.

  11. +dmashowtime that’s not a bad name. Thanks mate!

  12. +dubhead spartan I am Jealous. You think he has the Dad bod? lololol


  14. SENPAI

  15. +dubhead spartan *stugudish*

  16. +herma van der linde cheers o7

  17. +Victor Kirklighter I’ll check out the Tenryu for sure, thanks for the

  18. +BaronVonGamez I was also thinking a baseball term, hitting for the cycle.

  19. +Glen Bowles haha I like that one

  20. +The Gaming Fantic hahaha I like that idea!

  21. +Toothbrush Shank so is my performance. BOOM GOTEM!

  22. +Nick Jones o7

  23. +BaronVonGamez do you already have USS IOWA? because they changed a lot of
    things so now the montana get 97 on AA armament and IOWA get 3 upgrades and
    full upgraded IOWA has like 87 AA armament.

    sorry for the long comment, ill give you soon potato for scale

  24. +Roy Shein ….if that’s true, thats absolutely hilarious haha. IVE GOT

  25. +Chase Sillar I don’t like the dev/death server. I am not playing WT
    anymore. MM drunk like phlydaily during livesream

  26. +Roy Shein look at the lower glacis plate

  27. +Chase Sillar neh I don’t think so XD

  28. +BaronVonGamez yep, nokia is invincible. thor’s hammer made of nokia, kv-2
    made of nokia and GTA V trees made out of nokia

  29. +BaronVonGamez i think he meant invincible 😛

  30. +BaronVonGamez I think you could call it……….”Ball Game”…..

  31. +BaronVonGamez we could take a page from baseball and call it shooting for
    the cycle, or we could call it the fleet hunter award. I’ve seen some other
    good ideas too.

  32. +BaronVonGamez A full house


  34. Love the thumbnail too.

  35. +Morgan Frost thank you sir o7

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