World of Warships – My BEST Game Ever! Absolute Massacre!

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World of Warships – Myoko Tier 7 Japanese Cruiser Gameplay
WOWS Cruiser Gameplay – Killing One of Each Class!

Thanks for watching!


  1. The award should be “Sharing the wealth”

  2. trophy name “all of the above”

  3. Can you play the Bismarck

  4. Kill one ship of each class: Grand Slam

  5. Full house

  6. All rounder 

  7. Robert M. OrtizJohnson

    ha get swiveled enimies

  8. class destroyer and pentakill nice

  9. +BaronVonGamez well played mate!

  10. Jack of all trades- kill one of each ship class in a battle

  11. Just call it a grand slam, 4 scores!

  12. his attention span

  13. Maarten ten wolde

    wow i was exactly the thousand liker

  14. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    I don’t care how crap my computer is, I want the open beta sooooo bad

  15. the 4 sea horsemen

  16. The award should be called Get Rekt.

  17. Baron, when does World of Warships open up to more people, will there be
    another set of open beta or is it closed until alpha.

  18. Full House!!

  19. you sound like Chris Pratt

  20. I think royal flush also u should play as the north carolina next its my
    favorite battleship ever

  21. Videos like these make me want to join the navy…

  22. Like in baseball where you hit for the cycle (single, double, triple, and
    home run). The award needs to be called the cycle

  23. Hat trick.

  24. Full house or jack of all trades

  25. Kitchen sink 

  26. Alexander Sjoholm

    Why not just call it a “Full House” including the air kills five kill types
    five cards in your hand.

  27. One of each should be called a Full House

  28. vot joo meen rem0v1ng albany?

  29. How about The Full Nelson? The incapacitating wrestling hold, named for the
    hero of Trafalgar.

  30. Dam you suck bro!

  31. Should call that award dabbletastic

  32. Royal flush

  33. Maybe well-rounded?

  34. Cyclone Thunder ( Kill 1 type of ship from different classes )

  35. a full house

  36. Should be called an Ace, that was such a good game to watch

  37. when does this game come out?

  38. Michael Ferguson

    Hey Baron what do you think of the Closed Beta ship, the USS Arkansas?

  39. Grand Slam:D

  40. Royal Sunk XD

  41. hello Baron. i´m from Brazil and a fan, great gameplay, more woorld of
    warships videos pls!!!

  42. Colin Wiesner (Church42)

    Awfully close Baron. It’s a cardinal sin to dump torps when you’re behind a
    friendly. Good chance you’ll have a case of friendly torpedus

  43. Full House award

  44. sinking for the cycle makes perfect since. Hitting for the cycle is in
    baseball and its where you hit a home run, first base hit, second base hit,
    and a third base hit in one game.

  45. How about the It Don’t Matter medal.because it don’t matter what they send
    I’ll kill them all or the kill em all medal.

  46. maybe im in the minority here but i feel that these two games WoW and war
    thunder should be based more on wiping out the other side than these caps.
    Just like at the end of this video Baron wasn’t able to see if his torps
    hit. Prolly a selfish point of view but i like watching the duels than the
    objective playing…i mean this is an arcade style game here!

  47. Maybe call it a “Royal Ace”

  48. Royal Flush

  49. kill every class = royal flush of course :P


    +BaronVonGamez Re: what to call that awesome first game? Not a gg, but a
    GG. 😉 Or a RFGG! :o

  51. +BaronVonGamez Hey, are you interested in playing The Forest again? It has
    multiplayer now.

  52. Uss lexintion 

  53. Netherfield Junction

    There was talk of that award in the forums. The ‘Well Rounded’ award. Kill
    1 of each class of ship and survive the battle.

  54. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    This is why Takao class heavy cruisers are the best….. she’s just too

  55. Atlanta or some other DPM machine

  56. Killing 1 of them all I would call a Full House haha

  57. i wish i could share the screen cap of the game i just had.
    i did slightly better than your game but i was in a St. Louis… lol
    and yes i got 5 kills and the “full house” …..

  58. Wait, WowS is coming out for obt and the end of this month? Fuuuucccck

  59. Trianglican Pope


  60. Man, the gun sound effects in this game are fucking fantastic.

  61. I think Star Wars battlefront will be… BAD. I heard bad news about Star
    Wars battlefront – good graphics and sounds but TERRIBLE game play. EA and
    DICE are rushing the Star Wars game out. EA and DICE will never do this

  62. Finally OPEN BETA!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  63. You got a full monty!

    Play premium ship Atlanta lets get some shell carnage!!

  64. its very enjoyable to watch your videos

  65. “Fleet killer”, “Headhunter”, “Sea scourge”, or “Scourge of the sea”. Also,
    cool ideas for some other medals “Bastin” or more plainly “Defender” which
    you would get for stopping the enemy from a near cap by killing them. And
    this one would be a bit obscure, but Why not “Falerist” which you would get
    after receiving a particularly large amount of medals over time, some huge
    number that only players like you would reach. (By the way, a Falerist is a
    collector of medals and awards) just a few ideas.

  66. The Full Monte! Yehaaaa nice game BVG!

  67. I believe natural born killer would be a good medal. I also like the full
    house that’s already been posted.

  68. Would love more Mount and Blade

  69. Hope they update with submarines and more types of ships!

  70. I”d call it a Pearl Harbor. too soon?

  71. “full house”

  72. Id say for the award things a full house or a complete set 

  73. The quartet

  74. julian archuleta

    Play the New Mexico!

  75. A royal flush.

  76. you should do some more men of war assault squad2

  77. see you in game

  78. In baseball terms, getting a single, double, triple and a home run is known
    as “hitting for the cycle”. Maybe “Killing for a cycle”?

  79. It should be called “the kitchen sink” for sinking one of every class ship

  80. Ace in the Hole for killing 1 of each class

  81. A fleet flush 

  82. Downing one of each class:

    Full House
    Destroyer- Jack
    Cruiser- Queen
    Battleship- King
    Carrier- Ace
    (Planes- Joker)

  83. Cordell Canfield

    Royal Flush, it’s so naval

  84. for killing one ship of each type – “NIS” (No one Is Safe) or Hunter-Killer
    (or just “HK”)

  85. Might as in the game of poker call it a carrier-high-straight flush CV, BB,
    CA, DD, TBD (the fifth card because you shot down enemy planes)

  86. Standalone-Chronicles of Dayz

    Call it an ace !!!

  87. Lucky Bastard?

  88. Killing at least 1 of every class of ship: Full House

  89. One of each type- hit for the cycle!

  90. i would call that a yahtzee! lol one of each right. good game there BARON.

  91. Gotta love the Myoko

  92. 9:32 take a drink of vodzka (if you have seen how did I met your mother you
    will get me)

  93. Achievement: “Don’t Discriminate, Detonate”

  94. Used Iowa


  96. Morning Baron ..=-)

    Kill 1 of each class should equal a “Class Act”

  97. Wait their removing the kitakami? D:

  98. Ultimate fleet killer

  99. Bigger the better, Montana Class Battleship Baron please and thank you

  100. Yeah. It’s not really a good match to share I think. But thanks for

  101. One of each class…call it the “Full Deck” award, like a full card deck.

  102. GameBoyChronicles

    Gosh I’m so excited for this game. They just announced that open beta is
    soon to come, a matter of days maybe until they roll the patches from the
    public test client. Can’t wait! There are a few people though, that say the
    game isn’t ready yet for open beta.

  103. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Grand Slam!!! Killing one of each class of ship should be called a Grand
    Slam!!!!!!! By the way nice game Baron! And remember, everyone needs some
    of this Torpedus!

  104. Fleet Sinker. 

  105. Award= full house

  106. In baseball it would be a Cycle. Single, double triple, and a home run in
    one game. 

  107. GrayAndAnime OwO

    i would call the medal the Richard Cake. war gaming likes to name medals
    after famous people and he was the skipper for us USS Albacore

  108. The award should be called the “Straight Flush”

  109. My best game was when I got 113 hits 2 kills one a sims and another an
    Essex then I chased a Lexy for a bit and got forty hits off him

  110. Call it a Straight ;)

  111. Congratulations on 200,000 subs. You deserved it, and more.

  112. Andrej “Lord Shpee” Gloser

    Full House or Flash 😀 

  113. Reward should be “Full House”

  114. Call the award fourpidous !!!

  115. One of each destroyed should be called a Straight like in poker :)

  116. Take the Mutsuki out for a spin, Baron…

  117. Much damage such wow

  118. how about the ship master award.

  119. luke pickersgill

    How about this for a suggestion as he makes fire ap should cause flooding
    therefore u hav choice for what u want to do

  120. I would call killing one of each type of ship class a “fleet”

  121. m60 patton!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Noble Sublett (Nobleknight747)

    Award should be called Sea Baron in your honor

  123. YAMATO PLS!!!!!

  124. You should call the award “the Kraken”

  125. Very nice turnaround Baron o7

  126. Award for killing one of every ship class: Omnipotent

  127. Hey baron how about ‘a full house’ or ‘a straight flush’ as a name for the

  128. “floundering for the cycle, like hitting for the cycle in baseball

  129. in baseball its called hitting for the cycle

  130. A Typical Youtuber

    Battlefront best game of E3? No way my man, from the sounds of it the game
    is amazingly a simplified version of the old games, how they manages that I
    have no idea. Fallout 4 clearly won E3 though.

  131. I recently started watching your videos! I instantly subscribed your
    content is great, you are also very good at the games and you seem to share
    my intrest in World War 2, even though my country took advantage of the
    situation by selling metal to both the Axis and The Allied (I’m Swedish) I
    digressed, loving your videos keep it up!

  132. Do you know when it comes out? 

  133. This particular session alone should be made into a movie.

    “Baron: Master of the seas”

  134. Killing all 4 types of ships should be called a Royal Flush or Full House

  135. Hey Baron – read this. Off topic but you may find it interesting. Keep up
    the good work! 

  136. The GhostedFlame

    Award name for killing one of each class:
    The Armada Killer

  137. Give the enemy 12 barrels of Montana Battleship

  138. Eric “EriComic” Sjöström

    Wow… dude! I may have gotten 6 in my Fuso but you got freaking 5 IN A
    CRUISER! Well played good sir o7

    • +Eric Sjöström I love my fuso, and yah “I got 8 kills”, how much damage?
      20k…..not much to brag about.people just don’t understand Damage>kills

    • Eric “EriComic” Sjöström

      +cat videos FTW well if I am in a Fuso you could expect me to do some
      damage eyy? Btw I did do about 120k. But I can understand why you wrote
      that. There are a lot of people who brag over nothing after all.

    • +Eric Sjöström btw kills aren’t everything, baron barely did 75k damage. I
      could get 10 1 hp kills, how awesome would that be? wouldn’t I just of had
      the best game doing 10 damage?

  139. love your wows vids

  140. OH yeah keepem comin man!

  141. Call it shooting the cycle 

  142. Can’t wait till the open beta comes out. I love this game and war thunder
    so much but sadly I didn’t get a closed beta invite. :(

  143. Baron can u play more war thunder the tank req?!

  144. “Is the ranger in… range?” Ah baron you and your dad jokes

  145. herma van der linde

    Nice Gameplay :)

  146. Victor Kirklighter

    Had a game just like that on my Mogami. Baron, if you want to have a TON
    of fun, play the Tenryu (Tier III)… I have had my best game ever in that
    thing! Love your Vids, dude. Keep them coming!

  147. hitting for the cycle

  148. Davy Jones Award!

  149. 19th!

  150. The Gaming Fantic

    The baronvongames award- kill one ship if each class

  151. yamoto

  152. Omg all them dive bombers!

  153. Nate Durrenberger

    Do more world of warships 

  154. super arbeit der führer würde stolz sein

  155. Toothbrush Shank

    That thumbnail is quite dramatic…

  156. I like that people have posted ‘great video’ when there’s no way they could
    have watched the entire thing. It’s only been up a short while. Nonetheless
    I’m sure it will be a good video, as they usually are. 

  157. the matchmaking is awesome: I went to a random battle and there was a
    player named “im_in_love” and under him a guy named “withed_koko”… u know
    that song?

    • +BaronVonGamez do you already have USS IOWA? because they changed a lot of
      things so now the montana get 97 on AA armament and IOWA get 3 upgrades and
      full upgraded IOWA has like 87 AA armament.

      sorry for the long comment, ill give you soon potato for scale

    • +Roy Shein ….if that’s true, thats absolutely hilarious haha. IVE GOT

  158. for the new map patch and t-10:
    brace yourself!

    nokia tank and winter are coming!

  159. We’ve gotta come up with an award for killing one of each ship class;
    Battleships, cruiser, destroyer and carrier in one game. Any ideas?
    What ship would you like me to play next?

  160. Great video mate, keep up the good work.

  161. sup

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