World of Warships – My Cousin Vinny

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HMS St. Vincent, new tier 10 Royal Navy battlecruiser. Fearsome firepower with some fairly large weaknesses. Better exploit that firepower before everyone figures out what a glass cannon this thing is.

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  1. Could it be named for Admiral Jervis who became Earl St. Vincent after his victory at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent?

  2. I cannot hear the RN term “boy seaman” without giggling.

  3. “Actually Jingles”, the Odin also can’t overmatch the St Vincent.

  4. St. Vincent definitely burns for 60s, Jingles. You’re probably seeing fire time reduction effects. And it also definitely gets a superheal, you can see the icon.

    • Trolldier • 75 years and

      @Not Today it’s almost a super heal not the same as Conq but still a super heal just less potent

    • @Trolldier • 75 years and It’s the same heal, St Vincent has less hp though, so it heals less hp per tick, but both are still 2% heals

    • @Not Today as stated by others, it is a superheal and it does tick for 2% per second as on the Conqueror. The only difference is that it can only heal 60% of pen damage as opposed to 75% on the Lion and Conq. In this respect it’s the same heal that the Nelson gets. Thunderer gets a slightly improved 0.6%/sec heal and can repair 60% of pen damage, but can also heal 33% citadel damage like a cruiser.

    • Yea you would think he would pull up the wiki and at least GLANCE at the stats instead of just make shit up as he goes…

    • Yeah I have this thing and you can heal over 30k health with it in one shot

  5. Since all of these paper battlecruisers are based on candidate designs from the 1919-21 program, we should be looking at the early to mid 1920s to decide which names were free. The pre-dreadnought Duncan was decommissioned in 1919, and the first destroyer Duncan was commissioned in 1933, leaving a reasonable window where a new capital ship could have beaten the destroyer to the name.

  6. “What are these magic grits?!?!” great movie by the way, ya’ll should watch it if you get the chance. Oh an great video as per usual sir gnome lord!

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    Torps on this ship remind me of the April fools bathtub event.
    Two front firing torpedoes that do a shitton of damage!😂

  8. “you’ll be glad to hear that it doesnt get the typical British super heal…”
    me-looks at health bar…
    me-notices recoverable health…
    me-sweats bullets…

  9. This ship is very obviously based on the G3/N3 designs which (if built) had armour that even a Yamato would appreciate. So why is the armour in game so pathetic?
    Oh that’s right, it’s a British ship and WGing’s mission in life to to make their ships third class compared to fantasy Russian daydreams.

    • It’s based on the I3 design, and given that design only had 304mm of belt armor I’d say Wargaming giving it 330mm-356mm is actually them up armoring it a bit. So the armor would not have been even remotely comparable to Yamato’s 410mm without Wargaming giving it some extra armor.

    • What? Conqueror is a great ship, Thunderer is the best ship. Goliath is amazing, Mino is extremely good. As for Daring, it is one of the best. To say British ships are third class makes you a delusional at best and a lunatic at worst.

  10. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I kinda wish the St. Vincent was named Inflexible to pair up with the Incomperable. Like how the Conqueror pairs with the Thunderer

  11. The Zao at the end… I seriously feel bad for veterans of this game who have to play T10 with these players. I’m fairly new to the game (Bismarck and Amagi player) and I make a fair number of mistakes such as pushing at the wrong time or aiming poorly, but I never ever ever do shit like not switching to AP to a broadside cruiser, and I don’t have a single T10 ship. How do people get to T10 and not learn this??? I know in every game people complain about dumb players and everyone has a learning curve, but WoWs is honestly astounding…

    • Average player age is like 45. And the average 45 year old westerner is usually not as open to learning…. Anything. Unlike our gnome.

    • Honestly, if he was having a really bad day I can understand it. Sometimes I’ll be in a heavy cruiser shoot AP at a flat broadside and get just shatters and overpens; although, I do have famously bad luck. For example, I almost never get to delete tier V light cruisers because I’ll only ever overpen in a battleship

  12. Really frustrating that he refused to shoot at the Harugumo at the beginning. Yes he got some great broadside shots but the game could have been so much easier if he had killed that DD there. Then again his team would have probably won quicker and he would not have gotten such a good result.

  13. Torps on this ship have been a surprise to many ships especially the shima that sped around a island to torp me only to be hit by a single torp that sunk him from full health

  14. St. Vincent in WOWS is the I3 battlecruiser design with a late 1930s modernization. The previous HMS St. Vincent, a 1908 dreadnought, had been scrapped in 1921. Had an I3 actually been built, it would’ve been laid down around 1922, at which point the name St. Vincent was not in use. And thus the training facility at Forton Barracks would’ve needed to be named something else when it was opened in 1927.

  15. Jingles, at the time these ships were designed 1920-21, all those names were either available or becoming available (due to decommissioning of existing ships) for new build ships. As for the ships never existing, two units of what WoW’s call HMS Duncan were laid down in October 1921 only to be cancelled by the Washington Naval Treaty three months later.

  16. Actually Jingles ,2 ships with one name has happened,HMS Unicorn (1824) & HMS Unicorn (I72) were both in service at the same time (one being a Depot ship/hulk) apparently on more than one occasion mail went to the wrong one.The older one is open to the public if you are ever up in Dundee.

  17. Can we take a minute to appreciate the savage kicking that the b turret took while not permanently breaking down.

  18. Now you can argue that in the heat of the battle, the Zao made a mistake (I know, no one else has ever done that), but you don’t end up sinking 4 ships and #2 xp earner by being a dweeb. Between the two of them, 9 of teh 12 kills. Well done to Vinny and Zao, both.

  19. I believe St. Vincent is a nod to the speculation that the N3’s may have received names that align with the patron saints of the countries of Great Britain that comprised the United Kingdom at the time.

    “Though far from receiving names, the four vessels of the N3 design have since been associated, albeit speculatively, with the names of the four patron saints of Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, those being HMS St. Andrew, HMS St. George, HMS St. Patrick and HMS St. David respectively.”

    Weird that they chose St. Vincent of Sargossa though, since y’know, he’s Spanish. The Admiral theory also most definitely hold water. Guess it was a little of option A and option B.

  20. “Actually, Jingles…”, St. Vincent was named for Earl St. Vincent, Admiral Sir John Jervis. Which makes it the second ship in the British tech trees to be named for the same person. Great video, as always!

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