World of Warships- My Favorite Techline Battleship

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the TIX American Battleship, the Iowa, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Nice Iowsky captaiun build you have there ^^
    SLM you added the Nevsky build in place of Iowa’s

  2. For a sec, i was wondering why your Iowa had radar and hydro. The Iowa would have shot to the top of my list of ships to get.

  3. Ahh yes, good o’ American BB.
    No silly and arbitrary one trick gimmicks, just a good and well balanced ship.

  4. mastering US BB Line, makes the other BB Line frustating. If you’re used to US BB dispersion the other bb that can bring the same feeling of dispersion is japanese bb at long range, but still US BB line if you’re used to it, you’re spoiled by it.

  5. Don’t have Iowa yet, but I was able to get Missouri which has AFAIK the very same gun stats, and although the ship is no sniper, she is damn accurate even at the far ends of her module-extended range. The shells are slow, but they fly really close together IMHO, so if you fight a non-maneuvering target (hello Thunderer) and have the correct lead to it, it can be devastating… and the same is true for many other US battleships…

  6. I want Vanguard to be my favourite BB, but its possibly the most butchered and misrepresented real world ship in the game.

  7. Nice video, I’m currently on the New Mex in that line but I’m slowly grinding a lot of lines at mid tiers right now. Must say, I’m a bit surprised your favourite isn’t something like the Schlieffen.

  8. The beauty of the USN BB line is in that mastering it makes you a fundamentally better BB player. The line rewards good play and punishes bad mistakes, unlike some other lines.

  9. She’s my favorite and most played ship in game. Unfortunately I had to stop playing her because I couldn’t stand wasting her in games with super CVs and super DDs where you constantly get burned down or torped by invisible ships. In my opinion in the current meta she really suffers not having any radar/hydro or even an AA boost like the one you can find on some cruisers

  10. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Ah yes that appears to be my Nevsky build and not my Iowa build, apologies there lol

  11. I flew out to Anaheim in 2019, and had to take a detour to L.A. to see the Iowa, and boy, oh boy… what a treat that was. It happened to be fleet week, which was a bonus seeing the LCS ships too, but seeing one just to the sturn of the Iowa, it really put the overall magnitude of it into perspective. She’s a damned intimidating sight to behold for sure.

  12. Iowa is my preferred bb if I want to sit back and have fun. Its a gorgeous ship, historical, and still devastating.

  13. Ships without gimmicks, that are well rounded will do well for many years.

  14. You got me into N Carolina! And then I tested the Iowa and Montana in Public Test and they are really nice! Your video of N Carolina is very good and it explains why the Colorado is not very good. Colorado put me off BB’s for a loooong time! But N Carolina put me on the right track. Thx!!!

  15. Interesting. For me Iowa has been a bit of a let down after the amazing North Carolina, which is by far my favourite ship of this line. Sure Iowa is alot faster and has more HP but its soo long and turns accordingly bad. And NC guns have been more reliable for me.

  16. Unfortunately the jerkovs have ruined T9. Putting T9 ships against what are in effect OP pay to win T12 and T13 ships is pathetic, unfair and not fun.

  17. It would be nice to have USS New Jersey as a long range sniper and USS Wisconsin as a secondary build similar to USS Georgia. They also need to buff Mo’s heal to what the US BB’s have now. But you know wargaming will never give us that.

  18. I’ve seen the Massachusetts and the North Carolina both big ships i can’t imagine the magnitude of the Iowa

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