World of Warships: My First Felix Schultz Match

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F. Schultz is the new T9 German DD. She truly is a cruiser destroyer, but terrible as a destroyer destroyer.

0:00 Felix Schultz Match
14:20 End Screen
15:28 Captain Skills & Upgrades
17:24 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German destroyer Felix Schultz.


  1. This AP is A+.

  2. What commander is this voice?

  3. i wonder if this ship can citadel through yamato citadel cheek Lmao would be a suprise

  4. The great thing about of these DDs is the accuracy. With good aiming you can pinpoint anywhere for consistent damage.

  5. Best High risk high reward ship imo

  6. Pretty cool seeing a DD citing like a Petro.

  7. Noob Question: Please explain the mechanics of Damage Control. Is there an invulnerability period? How do I optimize DCon?

    • There is an invulnerability period from fires. When you press R it is active for some time – 20 seconds on US battleships, 15 seconds on German battleships etc. During that time stuff on your ship can’t be broken.
      The best use of Damage Control Party is to use it when you have multiple fires or floodings or are in a safe position where you aren’t being shot at again.

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      basic answer: in a DD or a Cruiser, save it for when you’re not being shot at anymore to fix stuff, or to quickly fix, say, an engine, because fires deal less damage. in a BB, dont use it on a fire unless you’re not gonna get shot at again or unless you have 2 fires.

    • applies to flood/s in the same way as fire, with the exception of you can only get max 2

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Chris Cannon important note is that you usually want to damacon floods sooner because they come with a -20% speed penalty (fires increase your detectability by 20% as well but it matters less)

  8. More HP Mr. Freeman?

  9. You and the salt mine king are the only 2 wow cc’s I don’t skip ahead. You do it for us and the old man is just nice to listen to lol. Keep up the good work!

  10. “Oh no. A Maass!”
    “This is a Maass-ive problem!”

    I dont like it that I laughed, but I am glad 😀

  11. Damn son, you interaction whit that Mogami at the end made my day! I am still laughing!!! This must be the most fun WoWs video I’ve watched to this date xD

  12. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    You literally got 5 out of your whole teams 6 kills.

  13. Was this game after 10.4, with reload buff balance?

  14. A typical Warships game, you try really hard and do well as your team melts around you.

  15. “Musashi is too agile!”
    Never thought I’d hear that line unironically.

  16. Honestly hearing him talk is such a great bonus to these videos

  17. Alexandr Zaykov

    I saw the Amalfi citadel and was like: “WHAT?”

  18. Glad to see another entry in our long-running investigative series: Will A Marceau Outrun These Torpedos?

  19. Have to say after giving them a really hard time, this angry sausage line has surprised me! I only have the T7-8 but, having more xp in Z-31 I’ll focus there. Surprisingly accurate main battery . lot of HP, but what feels best in her is getting a Devastating Strike with those 50kn german death snails. Awesome 1st game. I had similar in my first Z-31 game. Rock on bro!

  20. Reddit was so loud about how trash this new branch was. Matches like these are proving them wrong…

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