World of Warships- My First Tier X Cruiser

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Yes…..I did this


  1. i found its better with IFHE…AP to broadside cruisers hits hard as well

  2. I’m sorry to bring you this news….but getting a T10 with a 8 point captain?
    You are basically just a nuisance to your team, since the other team will have a Worcester as well…but with higher skilled captain and thus more effective for the team and their carrier.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well…..I dont have any other captains available sooooooo

      plus I threw every captain XP booster flag on the ship, so the commander won’t be an 8 point captain for long

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +Sea Lord Mountbatten You could use some of your 800k elite captain exp to get it to 14 pt. Also, AA range mod is better investment, as cruiser guns are accurate enough without ASM. Also, Priority Target is a must in any cruiser.

  3. I have noticed that you have turned things off, what a lot of other players have turned on. do you have a reason for that?

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Like what?

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten above your map you see gears
      if you press on it a menu opens
      there you can put things on
      for example last position where ships are seen and a circle for radar range, together it gives more information to know when to use your rader.

      and in settings alternative battle interface mode, then you do not need press alt no more

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Radar range, sonar range, AA range and last known position are all on. I actually turned ABI on this week. But this footage was recorded before that

  4. She is a bit captain skill hungry. I would start with ifhe as your first t4 skill, then after get concealment.

  5. Great Minds Think alike! Just bought one last night. If you like the Atlanta…Helena, Seattle you’ll really love the Worcester!

  6. You might need some time to get used to it? These things are very different than your beloved Kurfurst?

  7. Does it help to whisper at the border?

  8. The Mini is truly a great ship. Only if Wooster had smoke and torps. gg

  9. 8 point captain .. ouch

  10. pisses me off the Atlanta’s range is so nerfed. Makes it unplayable unless RNG.

  11. Destroyerman Fernandez

    Congratz on your new tier 10 man!

  12. no priorety target on tier x?

  13. if you cant win from them join them lol. and i would go for ifhe you will not shatter so much shells and will do more damage

  14. Knowing you are a BB player Moskva or Hindenburg would of had my vote for your 1st cruiser!

  15. IF HE is a must have. You should get it after concealment expert for your lv14 captain. AFT is only good for AA build Wooster. Without IF HE you can’t pen bow and stern of most stuff so you can only do damage to superstructure. Getting IF HE allows you to do good damage to bow on stuff like the Missouri in this gane

  16. why BB like british and france hate wooster, because this ship use skill ifhe, thats will be annoying,

    because wooster, i never play my mino haha

  17. Howdy! My in game name is Addison_Wang, the guy from APOC who recognized you in a battle when I was div-ing with a streamer a week or so ago. Just a few things about the Worcester (one of my favorite ships, holds my dm record – 324k, one of my highest average dm cruisers – 115k), the main quirk about the ship is it’s high dpm, and sure fires are apart of that, but IFHE is required to allow you to pen 32mm armor and therefore give you the full potential of the ship. A full 19 point captain build would include
    Level 1: priority target
    Level 2: adrenaline rush, high alert
    Level 3: demolition expert, superintendent
    Level 4: IFHE, concealment expert,
    Reasons: priority target is almost a must as you wanna know when ships are targeting you especially in wooster as it can be deleted quite easily (if you know where to shoot), I didn’t buff any AA because any half competent CV player won’t go near you until late game and at that point you still have def, IFHE IFHE IFHE. Turrets already turn extremely fast even for a cruiser.

    General playstyle of a Des Moines crossed with an Atlanta. Hide behind islands, kite when you need to, support your team with DPM and spotting. And get IFHE before concealment, no use playing a high DPM ship when you can’t pen and get damage.

    I mean I do have a full AA spec captain that I share the Wooster and Atlanta with but that’s only a meme build (trades concealment for advanced firing training – IFHE required)

    Gl and keep up the great work 😀

  18. Switch to the AA module and increase your AA range to 8.6 km. IFHE accrues more damage than does fire. Pick who you gunfight with carefully.

  19. i enjoy your vids but unlike yourself i mostly have no idea what ships you are attacking” would be nice if they had their names visible.

  20. Now go up the heavy line and experience the joy that is American 203mm guns. Same basic play style, and you can ignore the IFHE question altogether.

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