World of Warships – My heart was beating SO FAST

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Jesus…this match was intense as F*CK. You don’t get to pull this kinda crap every day and I certainly don’t want to be in a situation where I have to pull this every day xD

I don’t want to spoil anything but needless to say I’m too old for this shit xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Damn I refreshed at the perfect time

  2. that Ashitaka foooked that up going in at that angle. bet his chat was going beserk xD

    • 100% could have saved the game with direct approach, but same is for oster – where TF was he all the time?

    • Michael D. Uchiha90

      Main reason they lost was the DD. The fuck was he doing.

    • @Michael D. Uchiha90 my guess, after sinking the Balti early in game he thought he had done enough and went on vacation 😀 he ranked second last in final score, which reflects his hard work

    • @Michael D. Uchiha90 Any move could have been the turning point – Zara not stupidly dying to secondaries, Ashitaka taking run straight towards the middle instead of circling around the cap and so was Oster -> if he would block cap faster, they would win.

      But Zara forget about strongest secondaries in the game, Oster wasn´t probably too high on HP and didn´t want to die to unknown-hp-pool-dd of the enemy, so probably held his distance; and Ashitaka didn´t want to take a potential torp so instead of going right against the crack she was going wider approach to make sure of it, while forgetting about point counters.

      Every single one could change the game, but after battle can everyone be general. Luckily for Flambass, none of above turning points has happened and he has a free win on time.

  3. I love Monkey just cursing silently throughout. For whatever reason it’s so funny to me.

  4. thanks for the entertaining and thrilling content all the time. GG, WP

  5. The two questions I have about the enemy team is why didn’t Ashitaka go straight into the cap and and where the heck was the Ostergotland?

    • I think the Ostergotland fell victim to AFK syndrome… lol. Otherwise the enemy team “should have won”

    • @FlimsyLunchTray maybe Oster had low health, refused to go hunt flambass …

    • @Alcadeias01 Well Monkey said in the video when Flambass asked how much health the Oster had left, Monkey replied “You don’t want to know” which makes me think he was still relatively intact HP wise potentially. All speculation of course.

    • @FlimsyLunchTray maybe one of oster’s team mates had a sudden rush of shit to the brain and shot the oster

    • @Mr Exists Well the Oster was still alive at the end of the game so… it could be a number of things.

  6. “shook me all night long” fits awesome I think ; )

  7. 8:56 You were detected because smoke puffs out fast enough to cover 12.5 knots and full reverse in a DD is faster than that.

  8. wake up the old beardy man!

  9. Meme Merchant Freddy

    That Georgia was 100% stream sniping.

    • 193 battles total, 59 in the Georgia which is their highest ship above T7 and a 45% wr in it. Yep sniper, and they still died. They were obvious with the info getting that’s just sad.

    • Thats what I was thinking. Told the Ashitaka to turn in near the 6min mark

  10. Ashitaka’s thought process : Oh look enemy dd is trying to win by capping lemme sail around the cap so I don’t disturb him. Good Manners Kappa xD

  11. The Tank Commander

    24th try. Flambass needs to play the USS Montana

  12. “Oystergotland” 😀

  13. That last minute was like a movie with Flambass our hero, with his back to the wall and a door to his right and left which an enemy could come out of anytime. He has his two 911 Eagles pointed at each door and he is just waiting for the bad guy to make his entry.

  14. Wow… so intense! Right from the start Flambino was so focused as he might have known that his senses and skills will be challenged this game. And now imagine the last situation in real live ships. Waiting in your destroyer behind an Island waiting for 2 enemy BBs coming around the corner…. thrilling goose bumbs. Nice game, thanks for sharing Flambass!

  15. Wish I could see red team chat. I imagine they were giving their Oster hell.

  16. Did their Oster go back to Sweden? I mean seriously he had time to do a full border tour in the time since he was last spotted.

  17. 2 AFK’s and 2 immediately dead radar cruisers, 1/3 of your team basically do nothing and they still lost. That’s sad.

  18. Forget about Flambino’s heart, we should be worried about his broken back after this carry.

  19. Playing DDs always gets the adrenaline pumping

  20. Nice to know I’m not the only one who gets crapped in by CV’s in my DD.

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