World of Warships: My Last Minnesota Match

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My final match in the Minnesota! It’s a pretty good one.
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0:00 Minnesota Match
15:17 End Screen
16:33 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:03 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Minnesota.


  1. Man, the copyright check on this video took longer than the video is long!

  2. Azur Lane Prinz Eugen as the commander…
    Is she your ultimate waifu if you have to marry only one of the ship-girls?

  3. Wasup, dat copyright check tho…

  4. These last matches of a certain ship used to be very good games for me, for some reason.
    I remember the last match with Gneisenau 240k, 6 kills. I struggled with Gneis so bad every match. The last game was epic

  5. “Iowa is better in virtually every way!”

    Wise words Mr Aerroon

  6. Excited for the Vermont video 😀

  7. Drake can take hydro or DFAA. Most people take hydro though

  8. Trillthugs world

    What is the soundtrack track at 6:59 and great video aerroon🤟🏽

  9. The Dreadnaught line US BB from tier 8 to tier 10 looks so thicc love it 😂❤️

  10. Considering you don’t have deadeye skills, US Battleships are still super accurate.

  11. Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    Enemy kitakaze said in battle chat that you were throwing the match hard.. well he forgot that it’s easier to defend than to attack.. those words must have been hard to swallow ;)))

    Also, that Thunderer made 3 mistakes; 1st approach when he didn’t have to (although Thunderer can rumble its strength is its accuracy at longer ranges and its firestarter capacity); 2nd thinking that Minessota been such a poor ship in comparison that it was a secure win (those unlucky bounces only made him feel like he was right) and 3rd and the most common to happen in random to underestimate your opponent…since even you weren’t a such a good player.. even a broken clock gives the correct time twice a day kids… and it would have been so easy to ram him.

  12. That Thunderer went through the drive through

    and got a large ‘Sota

  13. 2021: World of Overpens

  14. You should use your spotter plane more on those shots over islands. really helps with aligning the shot

  15. Every time you pronounced Minnesota correctly it weirded me out

  16. 27km range and only 14km detectability range is amazing

  17. “almost as long as the State itself would get there.” I spit up my coffee on that one. LOL

  18. 7:00 Yeah, I would really wish for a surrender button in the game, too

  19. Michael Søndergaard

    not that i play wow anymore but i just like hearing you voice explaning what your doing for more or less every move and why you do it. hoping ill come back at some point

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