World of Warships // “My Team, and other Natural Disasters”

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Other people, truly they are the blurst.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I’d like a “ban” option where you can opt out of being on teams with people on your block list. Some of these knuckleheads are just trolls and are toxic to the community.

    • They will never implement that, it’s a way for good players to start getting matched only with other good players and if they wanted that they would’ve implemented a matchmaking system.

  2. I’m with you on that.

  3. And this is one of many reasons I don’t play this game any more. Your vids are the best way to experience it.

  4. I had a few games yesterday where several team mate had questionable decisions, like hiding behind islands while an enemy DD takes a cap….

  5. Like Jingles once said: The upside of online gaming is that there other players in it, the downside is that there are other players in it! Greats from the Netherlands!

  6. Well I’ve been red before as I’m sure many of use have been, it’s almost always either because of an accident (like shooting an ally that passed straight by you through his superstructure) or just sheer teammates stupidity (like a teammate suddenly running into your torps seemingly on purpose). And by no means do I wanna sit out red by having to play coop, I never play coop and if I wanted to I wouldn’t play a PvP game. I just play regularly and hope I don’t hit anybody whilst i’m red.

  7. Might get back into streaming again?


  8. Yep online teams are a natural disaster alright.

  9. Stupids. These players should be given a more severe punishment for their infractions. The worst aspect is the 12vs12 mode. Make randoms an 8vs8 or 9vs9 mode- should hopefully alleviate the problem a little. And restrict pinkies to mandatory Co-op.

  10. On that end bit: Make sure you don’t burn yourself out! Don’t force yourself to play Warships, sometimes a break of a couple of days can do just fine where you don’t play it at all and then when you get back to it you still keep it a bit low and mix it up.

  11. Even a short WOWS stream is better than no stream
    Just my opinion

  12. I like the current team damage system, much better than Tanks, it at least discourages team damage. If I’m pink, I play to win in random anyway, or if I want to ride out the penalty I do it in co-op anyway. That might not be a bad idea to force co-op to clear any pinkness.

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