World of Warships- My Top 10 All Time Favorite Premium Ships

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Today I bring you guys my Top 10 All Time Favorite Premium Ships list! Enjoy!

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  1. Mighty Mo, Jean Bart, Alabama, Kidd, Lo Yang, Julio Cesare

  2. Scharnhorst is my first and favorite premium, but all these on this list are very good too!

  3. Cossack is my favourite ship, ripple fire torps in close range smoke ambushes and 8 guns, just beautiful.

  4. You were correct the first time when you said Texas is the oldest Dreadnought Style Battleship as Mikasa is a Pre-Dreadnough which pre dates the Dreadnought style revolutionised by HMS Dreadnought. If I recall correctly my first premium was the Hood but then that’s due to the fact she’s my favourite and beautiful.

  5. Guilio Ceaser, Texas, Vanguard, Alaska, Mass B, Missouri, HSF Harekaze, Jean Bart, Atlanta & Belfast I do like my Kutuzov too

  6. Giulio Cesare, Kidd, Massa, Tirpitz( still prefer Bismarck ), MO(iowa is better), Musashi(yammy is better, duh!), Lahbama (NC is definitely better), Prinz Eugen, Kutuzov, Payfast, Jean Bart, balancegrad, Ballsack, Nelson, oktyabrskaya revolutsiya and *PREMIUM AIRCRAFT CARRIER LANGLEY!* are my favs

  7. Texas, Kidd….which side of the Sabine are ya?

  8. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Torps on the tirpitz act in 2 ways, they help in making the enemies scared and always vigilant abt them and to damage too

  9. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    As per my premium list, it is of my aspiring one.. I dont have any premium above tier 3.. from best to worst I would guess tirpitz, alaska, JB, scharnost, Missouri, Massachusetts, and not sure abt the rest

  10. Gulio Cesare, Kamikaze R, Alaska and Belfast… all OP as hell sad that are are way to strong vs Silves ships.. . :))
    hugs from me

  11. Texas is the ONLY dreadnought battleship preserved today. Mikasa is a pre-dreadnought (heck, it was winning the Russo-Japanese war before the Dreadnought was launched) and all of the other preserved battleships are treaty and post treaty fast battleships.

    The Dunkerque and Vanguard are arguably both battle cruisers (Wargaming please add this as a tech line!). They were both occasionally referred to as battlecruisers by their government. Missouri (and the Iowa class) could almost fall into the Battlecruiser category too, when you consider that it was originally supposed to accompany the Montana’s, but in reality without the Montana class being produced that difference is kind of lost.

    My top 10:

    10. Boise (replaces Atlanta as my HE spammer)
    9. Arizona (I’ve pulled some crazy stunts in her)
    8. Enterprise (the only carrier I actually enjoy)
    7. Kronstadt (Alaska’s fat, laser armed sister)
    6. Vanguard (same reason as you)
    5. Massachusetts (same reason as you)
    4. Missouri (I’m from there, variable gameplay)
    3. Wichita (sexy ship, unique)
    2. Alaska (I love battlecruisers)
    1. Arkansas (grandfather served on her, she’s a low tier beast in game)

  12. Evangeline Anovilis

    Mikasa is a pre-dreadnought though. And the only such ship in the game.

    As for favourite premium dhips…
    1. Harekaze
    2. Alaska
    3. Atago
    4. Hood
    5. Kii
    6. Shinonome
    7. Perth
    8. West Virginia
    9. Graf Spee
    10. Kaga

  13. all time favorite – Atlanta. #nooneissafe

  14. Great vid Sea Lord! My favorite premiums would have to be Ishizuchi, Marblehead/Murmansk (big fan of the Omaha class in real life) and the Indianapolis.

  15. Kutuzov is still a LIGHT Cruiser, despite her size.

  16. P.S: 305mm=12inch 😀

  17. Beppe VecchiaCanaglia few torps
    Texas….too slow
    Dunk? Really……cannot hit a bb braodside at 4 km lol
    Torpiz…..torpedo tubes killed before you get in range. ?

  18. Missouri has nice dispersion ??, Nice dispersion !!, oh no you dint. 😉

  19. Top 10 Premiums in no particular order
    Guilo cesare
    Only coz I have them

  20. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    My list is based on the premium ships I have:
    1. Scharnhorst
    2. Salem
    3. Musashi
    4. Warspite
    5. Indianapolis
    6. Yubari
    7. Aigle
    8. Vampire
    9. P.E. Friedrich
    10 I only have 9 premium ships duh!

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