World of Warships | My Very First Battle

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In this episode, I decided to try my hand at World Warships. This will be the first battle in WoWS. If you enjoy this gameplay, let me know and I’ll try to stop being a beginner at the game.

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  1. Dunbar snack bar what up?

  2. good video comrade

  3. do you want to drive a round together?

  4. You are always welcome to join Banner of Stars in there 😉

  5. You might find the community/players quite different as you progress. Glad you are enjoying this game will be watching to see how it goes for you. Get well soon!

  6. If you want a more SIM experience without the huge level of commitment play War Thunder – and play realistic battles. You’ve got, Ground, Air & Naval

  7. Its nice to see you going down teh same rabbithole as i went 😀
    Prepare yourself for a minor adiction 😉

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