World of Warships | My Very First Battle

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In this episode, I decided to try my hand at World of Warships. This will be the first battle in WoWS. If you enjoy this gameplay, let me know and I’ll try to stop being a beginner at the game.

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  1. Dunbar snack bar what up?

  2. good video comrade

  3. do you want to drive a round together?

  4. You are always welcome to join Banner of Stars in there 😉

  5. You might find the community/players quite different as you progress. Glad you are enjoying this game will be watching to see how it goes for you. Get well soon!

  6. If you want a more SIM experience without the huge level of commitment play War Thunder – and play realistic battles. You’ve got, Ground, Air & Naval

  7. Its nice to see you going down teh same rabbithole as i went 😀
    Prepare yourself for a minor adiction 😉

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