World of Warships- My Video Was Removed And Its Utter Nonsense

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Hey guys, if you saw my post earlier, this is what I was talking about.

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  1. Joshua Picklesimer

    Sea lord, it was the swastikas in the video most likely. YouTube doesn’t care if the context is historical. This is part of the new age of political censorship.

  2. Youtube is hatespeech

  3. Please post the Vid on Discord, not YouTube, I and many others would aopreciate it

  4. Content creators really need to upload to a youtube alternative too.. So we can just leave youtube behind…
    I hate this kind of censorship. I agree with Admiral Doge, its most likely the depiction of the swastica.. Its retarded really. “I find this part of history offensive, so lets completely try to censor it away”

    • No no, that’s not a bot.The youtube team are full of leftist/liberal censoring and deleting any video that doesn’t follow their world view.
      It happens to everyone nowadays. Something 1000+ video got del/cens as far as 4chan is gathering data.Others get black listed for life .
      There was a guy who got warned and uploaded 20 minute of a litteral black screen and he STILL got flagged as hate speech by bot and reviewer.
      It is little brats powertripping, nothing else.

    • @Kazual buddy you think they have the manpower for that? it’s def a shitty bot/algorithm. Even if it makes it to a human reviewer, that person is probably so tired and extremely underpaid, having to watch hundreds/thousands of videos queued up for review/reports/flags/auto-takedowns/appeals. All of which may range from perfectly fine videos (like Sea Lords here) to the most extreme violent or inappropriate even-satan-couldn’t-approve kinda shit.

      Firstly, YouTube IS being way too sensitive to what it classifies as inappropriate admittedly, but probably due to companies’ advertising departments being headed by old geezer corporate dumbasses. But odds are when it comes to this, its likely a shitty bot/algorithm, and then an overworked person/reviewer saw a swastika and denied the appeal because they’re too tired and traumatized to deal with it lol.

    • Some artists upload on Vimeo, it’s not perfect but worth a try

    • History should not be censored, just having something like the Swastika should not be immediately classified as Hate Speech, the context of use needs to matter. But no one cares about context this days it’s just immediately rage and whine and cancel.

    • Findlay Robertson

      People can’t even post content showing Buddhist swastikas online despite them being an obviously different context.

  5. The Bots running the initial check makes sense, but… why would you also have a bot check your bot’s work upon appeal? That’d just make the AI training so much less effective.

    And if this was a Human who did this… they clearly aren’t qualified for the job if they thought British News footage of a historical event was hate speech.

  6. Notify everyone in the community, also go tell flamu. Im sure he would be on board with the recreation of the denmark strait in wows.

  7. Youtube is ridiculous. Blaming it on ‘AI’ is a bit of a scapegoat – humans programmed it all, and they decide what the bot should ban etc.

  8. When i heard “hate speech” i immediatly thought “wow, he was talking about CVs again ” Hahaha

    • @Marius Serban well. You do have a point.

    • Just had a match with a tier X BB without hydro, no CV, our radar cruiser got devastated in the first 5 mins and 3 shima in enemy team. Guess what happened.. when i saw 30 torps i know i was dead 🙂

    • @Marius Serban just like history, BBs became obsolete.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Marius Serban I agree. CVs have issues certainly, but they stop even worse issues from happening

    • At this moment, i hope they nerf the CVs and watch all the “BB mains” getting devastated .. all i want is ti watch the world burn right now

  9. Dont you know History is hate speech today!

  10. Wellcome to the world of the “I’m offended!”, when the “vague” idea of someone potentially getting “upset” by “anything” including “reality” does bully the ability of anyone else to speak and create educational content on a video channel which is otherwise so full of bullshit to be able to saturate a blakhole. The tragedy is not the BOT reviewing hundred of thousand of videoper day, but the lack of anyone able to validate what the mentioned bot is actually doing, which in contrast allows for a smart “exploiting” of that same BOT, to allow unwanted contents to be smuggled in with impunity.
    “Enjoy” your first strike and learn from it.

  11. youtube is more broken than wargaming & guijan combined

  12. When i heard hes a teacher i was like goddamn why my teachers are not like him

  13. YouTube has been suppressing anything historical recently

  14. The leftist have gone full Nazi on us. Dude you have a troll that reported this trust me

  15. Swap those swastikas for the hammer and sickle, you’ll never have an issue again.

  16. Didn’t you know? History is racist and talking about it is hate speech.

  17. youtube been banning anything with science or history content, a few days back thunderfoot made a video about wearing mask and showing masks dont reduce oxygen intake with professional lab equipment and youtube took down his video 2 times in a week, it started many years back with infowars Alex Jones, and every year its getting worse since Youtube and Google are filled with Progressive leftist Snowflakes SJW mindset people. They are going the GET WOKE GO BROKE way.

  18. GrandAdmiral Dönitz

    And the F*scist State of Holy YouTube strikes again. Funny, how they claim to hate f*ascism, yet use all of the same tactics. I recommend trying to find an alternative place to upload “controversial” content

  19. they said ” May be Allowed” lol, that”s their out.. can’t believe how much history is being swept under the rug because there are so many “sensitive” people out there. history is history it is what it is, to bad all the cream puffs can’t face it.

  20. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys thanks for all the support through this messed up situation! I just want to clarify some things and answer some common questions:

    1) I’m not that concerned with getting the video restored, it was an unlisted and unfinished trailer/concept video that I wanted to share with those involved with the recreation. I’m more concerned with the burning of the “warning” that the YT system gives you.

    2) Yes I know the video got flagged cause of the angry plus sign,but since the video was already on YT and has been on YT for years and was clearly historical footage, i assumed it would be alright to use.

    3)It was already hard to talk to a real human on YT before, and now with the workforce working from home, the turn around time for asking for support and receiving it is astronomical. Not to mention that YT does not make it very clear exactly how to initiate this process, but I have been digging and will keep you guys updated.

    4) Yes I spelled ‘Strait” wrong in the appeal.

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