World of warships – Myogi OP

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Once again we decided to do crazy stuff in lower tiers and played in the most stupid way we could think off.


  1. IJN Myoki… say what?

  2. to be fair i had 2 rounds in a row 7 kills with myogi ^^ its amazing and 100k rly comes often with her 🙂 shes like the orion for me best in class xD

  3. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Myogi OP??? dafuq thats like saying Gneisenau is a sniper…

  4. ohh thought blackman0604 sounded familiar.. its 5D.. Noknik here..

  5. 4:00
    torpedoes are self propelled

  6. 18 km of range? omg, I can’t remember this

  7. GG
    Idk why people hate her so much. Yes she got few guns and tend to miss alot but she is fast and can wreck broadside potatoes from range. I even trolled dds to death with those decent secondaries.

    Btw, do you waist the GamesCom camo on her ? tztztz 😀

  8. BlackMan gave me a substantial amount of ass burgers. God!

  9. Quote of the day: “someone touched my pipi” hahaha

  10. I liked her some how :3 and even broked a few times 100k ( not on my main acc) and it was a real enjoyment

    PS the allmighty tedy bear makes it even better ;D

  11. I hate that ship

  12. 4:55 : MYOGI AA BUILD OP

  13. Myogi OP, plz nerf.

  14. I had a great day with my Myogi specced for brawling. The dispersion is so bad that you might as well, your speed is okay and you’re more maneuverable than Kongo. And you can citadel cruisers through the bow. Secondaries are okay too.

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