World of Warships – Myoko 0.5.9

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on Two Brothers moves toward the eastern flank to engage enemies and take the eastern point. We encounter a sizable enemy force and work down anyone willing to sail too close. I push forward with a couple enemies into their base. The second game is on Trident, we aggressively secure a couple points, then try to keep the pressure on enemies as they gather around their only point. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Myoko Replay


  1. British cruisers is launched soon. Yess!!

  2. myoko is fine, but mogami sucks because keep thrown into T9 T10 match and
    the range is horrible

  3. sometimes i pop smoke to distract the enemy …. like if enemy is pushing
    and I pop smoke to stop their push. Sometimes I pop smoke to confuse the
    enemy … I pop smoke, retreat, go behind island and I try to flank
    (suprise them). But then again … its a game right, and we can
    test/explore all the possibilities.

  4. 1:33 it’s 5 on 1, engage full and get out of there, brother…
    1:48 Full is the next tap on the W key…
    1:53 Ok then, forget full and just zig hard to starboard since they have
    the lead dialed in…
    2:03 ‘High-fives’ on the throttle setting but pretty late and isn’t going
    to cut it now. You’ll need to view & juke those incoming salvos before you
    give away 11,000 damage early and have to play conservatively at the end of
    the game against a cruiser & destroyer, possibly losing an otherwise
    win-able match. …oh well, never mind.

    You’re still the best WoW channel on youtube, so I’m hitting that like
    button yet again. Thanks for the work that you put into these, dude! :)

  5. nice game

  6. Hey Notser sorry for noobing in the Yamato… when you were trying to get
    some footage. Hope to see you and help you win next time!

  7. the scharnhost is gonna be te pest in T7 like the Saipan and tirpitz in

  8. For some reason, whenever I see the word Budyonny, above that particular
    cruiser, the first thing that comes to mind is Duchovny, as in David
    Duchovny. I almost want to call the cruiser the Mulder, just to make fun of

  9. hmmmmm for that kirov, i would aim a bit backward instead of where his
    citadels are if he is stuck on the island. if myoko’s dispersion is better,
    you wont even get that one citadel on that kirov..
    also, when you ram into the mountain at around the middle of 13min, i would
    remain full speed and use the mountain to stop me, then switch to fully
    backward after i contact the island. i mean, the island is what stopped you
    anyways, but this way you can get to that position a little bit faster,
    hence get out of it a little bit faster. of course, this only works if
    there isnt such thing as “engine shift time”, which, i dont think there is

  10. Notser, Just sent in a great tirpitz replay, it is in 5.9, so it may not
    work tomorrow =(

  11. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    can you show more game play of scharnhorst plz! I really liked watching
    that ship, congratz of the 20k subs!!!!

  12. Kinda cool to see myself in the vid. -Desidiuz

  13. Notser, you could try using turret traverse mod instead of accuracy on
    Japanese cruisers. I find that it really helps with those slow as hell IJN
    cruiser guns, and you don’t sacrifice much: less than 1 second of reload
    and a little bit of accuracy. I’d say that the (barely) reduced accuracy
    isn’t all that important in an HE spammer where you don’t aim for the
    perfect waterline shot anyway. IJN cruisers also have pretty bad firing
    arcs on rear guns so you’re gonna be maneuvering and turning all the time
    to bring them on target: all the more reason to buff that turret traverse.

  14. So glad I never went down on the Jap cruiser line.These ships are so
    horrible. USN BB and USN DD master race!

  15. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    Not very impressive. But it is more valuable for “noobie” than those epic
    battle, because you can’t have an epic battle everyday and may not be the
    ONE of that battle. Causal player will benefit from your illustration of
    the battle. Keep on good work =)

  16. I can’t believe Notser only has 19k subscribers. His content is arguably
    some of if not the best WoWS stuff on Youtube :).

  17. + Notser + You had a Scharnhorst-Player on your team, a Heim041..I jerked a
    bit when I read it as Heim is my Family name:-)

  18. Ihaveyourusername

    4:21 “Now, you could say, eh, that was overkill.”

    There is no such thing as overkill. There is only ‘open fire’ and ‘I need
    to reload’.

  19. Will they give us a free crew slot when they add German BB?

  20. Wow! Almost 20k subs!!! Well, no wonder, Notser’s vids rocks! :)

  21. creepycreeper099 ,

    Can you please do the Iowa?

  22. “cruiser is the best noobie line you can play” take that back Notser or we
    RIOT! BB players have the reputation for being noobs and sailing in
    straight lines. “bb player gets triggered”

  23. Hey Notser, thanks for the compliment on my dodging skills! Love the vids
    man, been watching for a while and I definitely have learned a thing or

  24. How do you Na guys feel about that you can get the scharnhorst in the shop?
    😀 (I suck at english)

  25. I was In a battle with about 6 scharnhorsts

  26. enemy scharnhorst aggresively sitting :)

  27. IIRC The improved acceleration module works only forward, not in reverse.
    BTW entertaining as always, nice work Notser

  28. Thanks Notser! Love my Myoko, such a fun ship!

  29. Myoko is a nice ship. Very versatile, useful in any role. Nice to see
    Notser playing it.

  30. almost 20,000 subs hype!

  31. I’ve seen you use the static and the dynamic crosshair lately: Which one do
    you use these days?

  32. should have used AP versus the omaha

  33. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    60K is good in a tier 5 CA?


  35. Love this ship. Currently grinding to the Mogami, just need 3 million more

  36. Anell “AZD” ALL

    Hello Notser. I’m AZD. I watched a lot of The Mighty Jingles’ World of
    Warships videos and loved it.
    I’m looking for more videos of Atago (I love the way she looks in Kancolle
    and in this game) and came upon a video you did on her. I loved it and saw
    a Yamato video you did on her. Loved that as well.
    Since I like what I see so far, I should subscribe right?
    Well I just became a new subscriber. So~ nice to meet you.

    5:26 Your team mate said a member of his family dies. You decided not to
    notice. Heh.

  37. Yes that is what i wanted to see

    Notser is awesome

  38. a soviet cruiser where youre ap shell isent worth alot
    kirov just kirov

  39. Notser do you do requests?

  40. Noob question: why is HE superior for IJN cruisers as mentioned around 6:30?
    I tend to switch with HE vs. DD’s and BB’s and AP vs. CA’s, just cos and
    haven’t really thought about it.

  41. Ooooo I see you’re using the Dynamic binocular now! I use it as well and
    I’ve found that I’ve had more success with using it 🙂

    Also, sorry to hear about Blazes23 loss :(

  42. What do you think of the traverse mod instead of the dispersion mod on the
    Myoko? I was using that setup for ranked and it felt a bit nicer since you
    no longer outturned your turrets.

  43. hoxtalicious ol hox

    face reveal when

  44. 16:00 It would be funny if you detonated that Fuso. Right before they win.

  45. Range on japanese ca’s suck.

  46. it is always funny to hear your “hidden” disappointment if someone is
    securing the kill. :)

  47. They explained the acceleration mod and apparently it only helps getting to
    6 knots, also it doesn’t help with deceleration

  48. what happen to CV player
    i played like 8 game in a row and not even a single CV

  49. Guillermo Fischer

    Great game as usual N! I just got the most damage on the Flint on NA with
    199k and 1k lower than the EU max (RU is impossible 250k)

  50. It really would be a shame if you… pulled a Notser!

  51. Just as I wanted to take my own Myoko out…’hey, this is Notser…’ oh
    well. Rather watch first then play myself.

  52. Thanks Noster, really appreciate the content. Q. Is the Dynamic sights
    really that much better than the static, and would it be best to start to
    learn to use them?

  53. Love the Myoko, probably one of my favourite ships in the game so far

  54. Punctuality is the thief of time.
    -Oscar Wylde/Notser_PA

  55. Worst case scenario in a Myoko: Steering gets knocked out. Guns can’t do
    anything and you die, though you were lucky with the island.
    But taking last stand is a waste :P

  56. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Well at least someone is accurate as to which vids he is going to upload

  57. 1st comment and view wow

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