World of Warships Mysore Review Tier 6 Commonwealth Premium Cruiser from India

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Today we review the World of Warships Commonwealth Premium Cruiser from India, Mysore. This ship is essentially a Fiji, though it has a few stats that are different from Fiji. Mysore is completely capable, but the question that needs ask is if it justifies the 5,600 doubloons as it is just a Fiji, another premium. Either way, its good see mid-tier premiums included in WoWS, and another with crawling smoke, as the is really one of the few options in the mid-tiers.


  1. I dont like tier 6 especiallly because of double carrier harrasment…

  2. hes complaining about a ship, despite yes infact this is what happened to the HMS Nigeria and is still picking holes in a ship that is being put a tier lower compared to its reference. Really, a lower tier ship is going to be worse than its tech tree alternitive? How could Wargaming do that? They’ve never done this before! Oh wait, they have.

  3. well the Fiji is also a Tier 7. So Mysore is a just a down tiered Fiji so naturally the Fiji would be a lot better in a lot of ways. I think you should be compared it more to the Perth or the Leander both Tier 6.

  4. Er, Zoup…Fiji is tier 7…. Mysore is tier 6… hence the multiple nerfs. The tech tree tier equivalent is Leander..

  5. Fiji is a t7, so I’d say you should probably compare her to the leander rather then fiji. It’s kinda unfair to do so…

  6. I’m probably gonna get it for my cruiser collection.

  7. *Moleman voice* I wanted to hear about the history!

  8. Definitely should have compared her more to Leander.

    • Agreed. I think Zoup’s twins must have his brains scrambled lately. Also would have been nice if he had mentioned if the heal is the same at Leander or not.

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @Dutch07 Exactly. A detuned Fiji at T6 is absolutely fine by me. It’s not like WG could just take the Fiji, drop it a tier, and slap a price tag on it. The Fiji is possibly the best T7 cruiser. Putting it down at T6 without significant nerfs would cause big issues.

    • @John Vdk then you are a pretty bad player. Dumped by a Leander? Are you kidding me???

    • Freedan48 Blackstar

      Or compared it to the Perth. Or the Huange with its crawling smoke. Both are tier 6 ships.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Not dumped by a Leander but by a Graf Spee. I am an average player (6000 games, 54% winrate) and for me Leander will deal more damage in most cases. It has nasty torps that hit hard with a decent reload. However Mysore is not primary a damage farmer but a cap contestor and a DD hunter. Probably in the hands of a very good player it can shine, but I do not think these are waiting for a T6 ship. The average Joe might be and than I would prefer Perth instead.

  9. also no torps on this

  10. Swapnil Sirdeshpande

    I have played a few games with it and it has carry potential unlike no other T6 Cruiser. The combination of crawling smoke+hydro and heal means I can ambush DD’s at will. Also unlike Leander or Perth, she has one extra gun which further adds to the advantage she has over both of them. Then yes the usual sentimental value and the urge to preserve history and so on and so forth.

  11. Should of compared this ship to PERTH. Which is also a tier 6 commonwealth cruiser.

  12. LOL Zoup, you are doing a Jingles comparing her with the wrong ship. Age my friend, age.

  13. As an indian, I am very happy to see an indian navy ship finally getting introduced into the game…… If you guys were wondering Mysore is a city in South india

  14. The only reason to get this ship is so you already own it when the “short list” comes out for the 2021 Santa Crates. Otherwise, Perth.

  15. Poor Zoup didn’t notice he was comparing T6 premium to T7 stock ship.

  16. Should change the title to 11 Minutes of Waffling over World of Warships Mysore Tier 6 Commonwealth Premium Cruiser from India.

  17. Did you check to see if there is a ramming damage bonus?

  18. SizzleChest McMurphy

    I could easily see this ship being a total killer in Operations. I’m definitely picking it up. A T6 version of the Fiji (with obviously needed nerfs) sounds great since I love the Fiji.

  19. A tier lower for crying out loud. Also, the play style is way more similar to the Perth so why not compare it to that? I don’t get this review at all.

  20. I’m waiting for the vid where he actually compares it to a ship of the same tier rather than the most powerful ship in the tier above….

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