World of Warships NA – February Update

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Details for February will be available on Feb. 1st!

Check out the latest Project R milestones article:

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  1. That told us absolutely nothing… thanks for wasting my time

  2. You know what’s good, RNG WoWS Edition! :D

  3. wait is this update for all or only NA?

  4. no new ship for German, British or anything else ,but another premium ship?

  5. woo 60fps

  6. please finish other tech trees. we need more players. In the Asian server
    it’s quite hard to get a high tier game.
    And when you do the Matchmaking is awful

  7. More useless premium ships. When will the RN be released? Can we at least
    get more warship classes for Germany and/or Russia?

  8. Is the free ship the tone?

  9. Oh, good. I was crushing weekly pearl missions in like, five or six New
    Mexico/Kongo games.

  10. I quit the game because of shit like this. WG only cares about profit;
    making a balanced, finished game is a secondary concern for them.

  11. Its funny they forget about the royal navy not only is it the oldest navy
    in the world but at one point the largest hell it out numbered the US navy
    in 1939 with 15 battleships, 7 aircraft carriers, 66 cruisers, 184
    Destroyers, 60 Subs and 45 others a total of 377 ships the USN had a total
    of 352 ships and lets not forget the RN was fighting in the Pacific before
    the US

    and when they started focusing on the Russian navy that didn’t really do
    much thats when I stopped playing

    and I wont resume playing World of Warships till the RN is added

  12. YES THANK YOU!!! for adding another milestone!!!!

  13. As others have said its about time you put the RN ships in instead of this
    constant flood of premium, premium, premium its not like these premium
    ships are new or worth the money asked for them.

  14. нипонятна ничаво …

  15. Games good fun ya’ll. Look forward to more progress.

  16. another prem ship. god i guess you guys have really nothing to do

  17. How about dropping the shitty, childish anime worship in the game? THAT
    would be a good update.

  18. error 404 not found

  19. please raise up the volume

  20. Premium ship?

    Buffalo, the US T10 cruiser maybe…

  21. Yeah don’t care about reskinning ships as Premium Chinese/Taiwanese at all.
    The only thing I care about is where the hell is the Royal Navy and
    seriously disappointed with the introduction of the Russian and German
    ships before them. The game isn’t finished until they appear.

  22. Thank you Chris

  23. is this TONE ?

  24. No British tech tree news……sigh.

  25. I keep getting errors when trying to play this game…

  26. Is the cool premium ship anshan and loyang?

  27. Thank you guys for listening to the concerns of the community on this event
    and reacting to it by extending it! Community interaction has kind of
    become Wargaming NA’s party piece now… odd.

  28. So, Anshan and Loyang to be sold soon

  29. intresting

  30. For NA server only?

  31. 4th view. Mad

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