World of warships – NA has fallen

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  1. Congrats!!

  2. I dont know who you had patience for NA ranked. Its so toxic and BS.

  3. Hey bro, tough luck vs WGP2W… crush NA. from a NA Omni fanboi

  4. I was so ready to be done once I ranked out.. and for you to do it two times, whoa.. props man!

  5. Congrats on rank 1 man, now take a break from back pains from several games 😉

  6. having to work in 3 hours totally worth staying up to watch your epic kidd gameplay. now off to sleep for two zz

  7. Congratzz man! m/

  8. how are you still playing Ranked?

  9. Nice game

  10. Congrats sir!

  11. Kidd might be a little bit too strong

  12. Congratulations. Very nice game to end with as well.

  13. sorry to see you go down so early in game 4 of the finals. your team was in a tough position already, you had strong opponents this time. I do not know if you want to talk about it, but I wonder, why did you go to A in this map at game 4?
    No offense ofc, I am just curious.

  14. well done mate !!

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