World of warships – NA ranked Benson OP

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  1. Hey now, Zoup said benson is weak and we all know that our lord and savior Zoup, representative member of the NA CCs, is always right. Don’t we flambass?

  2. hans von speshul? muhahaha

  3. If i don’t have loyang for class can i get ranked 1 ?

    • I’m using benson and have progressed steadily to rank 6 atm. I’d say Lo Yang is not mandatory but she definitely makes progress faster.

  4. flambake 🙂

  5. 1:10 … – and thye alowed it 🙂

  6. how about ( the spechul one 🙂

  7. New name should be Flameboooooooosss

  8. hanspecial

  9. unitedstatesofhans

  10. landofthefreehomeofthehans

  11. Loved to see you play in NA Flambass! I totally agree Benson is the best skirmisher in ranked battle. She is a hidden gem. Coupled with BFT and AR she’s the best damage output and has the potential carrying the game. Benson’s key to success is patience and flanking.

  12. Flambass the Name should be SPESHAAALLL

  13. hans von special..??

  14. Hans von Kartoffelstampf/Hans von Potatomash ^^ it rhymes xD

  15. Spud Beast

  16. I’d love to see what you think of SEA server.

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