World of warships – NA ranked BEST server

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  1. I made it I’m first for once 🙂

  2. Did you got rank 1in EU, if you did congrats ???

    • Yeah I finished from rank 2.0 to rank 1 in the evening without stream, and it was rather easy when there were no stream-snipers

    • Flambass some people is the lowest form of life ???

    • I know you hate to stream with delay as there is no interaction, but I guess most of us would prefer you play with delay and we get to see the entire action and most importantly you will be playing normally!

  3. some of us on NA know whom you then again i’m a casual scrub lol

  4. are you saying that the people in Europe are far more retarded than in US ? i couldn’t agree more lol

    • Speshul ppl everywhereeeee

    • hence the EU-cluster is far more populated good and retarded players is also noticable higher 😛

    • and at least most of people only speaks english , in EU servers is so common those hungarians asking for hungarians and so on , german and ruskii cancer (yet we have brazilean cancer) and yes i agree NA server is the best , however NA hosts LA and is so nice to plays always with 150ms average of ping 😀

  5. Well you know what they say, throw enough shit at the wall, eventually some of it will stick. You feel NA is the best server, do you. Considering NA population is 99% full retarded, I see you’re feeling right at home there. Wait, wait, bitching started again…

  6. Did you migrate account? I stopped playing as my friend started on eu and im on NA and im not gonna go through all the levelling up again…. but is it now possible to switch servers?

    • not possible

    • You can’t transfer your ships/name/etc from 1 server to the other, but you can create another acc and start over again. I have no intention of grinding everything out again. I only grinded 1 line to tier 10 in case I may need it and that’s it, the rest is gonna be done cause of fun or won’t be done at all.

  7. Merci pour le “bon voyage” at the end . A speshuuul french fan !!!!

  8. Welcome to the best server 😉

  9. i know who you are, we’ve played together

  10. Any chance you could come down and embarrass the arrogant SEA players please?

  11. I played 11 games in SEA today, Won only one RIP me, I can’t do anything when people just don’t wnanna push and hide behind the iland

  12. I am dissapointed, no torp hits…

  13. i hate when someone is making a fool out of me in chat while im playing and hes dead,, i cant type cand play same time so i was seriously pissed off and said oke fck you then ill give up,, since i was last alive anyway

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